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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • can anyone tell me how to change a knock sensor on a 98 nissan quest. thanks shortdawg
  • Hi,
    Villagers have a common problem with the fuel rail - rubber hose connections lostening up over time. The fuel rail is located just under the intake manifold on top of the engine. The rubber hose is connected to the steel fuel rail tubing using a small hose clamp. Take a phillips screwdriver, and snug up the screws in teh hose clamps on each end of the fuel rail.

    I did this each winter for about 3 winters when the fuel smell would recurr. Now, it has been about 4 years with no fuel smell. !!

    Found this fix on a Villager/Quest web site about 6 years ago.

    Hope it works!
    SoobieGuy :)
  • ebussebuss Posts: 12
    Shortdawg.. Please do a search about knock sensors in this forum before going thru all that work, something else could be wrong, triggering the knock sensor code. If this is something you really need to change, I can scan a few pages of my 98 villager workshop manual and e-mail them to you. Earl :confuse:
  • My '97 Villager has nearly 110,000 miles with very few problems. Now, however, the "Check Engine" light has been on for three months. The last time this happened it was a sensor and we had that fixed to the tune of $300. This time, we call it the "Spend Money" light and have ignored it since no problems have presented themselves. Anyone else experience this problem? Also the heat/air works in the front dashboard area but only itermittently in the back.
  • ebussebuss Posts: 12
    The "check engine" light could be as simple as a gasoline cap being loose or worn, but then again something not as easy. Autozone will check the computer codes for free,and tell you what the problem is. The same with advance auto parts, if you have one of these stores in you area. Heat not working in the back could be low coolant in the system, or air that needs to be bled out, blocked heater core. Just my 'two' cents
    Earl :sick:
  • Hi, my quest has 150,000 miles and when driven at speeds below 20mph the ABS system comes on when turning left. If i am turning left and pushing the brakes. It feels like i am in snow (pulsating and vibrating ABS). Transmission not shifting as smoothly as it should from 2nd to 3rd. I get a jerky feeling like i am bouncing off the redline or when the transmission shifts itself at the redline. Can someone pleas help me. I also get the peddle stick and the lights for the stereo is not working. I use to smell the egg smell but it went away. Check engine light is on. got oxygen sensor and it went off for five minutes. HELP!!
  • Would someone tell me how to set the memory seats in my villager Estate. It did not come with the owners manual when purchased used. Thanks for any input!
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    If I recall correctly, there are two buttons on the drivers door for the settings. You just need to set the driver's seat where you want it and then push and hold one of the two buttons for a couple of seconds (just like setting most electronic radio station buttons). You can test by then using the electronic controls to change the seat settings and then push the button you set to return the seat to your designated setting.

    If this doesn't work or is not clear, post back and I will pull out my manual.
  • Thank you for your input. I played with the buttons for a while and after ramming my knees into the dash a few times I finally got the positions straight. :)
  • dtu1dtu1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Quest SE. It has the following problems:
    1) Radio display off. Due to a poor soldering job on the power supply board. I had it fixed twice at the cost of $100. The repaires were re-soldering the PCB.
    2) Back Windshield wipper motor failed.
    3) Low Windshield cleaner lite always on.
    4) Noise front tires. Sears told me to replace all shocks and related parts for about $1000.

    Any comments or experience to share ?

  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Do a search on #3. I have posted on this before. Basically, the sensor in your cleaner reservoir needs to be replaced. Most of us have not wanted to spend the money to replace, so we have just unplugged it. You need to remove the inner fender liner to get to the sensor (at least on the Villager model).
  • jzitojzito Posts: 1
    if you are referring to noises in the front end,i had the same problem ,and i replaced the lower ball joints.Very easy job. No more noises!
  • icueicue Posts: 1
    Within 3 engine hours it died in traffic. Fuel pressure is ok. spark ok and MAF sensor was replaced? Any ideas?
  • Is it difficult to convert the middle bench seat to Quads? I'd probably try & find some used Quad seat at a junk yard or ??? Are the Quad seat year specific? i.e. only 2000's fit 2000, or can I use a 98 etc.

    Also will the bench seat safety belt still work???

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanx Steve
  • Have had this problem for several years on my 99 GXE with 90K miles. I seem to refill my expansion tank several times during the winter. Never seems to need additional coolant during the summer. Dealer could not find a leak. Anyone had/solved this problem.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    I've seen that on my '99 GXE too; I'm thinking I have a bad hose somewhere and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that one of the (smaller?) hoses can leak some. I've had a whiff of coolant under the hood now and then too and then it'll go away for weeks or months.

    Steve, Host

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  • Thanks Steve. I have heard about a leak into the throttle body (not sure how that occurs) and a more ominous problem with seals inside the engine. The strange thing is it only happens in the winter so I have to guess it has something to do with the heater. I smell coolant occasionally also. Good thing is this is the only real problem other than a failed alternator and door lock that I have had in 90K. Did you ever get your timing belt changed? If so what can I expect to pay?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,004
    Right, around the throttle body, that's what I've heard too. I had head gaskets issues on another van so the coolant smell bugs me.

    Nope, haven't changed the timing belt or the plugs for that matter. I'm slow. :-)

    Actually I may just ignore the belt until it breaks.

    Steve, Host

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  • Have a '97 Villager with 61K and a 1-2 shift problem when cold. Hangs in 1st during the winter season no matter what the rpm (outside temp <60). Once warm everything is fine. Have changed the fluid and filter (clear red w/ little clutch material). Even tried Lucas trans honey. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2000 Mercury Villager which has a middle bench seat. Is it possible to convert the middle bench seat to Quad buckets? does it require new hardware? Do the bench seat safety belts work or do they have to be changed also? If you have done this any step by step information would be greatly appreciated.

    Also are the bucket seats model or year specific. Would Nissan Quest Bucket seats work?

    Thanx Steve
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