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2011 Toyota Sienna



  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    edited September 2010
    That 9.5 sec to 60 mph should make for some exciting merges on the freeway. :P

    I can imagine a 4 cyl Sienna being pushed by a Prius at an on ramp. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    9.5 seconds is actually OK, but that's empty, with just the driver.

    Now imagine you have 8 people crammed in there, with luggage to add even more weight.

    0-60 in 14 seconds with a full load sounds a bit too exciting. :surprise:
  • I just picked up my XLE a couple of days ago(no other options on it).

    We love the smooth and quiet ride, and the engine is really peppy, I find the Sienna surprisingly quick given its size. The steering wheel is really nice too. The car feels cavernous inside. Despite the numb steering, it handles fine for a minivan, and after a couple hundred miles, the steering feel(or lack thereof) is not a concern - it bothered us more on the test drive. As many have mentioned, the dashboard plastic and faux-wood are really horrible, it's hard to imagine it can't be easily improved.

    The radio sound is pretty lousy, I thought it'd be better, as I believe it's the same unit you'd have if you got the entertainment system. Built-in XM is nice, lots of presets, reception is good too, it's just the sound quality is lacking. The station tuning dial is really far from the driver. Even at 6' tall, it's a stretch for me( I know there's steering wheel controls, but they don't do everything) I was going to get a Garmin for Nav, but now I'm considering a full in-dash replacement like the high-end Pioneer or Kenwood units, along with an aftermarket DVD system. It'll still come in under half the price of the Toyota offerings.

    The climate control layout is about as unintuitive as possible. Of course you'll quickly get used to anything, but even so, it seems to have been done with no thought involved whatsoever.

    This is replacing an aging Town&Country. I just couldn't go with Mopar again after the problems I had with that vehicle. I could overlook some things, but every Chrysler dealer/service dept. I've had to deal with have been horrible. And the aging Odyssey is the worst minivan on the market, IMO.

    So on balance, really happy with the Sienna, except for the dash and radio issues mentioned above...
  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Not that I had any doubts, but your summary of the 2011 Sienna reinforces the decision to purchase the 2010 Odyssey.
  • Really? That's interesting. I really dislike the Odyssey, it wasn't even an option for me. What do you like about the Odyssey over the Sienna? I found Odyssey road noise to be irritating. If not for my negative experience with Chrysler quality, I'd have likely taken a VW Routan over the Odyssey as well.

    I found the Emunds review to be spot on: "An abundance of hard plastics serve to cheapen the experience, an excessive amount of buttons overcomplicate even the simplest of tasks, and iPod integration is notably absent. On higher trim levels, even the leather upholstery is decidedly downmarket."

    Somehow they manage to conclude "it's easy to see why the Honda Odyssey remains our top pick for a minivan."

    In any case, the Odyssey is obviously competent, but to me the Sienna is much nicer all around, despite my complaints.

    The radio complaints are being addressed. Depending on whether I replace the the Sienna's speakers or not, I'm going to spend $1800-$2500 for in-dash navigation w/Bluetooth, 11" screen (diagonal, not that ridiculous 11" wide dual-screen Toyota offers), and the higher price would include new Pioneer speakers all around. I paid $30155 + tax for an XLE, so I'll be around $32k with the after-market stuff.

    I was tempted to wait for the new Odyssey, but I think they'll be going for closer to sticker when they're new, and I have to have a new minivan for ski season.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I put a 12" 4x3 DVD player in mine, you gotta beat my record. ;)
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    edited September 2010
    Juice Ateix,
    Have a question for you. Where do you buy/install these quality aftermarket dvd players or in dash navigation systems? I know as a chain Best Buy does them-- but guys working over there are just kids whom I dont trust and they can mess up the costly electronics. Impossible for them to know the electrical lay outs in the latest complicated cars and that too for every make?
    So , do you suggest any place for these? Thanks. :shades:

    And I keep repeating this -- But boy ,what`s up with those plastic interiors in the '11 Sienna? Feels Dodge/Chrysler like. Personally I think it`s a backward step from the previous gen. What were they thinking really with those horrible cheap plastic interiors? :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited September 2010
    Unfortunately, I installed mine at Circuit City, and we all know what happened to them.

    Here's what I did, though. Sneak around back of any installer, and ask if they mind showing you around. Usually they're not supposed to, but the guy who installed mine was friendly and gave me a quick tour of his shop - which was impeccable. Clean and well equipped.

    I asked what the install would entail - and his answer proved to me that he was familiar with the Sienna (power is there for the factory DVD, but they run wiring to the door switch). He was right, too. He also knew the products - the in-store display was beige, but he told me the box contained both gray and beige.

    Sure enough, the gray matched my interior nicely.

    So see if you can meet the actual installer, whether it's at Best Buy or not.
  • Nice! Mine is being installed today, I'm getting a 10.8" or something like that.

    I went with the Pioneer Z120BT, it's what the guy who owns the shop has in his car, though he's a licensed Pioneer, Kenwood and Alpine installer. They're all really nice systems. The Pioneer has really nice iPod/iPhone integration, which is a nice plus.

    As for where to install - most of these dedicated auto sound and security shops really know what they're doing. I had a similar install in my Town & Country, and it was great. I found my installer from both the Kenwood and Pioneer websites, they list their authorized installers, there were a handful within a few miles of where I live. Lots of this stuff can be a DIY install if you're handy and have a couple of hours. If not for the overhead screen, I'd do it myself. There's no "trim kit" for the 2011 Sienna yet, but there's a couple of guys (Metra for instance) that will have them soon. In the meantime, my installer is fabricating one, I'll report on how good it looks, he's going to put in the trim kit as soon as it's available. The aftermarket head units are better than 99% of factory radios, those things are really lousy for the most part. I thought the Toyota split screen is a useless gimmick, and the picture size is really small since the screen is so small in the vertical dimension.

    I'm also having an inverter installed (300W 120v) and the steering wheel controls will work, and all-in, I'm spending about $2k, I'll post that total when I pick it up as well.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds good.

    Do you have the JBL sound?

    IIRC when I went shopping for a GPS head unit I found the LE model was supposedly not compatible if it lacked the JBL package.

    I ended up with a portable Garmin 1490T, and I'm happy and spent 1/4th the price.
  • No JBL for me, that's only in the Limited. I don't know if it's an option on the XLE, but I got my XLE pretty much base. There's 3 different configurations on the Siennas, the LE can have a 4 or 6 speaker system. The XLE has the 6 speaker, and the Limited has the fancy JBL 10 speaker system.

    I think the LE and XLE 6 speaker systems are the same, though I'm not sure. In any case, there wasn't any issue installing any of the double-din navigation systems, and the Pioneer setup is pretty nice. I played with it a few minutes last night, the sound is much better, controls are not all that intuitive, but with so many options/functions, it's hard to make it very simple.

    Garmins are great, but I've had two stolen. I think they're the best nav units, hands down. The Kenwoods use Garmin nav.

    What rear entertainment screen did you install. Mine is a NESA, and it isn't all that good - I may have it changed out.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited September 2010

    To be honest nothing special about it minus the large size - 4x3 screen format (not widescreen) and regular def, no HD.

    Having one is priceless, though. The kids never complain on trips. For us it's silent until we hear occasional giggles, so cute. They complain if we arrive before the movie finishes!
  • Funny thing is sales are much higher. I guess people like the backup cam and 3-zone climate control. Those highly visible features outweigh the lack of a soft-touch dash, I guess.

    sienna sales should taper off when the 2011 honda odyssee comes out some time next year.

    some people got overexcited about the newly / redesigned model. first yr. redesigned production is the least reliable; so imo, it's better to wait until its 2nd yr.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe not - did you see Honda's pricing?

    If you want a 6 speed automatic, the price is in the $40s. :surprise:
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,351
    Yeah, with MSRP for the Ody EX in the $31k range, it seems that some people are getting base Sienna XLEs over in the prices paid forums around the same price. And you know there won't be much dealing on the Ody for awhile.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,009
    I wonder if the new Nissan Quest being introduced at the LA auto show will be competitive this time around?
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,351
    I saw the JDM Elgrand when I was in Japan this summer and liked what I saw; hard to know how much of that will get ported to the Quest. Lots of kitted out vans over there with bodykits, spoilers, big wheels, etc. Almost always white or black with dark tints.

    Strangely, the Sienna SE is the closest looking thing in the US to what I saw in Japan, but of course, they don't sell the Sienna there.
  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    edited September 2010
    Honda messed up the Odyssey design big time. It really is damn ugly. All recent Honda / Acura exteriors have been awful. The Pilot,Accord Crosstour-- the Ody continues that trend.
    But the interior is totally different. The Ody looks to have much better interior with high quality materials and soft high quality plastic unlike Sienna. :shades:

    So dont know how this will play out. If Ody`s exterior was better---it would have been a home run. Also I think folks will pay the premium for the Ody. Infact more than 70% sales for the 05-10 model were the EX-L trim and above unlike the Sienna which has a majority of LE sales which are much less profitable. ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The interior indeed looks nicer - but I'll reserve final judgement until I can get inside one of them and feel it.

    The new Sienna's interior looks good, but touch it and that impression goes away. Surfaces that used to be soft/padded are now hard.

    I agree that Honda may be going for the high-end of the price scale, and that could work well for them.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,009
    How did this one fall so far behind the 2011 Honda Ody is fuel economy?
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