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Subaru Justy



  • paulsgtpaulsgt Posts: 30
    If anyone is here... I found a 1990 4dr/4wd, 5spd with 97,000 miles here locally for $500. They say the engine was replaced around 60k under warranty. It now has a problem with the rear diff (scraping noise). I am in need of a 'spare' car. This sounds perfect. (We had a 1990 2dr DL FWD new way back when. It was built like a vault.)
    Are parts still readily available?

    Paul in MN.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    you may want to try posting (copy/paste) your question/s in our Subaru Crew Owner's Club Maintenance & Repair discussion. Good luck.

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  • I love this forum! So many justy lovers all together!

    I have a 1988 justy, that sadly I must put to rest. It was wonderful and reliable until the very end, and I'm so sad to see it go. Unfortunately there's quite a bit of wear on the body - rust and stuff, and the suspension is pretty much shot. Still, the engine runs great and I'm sure there are lots of great parts in there.
    Interested parties out there????
    If so, get in touch with me.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Pizza delivery guy next door to me has a trusty Justy with a front plate with the Ferrari logo. I highly suggest this wicked trick for your modding list.
  • I just found this board and it seems to be what I am looking for. I just bought my first college car, being a poor student I got my Justy for 125 bucks. I have been slowly trying to take her back up to snuff because she had not been taken care of quite right. There is a mean knock in one of the cylinders and can't figure it out, any advice would be helpful. Also I am trying to find ideas for increasing the proformance, so any ideas of what has been done would be nice too.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi outlawstar- Welcome to the Hatchbacks Board! Here are a couple other Town Hall discussions that you may find helpful: Subaru Crew - General Maintenance & Repair II and Suburu Crew - Modifications II. Good luck, and please return here to keep us updated on your Subaru Justy. ;-)

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  • joffficerjoffficer Posts: 169
    sounds more like a part of the exhaust. Lift or put the car on ramps (unless you're really little) and crawl around underside. Shake (with everything the cat!) everything. You might find a loose heat shield, or bad hanger. You can also try tapping with a rubber mallet... lightly tapping!
    A bad bearing (lower end) would be more of a dull thump when you let off the gas.
  • I just bought a 1990 Justy 2-door front drive GL 5-speed. I was at first hesitant when I called about the car in the paper only because I knew how small the car is. But I figured for $500 the ad sounded good. Well much to my suprise I pulled into the driveway of the elderly couple I bought the car from and I was in shock, the car was practically mint! It was garaged for all 12 years of the time they had it(I have the original title), they bought it NEW. The interior is immaculate, the body is excellent, the paint is excellent,(amazing since I live in Florida, and being it's painted silver, silver paint fades and dries out faster than any other color) it runs great, new tires, original owners manual, everything about this car is nearly flawless. Needless to say I was the first to look at the car, and I took it home that instant.

    I did have to replace the valve cover gasket, it was leaking, and I replaced the original cap, rotor, and wires (they had the 1989 date still stamped on them)and put platinum plugs in. I also had to put my Pioneer CD in it! They had records of every little thing done to this car, oil changes every 2,500 miles, everything! It has 106,000 miles on it, and it runs awesome. I've bought many a car in the past, but I have never found such a good little car for $500.

    For a 3 cylinder engine it does move the car very well. I drove a 1991 Geo Metro once and it was OK, but this Justy is alot quicker, I had a 1985 Honda CRX Si that was'nt a whole lot faster. It's great around town in traffic, and you could pull a U-turn on a sidewalk if need be!!!

    Now buying parts on the other hand... Not fun. Autozone has nothing in stock but spark plugs and a few other parts, but they can order most things. I like getting my parts on demand, not in a few days! This is how it goes in a rare car like this though, I'll deal with it.

    I'm putting 20W50 in the car this weekend, that's what they have been putting in it since forever, so I better not change. This Florida climate is good for 20w50.

    So I am now a Subaru Justy owner... I hope it lasts for a long time. Are there any "common" problems I need to watch out for?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I have an XT6 which is equally hard to buy parts for. Check out


  • Always nice to know the Subaru population in Florida has increased! Welcome!

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you have a knock it may be carbon deposits in the cylinder. These effectively increase the compression ratio, and can cause knocking.

    So what I'd suggest is a good throttle body and FI cleaning. They don't cost too much and after we did this to our Mazda 626 it drove like new.

    The rattle is probaly a heat shield. If it was a bearing the noise would be speed dependent, but engine-rpm independent.

    justynough: congrats. The population of Subies in Florida just doubled! LOL

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You are just all over these Subaru boards, aren't you? :) I thought about a Justy for a commuter car (~70 miles daily, all highway), but we shall see.

    How is your Legacy holding up?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Actually I don't subscribe to this one, but I do try to check in when I have the time.

    Our new Subie is fine, about 4k miles so far. Mods include 15" alloys from a Legacy Turbo, ASC power moonroof, full size spare tire, cargo area liner, and 6CD changer. Plus a leather shift knob.

    It's lookin' nice, and my total investment is still just $19k. Hard to beat for everything I got, in fact impossible to beat because no mid-size AWD can come close.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    I was out driving the wife's Forester this afternoon, and noticed that the brake pedal squeaks (whistles?) when you first apply the brakes.

    When I got home, I turned off the engine, and pumped the brakes several times, and sure enough, the pedal whistles when you first apply it. I also noticed, that when parked and after pumping the brakes a few times, the pedal seems not to go down quite as far, and the pedal whistling disappeared!

    Anybody got any idea what's going on?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    That's cause the brake booster is w/o power when the car is off. You usually get 2-3 pumps then it becomes hard.

    As for the squeek, it's probably in the brake light switch possibly.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    must be the reason I posted that question in this forum, and not the "Problem" forum?! Please forgive my "senior moment" here...

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Grease up the pedal hinges with lithium grease, they sell the stuff in spray cans.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    4wd 5-mt dirt cheap!

  • thanks for all who responded with :Justy scrapy rattily noise @ low rpm, it was the exhaust.

    dad replaced battery, touched wrong wire. nothing works or turns over..but I have a strong doorchime. a mechanic told my dad to check the inline fuse. where is it?
    Please email me at thanks!!!
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    an ad for an '88 Justy, 5 spd 4WD, $650/ofr. Says it is running good....I might have to look into is the 3-cylinder model though...was there a 4-cylinder model?

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

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