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Hyundai Santa Fe Towing Package



  • hambone9hambone9 Posts: 4
    I've given up on trying to install a brake controller into my 09' Santa Fe SE!
    I'm sure it can be done with a 'work-around' - I'm sure the good folks at can suggest ways to do it. But after spending too much time and effort ($), I sold the trailer instead.
    The final straw was an e-mail back from Hyundai, which stated, "We strongly advise against installing a trailer brake controller into the brake system of your Santa Fe. This alteration could affect the normal operation of the vehicle and the New Vehicle Limited Warranty."
    Not much help either, as I wasn't trying to install the brake controller 'into the brake system'! Hyundai, although stating that the Santa Fe will pull 3500 lbs, really don't want you pulling anything over 2200 lbs!
    So the trailers' gone!
    As for a brake controller 'plug'? Not there!! There are two 'plugs' up, underneath the drivers-side rear wheel well, but they're for 'lights' and have nothing to do with a brake controller.
    If your more persistent than I've been, contact about getting the brake controller installed. They've been very responsive and helpful throughout my ordeal. (They did some research and even called me!)
    Good Luck!
  • cj112800cj112800 Posts: 2
    thanks hambone9 I pretty much got the same answer from hyundai. They said to bring it in and let them look.I will try etrailer as you stated and I know what you are talking about the plugs behind the wheel that is where my harness for my 4 prong was wired at the dealer. Thanks again for your help and if I ever get an answer I will post it on here.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    i am considering a 2010 s.f. ltd w/v6. it has been a real hassle getting the fifth wire for the brake lock out (boat trailer).

    in my other cars, I had to tap into the backup light wire (2002 toyota highlander), or run a hot line from the nissan factory trailer converter, and then use a toggle switch, before I backed up (2003 murano), but had to go to the back to throw the switch before backing up.

    what are my options, if any. I have read all the posts on this board, from both towing threads. thanks, rr70
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