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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,409
    Your best bet, it seems to me, is to get on and search for those vehicles. Try to locate a dealer who has one of each, go there and ask if they'll let you compare.

    FWIW, I've got a 2000 Estate with captain's charis, and I can tell you what the supports look like... I'm almost certain they're different from the bench -- which I haven't seen -- but they may be compatible if you can scare up a two-seater bench from another car.

  • jr714jr714 Posts: 24
    Steine, thanks for the reply.

    I have researched extensively and I begun shopping at dealerships but so far haven't found one with both models to compare side by side. These vans sell so fast in the New York metro area that by the time they post the ads online, the vehicles are gone!
    So I figured if anyone knows for sure, it could save me a lot of trouble.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    I haven't seen the slots for captains chairs, but I agree with Steine that they most likely won't fit where the bench goes. The drawing in my manual isn't to scale or labeled, but the attachment points don't look to be in the same areas.

    Sopman, both cigar (hey, that's what my manual calls them ;)) outlets are 20A fuses. The front one should be fuse #6 in the cabin fuse block that has 32 terminals - the fuse block underneath and to the left of the steering wheel.

    Jmarch, doesn't sound normal to me. Search for throttle body in here just to rule that out before you investigate the tranny or idle further.

    I just did 900 miles to Reno and back to Boise and got 24 mph on one tank, less on the others (A/C and ~75 most of the way). Also rolled over 105,800 miles. I accidently put $3 worth of premium in at one station - that high test gallon and a half of gas will probably throw the whole van off-kilter!

    Steve, Host
  • jr714jr714 Posts: 24
    Steve, thanks for the reply.

    Here is a picture of the slots for an '00 SE with captain's chairs:">

    Does it look like your bench seat would fit in there?

    Thanks for the help :)
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    No, in the light of day, the slots for the second row bench don't go very close to the passenger side door - there's a big gap left there for access to the third row. I don't see any way to fit a bench into the SE made for captain's chairs absent some body work or welding new slots in the floor pan.

    (I just looked at the slots since I threw my second row bench away back in '99 :shades: ).

    Steve, Host
  • crit2crit2 Posts: 6
    I don't know where that other guy got the sensor for $35. He may be referring to the sensor for the anti-lock brakes. I went to 3 dealers and the part at all 3 was $147. I also called all junk yards trying to get one, but they only sell the sensor with transaxles. Actually, $160 is not real bad. I would have given someone $13 to change mine...
  • jr714jr714 Posts: 24
    Steve and Steine,

    FYI, I was at a Nissan Dealership last night comparing two different Quests, one with captain's chairs and one with the 2nd row bench.
    I guess the guy really wanted to make a sale, since he offered to try switching it for me.

    So at my mechanic's advice I measured first (it was 27" from one latch slot to the other) and when it looked like it would fit, I helped him and lo and behold - it worked!

    He offered to sell me either one, but I told him I only wanted the SE and he's going to try to get one in for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    As far as the slots for the bench not going so close to the door, Nissan compensated for this (and in the process making them cheaper to produce both body styles - since they would only need to add 4 more additional slots in the captain's models) by making the seat posts/latches off center towards the left side of the vehicle, to allow space to walk through the seats to the back. Notably, Chrysler also adds a lift forward mechanism for their captain's seats which is useful for access to the back when the van is full. I think the Odyssey and Sienna have a slide-forward mechanism for access to the back, which would have been nice on the Quest.

    So now hopefully I'll wind up with a new van with one bench and two captain's seats to save for the future! :shades:
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    lol, I'm amazed... never would have guessed that from looking at my service manual.

    I did swap seats around between two different trim lines of a Voyager and Caravan back in the late 80's so I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. I definitely don't have enough extra slots to add a captain's chair in my '99 GXE though :(.

    Nice detective work!

    Steve, Host
  • saaddssaadds Posts: 11
    WE have a 1998 Villager. The service engine soon light keeps coming on (and it stalls only in the early morning, when backing up). The first time, we got a tune-up. That did not help and the light came back on. We then got a throttle sensor replaced. That helped, but the van still stalls sometimes (only in the early morning, and only when backing up). The light came on. The dealer service center could not replicate the problem. When the light came on again, the dealer service center still could not replicate the problem. As we were driving to pick it up, our service rep called and said his technician mentioned that it might be in the transmission. Of course, that would be more $$$ involved, so we said forget it. They wanted $80 to turn the service engine light off, and told us that it would come back on again
    Question is......if we leave the light on and try to trade it in, are we going to see only pennies on the trade in? Would it be better to get the light turned off, and then trade it in?
  • I have the exact problem with my 96 villager. Same exact scenarios and same exact complications. It just started a month or two ago and is getting worse. I pulled the radio during a failure and it didn't resolve. Have you found a solution?
  • I have ALLDATA, and I won't mind submitting any paperwork for any certain repair. I notice a lot of people on here are asking for how to's. If you don't want to wait for me to reply, autozone has online repair manuals. These are almost the same one's I have in my repair database. I'm new here so please let me know if this is not allowed. Thank you. Also, Please feel free to email me.
  • fredgrfredgr Posts: 1
    YES. Ours has shifted hard for the entire 130,000 miles. After several trips to the dealer we finally became convinced that it is normal. We also had the first year model, and it did not shift hard. My understanding is that the newer models received a Ford transaxle with the Nissan engine, whereas the original Villagers had a fully Nissan set. The hesitation on acceleration you describe is probably carbon build-up in the intake. We had this at 110,000 miles. This can be removed by the dealer to give you a nice smooth acceleration (at least until it shifts). Unfortunately, the cleaning costs around $300.
  • I have had the same problem as well.

    I have had this a few times. My van dies if I drive it for more than 30 minutes at 5000 feet at 100º or at 9000 feet and 80º. My first guess is that it a vapor lock problem but no one that I have talked to locally (Denver) has any clue about this.

    I'm thinking of replacing the fuel pump, but would like to know if it would really make any difference before I pull it out. I know it's inside the fuel tank so that has to come out first.

    Has anybody else come up with a solution to this???
  • Looking to buy a cheap 96 Quest XE that has some mechanical problems, heres what it does, the injector nearest the firewall on the pass side is dumping gas into the cylinder and coming out onto the engine as well, of course the engine misses on that cylinder, the exhaust smells like gas and puffs out some white smoke that clears up very quickly, doesn't appear to have been overheated, no water in the oil, or oil in the water, the oil does smell like gas though.The other problem, the air box doesn't quite meet on one side where the seam is and has been like this for a while according to the owner so some air has been bypassing the filter. I'm wondering what would cause that air box the be like that and why that injector is bad, after searching i found that injector problems are rare. The outer CV boots are bad and there is a massive PS leak. It has 130K miles and they want $2000 for it, interior and body are nice. Opinions appreciated.
    Also the owner claims he got some water in the gas once that causeed the injector problem, it has been parked since then.
  • cmadigacmadiga Posts: 1
    my Quest runs good, I had a problem with the alternator and replaced with the new part at the Nissan dealership near me. After few hundred miles again I have a problem, my head lights and all other lights blink while engine runing, lights on.
    I checked the alternator and found that it goes up to 14.5 and down to 13.5 rate.
    I took to the dealership again asking them to check it. They want me to install new battary cables, which I have done few month ago.
    can anyone tell me what should it be......
  • 2000 Sounds like a pretty descent deal to me despite the problems..

    I would be most concerned about the injector problem. Can you work on it before you purchase it? Two things to try. First of all, do a compression check on all cylinders. If you have good compression, everything else can be fixed fairly cheaply. The major concern here is that all that fuel dumping into that cylinder washes away the oil from the cylinder wall and the rings in that one going bad. Doing it for just a little while shouldn't hurt it, but if it's been driven that way for a while, definitely check compression.

    The second thing to try is to swap the injector with another one from another cylinder. Don't know how those rear injectors are to get out, but it's worth a try. Maybe even pick up a junk yard part just to try. Can't cost too much, I wouldn't think.

    Good luck.
  • The air box problem doesn't sound like too big of a deal. Someone probably took it apart and just didn't get it back together right. Easiest fix???? Duck tape.............
  • Definitely not ethical, and maybe even illegal, but you could try to remove the light bulb.
    I've even heard of people hot wiring the light to the oil pressure light. That way it comes on when the key is on, and goes off when the engine starts.

    Proceed at your own risk.
  • I have experienced a very similar problem for most of the 3 years I've owned my 95 Villager. Here in Nebraska, it gets very warm & humid in the summer months. In the spring, as soon as temps get over around 50 degrees, mine gets harder and harder to start cold, or after a moderate length hot soak. And in the warm humid summer temps, it will typically die and exhibit "vapor lock" symptoms if the fuel level is below 1/2 tank and the temperatures are greater than 85 degrees. I bought a new fuel pump a couple of years ago, and have never installed it because you must remove the tank to do so, and I was a little unsure about whether the FP would solve the problem. I just found a TSB that addresses this issue, it is bulletin # 962522, and it talks of an improved gerotor pump. So I may go ahead and install the darn thing-it has already cost me a starter because of the long crank times in the heat. Strange enough, I have taken several long trips in the cold months with nary a problem, but try driving across town in 95 degree weather with about a 1/4 tank-it will leave you sitting on the side of the road. I wish I could see a full copy of the TSB-the only info I have is a limited view of the TSB in an index. Anyone have access? :confuse:
  • manyamanya Posts: 1

    I had the same problem with my nissan sentra.
    It took me around 6 months to figure it out. Check the button on your Keyless fob.
    not from outside from inside. you will see a small switch with a miniature button it, if it pops up after you depress it then you have another problem.

    but if you cannot depress it you probably need to change that.
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