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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • rrogerrroger Posts: 3
    Good idea, I will keep looking out for deals on a new Quest. Thanks again Fleetwoodsimca
  • I have an 01 Quest with 26K miles. Sometimes when I turn on the A/C (or start the car with the A/C turned on) I will hear a loud grinding noise for a second. This typically happens only if the van has been sitting for over 24 hours between drives. (It seems to cool ok.) I've had it to the dealer numerous times. Although they can't replicate the noise, they've replaced the compressor once, but it is still there. They say that don't know what else to do if they can't hear it. Any experience or suggestions? Thanks!
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Our 99 Quest used to do the same thing, and I remember other owners mentioning the same thing here in the past.

    If it is any consolation, either ours doesn't make the noise any more, or we don't notice it any nore. At about 67,000 miles the A/C still works like new.

  • jeromeg11jeromeg11 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 1997 Ls version with just over 61k miles. Check engine light came on and i brought it to autozone, and they diagnosed it through the OBDII to the o2 sensor, code 130. Van ran fine afterwards, but after a couple full tanks of gas , the light went on again...Code was a 300 now, stating it was misfiring. Could it be the second o2 sensor that is after the catylic converter that is causing the problem?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...the wife is getting mad at me...Can you blame me, dealers would have charge me over $200 for the first o2 sensor replacement, where I did it for just around $70...I like to work on my own vehicles...
  • sharimsharim Posts: 1
    We recently bought a 1997 Mercury Villager and noticed the brakes to be quite soft, compared to our 2nd vehicle. Is this common in anyone else's Villager? It's in great shape otherwise.
  • cooper99cooper99 Posts: 3
    I have a 99 Quest with 50K miles on it and the radio display has gone out. I noticed several owners have had the same problem and have either taken their radios out to check for cold solder connections, or had the dealer remove the radio and check for cold solder connections. How do I take the factory installed radio out to check for cold solder connections? My display will come on for a while and then go back out. Most of the time it is out.
  • cookie22cookie22 Posts: 73
    the plastic cover around the radio just pops off. take your fingers and get in the groove at the edge of the panel and pull gently. It should pop off. It covers that whole area radio and all. I poped mine off to install a power antenea.
  • mokydemokyde Posts: 7
    I bought one from Murray's Discount Auto Parts. Any auto parts store thet carries Motorcraft parts should be able to order it. The part # is FP-29. I paid $39.95 plus tax. Installation was pretty easy, about 20 minutes in all.
    After buying the filter I found another one on EBay for 20 bucks. That one will be for the 60K change.
  • mokydemokyde Posts: 7
    Oh yeah. I too replaced those terrible Goodyear tires that came on the van. The new ones are Continental Touring Contact AS. I see that the newer Quests come with them. Tremendous difference in ride quality although a bit noisier. Highly recommended.
  • faruqimfaruqim Posts: 7
    mokyde, How much you paid for the tires and where are they available?
  • mokydemokyde Posts: 7
    I purchased the Continental Contact Touring AS tires at Mueller Tire (now Tire Kingdom) in Cleveland, Ohio. Cost $98.00 per tire plus tax inc. stems, mounting , balance and 4 wheel alignment. Pretty good deal. Also these tires were excellent on snow and ice this past winter.
  • muslehmusleh Posts: 1
    I have a 99 Quest SE with 27k miles on it. Recently had some engine trouble. Dealer determined that Fuel Injectors #1 and #6 had failed due to corrosion from water in the gasoline. He states that this is an uncommon problem. The repairs were covered under my warranty but would have cost about $800 to fix. My brother had leased a 99 GXE which experienced the same Fuel Injector failure which had to be replaced. My suspicion is that this may not be such an uncommon occurrence and was wondering if any other 99+ Quest drivers had the same trouble.

    Thanx! Conrad
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,041
    First I've heard of that problem around here. I'm curious as to what your symptons were? And maybe your family should switch gas brands?

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  • dkruger1dkruger1 Posts: 2

    In May 2001 I bought my wife a 2001 Quest GLE loaded (TV/VCR etc) at Desert Nissan in Las Vegas, Nevada because it appeared to be the best value on the market. I must have had the word sucker written all over me, because this has been, without a doubt, the worst automobile I've ever owned.

    To start with, I've experienced the following problems in the 1 year I've owned the car: radio display disappears (how many times have I seen that posted in this bulletin board?), pungent fuel vapor smell, inaccurate fuel gage (read 1/2 tank but only takes 3.8 gallons to top it off...what's up with that?), and the most recent and frustrating problem is that the car, in hot weather, will get freaky and cut off the a/c, radio, TV...then refuses to start if you turn it off, necessitating a jump start.

    To say the service (or lack there of) department at Desert Nissan is a joke is an understatement. I've turned the vehicle in for the fuel gage problem 3 times and it still is inaccurate, the fuel vapor smell doesn't exist according to them, and my electrical problem was resultant of a corrosive battery terminal. They returned the vehicle to me yesterday having "cleaned" the battery terminal (which admittedly was corroded, but so little that I didn't even deem it worth cleaning), but in the process they made a mess of my engine compartment by getting baking soda residue everywhere. It was 115 degrees yesterday when my wife took the car and my 1 year old to the grocery store, only to come out to have the van not start on her again. Thanks to Ed Rocawich and his crack service team at Desert Nissan, my wife had to be jump started in a 1 year old car. To say I'm upset is an understatement.

    Desert Nissan, please hear me when I say that you do not perform anything close to customer service. Your answer to the problem was that it was my fault, you simply tested the voltage on the battery without running any other diagnostics on the car, and sent an unreliable vehicle into a potentially unsafe situation in the Nevada heat. Get someone to work there who is willing to actually do some diagnostics on the damn car, you morons.

    Since I've bought this car last year and encountered all of these problems, I've become a believer in the saying "You get what you pay for." The service manager, "Andy" (they're all named Andy, aren't they) told me the Quest is the most troublesome vehicle in Nissan's stable and squarely blamed Ford for the lack of quality. I think the buck stops where the nameplate is, pal. If Nissan's name is on the hood, then Nissan should take full responsibility for putting out a poor quality product. I will not rest until that dealership goes out of business.
  • corsicachevycorsicachevy Posts: 316
    Dkruger - looks like you got a bad one. That is too bad, because most of us on this board are pretty pleased with our Quests/Villagers. They certainly aren't perfect (what vehicle is?), but it appears that you received a particularly bad unit. And, it doesn't help when your dealer is incompetent.

    I don't think that you have crossed over into "Lemon Law" territory yet, but that may be something you should look into in case you have another problem - especially one that leaves you stranded.
  • dkruger1dkruger1 Posts: 2
    My biggest concern here is that I'm moving my family (military move) from Las Vegas to Maryland in 2 weeks and will have to drive the vehicle cross-country. Not looking forward to breaking down in some god forsaken town in New Mexico or Texas (no offense).
  • dgreene1dgreene1 Posts: 9
    I've had a 97 GXE since new and I had my original CD changer replaced after 12 months. The replacement has now failed, and I'm not really excited about spending the $300+ to replace.

    First symptoms this time included not playing any discs, and not ejecting the cartidge. I had to manually pry the cartridge out (after inserting a paper clip in the eject hole), and now after re-inserting, it's almost as if the changer is not getting any power.

    The radio display should say "NO CD", but mine is saying "NO OJ"... seriously! What does this mean? Tried removing power (fuses) but still same problem.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome. I really think there was a serious quality control issue with this changer.


  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    New Mexico and Texas are not God-forsaken. He will be there if you break down. There just may not be any people around with jumper cables. :-)

    Seriously, if I were you I'd make every effort possible to get the dealer to fix your problem. It may be as simple as a bad battery; the batteries that come with these vans are not the best. I had to replace mine about 30 miles after teh warranty was up. Keep the dealer on it, be firm & polite & don't escalate the situation until it becomes necessary.

    Good luck to you. I hope they are able to fix your problem soon. Let us know how it goes.

  • fleetwoodsimcafleetwoodsimca Posts: 1,518
    I think it may be illegal for you to attempt to drive your Quest through New Mexico, and maybe even Texas. You won't have seen bad news 'til you get back east. >:^Þ
  • hywaymanhywayman Posts: 4
    My '99 Villager has done the same thing (cut off the air, radio, tach, etc.) a few times if I have been idling for a while with the air on high (both front and back blowers) along with the stereo. My headlight switch is bad so those are always on as well. This is also during hot weather so the radiator fan is on as well.

    If I use the gas pedal to raise the engine RPM to about 2000 everything comes back on. If I drive around for a while doing my best to keep the engine above 2000 RPM (running in 2nd or 3rd gear as needed) the van re-starts fine, otherwise I have to jump start it.

    This set of circumstances leads me to believe that the alternator doesn't produce enough power at low engine speeds to deal with all of the electrics being on. I'm thinking of trying a bigger alternator pulley to rase the speed of the alternator at all engine speeds to see if this helps.
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