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Honda Accord Hybrid IMA Batteries

r_ace1r_ace1 Posts: 5
I'm concerned with the drainage of battery power during day to day driving. Is it normal for the battery to drain to the point where 3 or 4 lines are showing during a 15 minute drive time?
Regarding the IMA batteries, is there a way to charge these batteries at home?

Other than the batteries, the Hybrid has been a pretty good car. As long as all regular servicing has been taken care of during normal intevals, this car will take care of it's owners.


  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    It really depends on what kind of terrain you are driving.

    Can you charge the battery at home? No. There is a charger available for 2000-2006 Honda Insights, but not for other models yet.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Please keep us posted with updated info. on Accord Hybrid IMA battery. Thanks.
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    Remember that the battery is functionally identical to the Civic battery. There is quite a bit of discussion in the Civic Hybrid forum.
  • vietviet Posts: 847

    Thanks for your instruction. Do you think the Accord IMA battery should last long for many years? I heard Toyota hybrid battery lasts very long for 150K - 200K miles.
  • Ogre_GEVOgre_GEV Posts: 263
    Based on my experience with other Honda batteries, I expect it to last an average of 7 years if the car is driven frequently, and three years if driven infrequently. Mileage has nothing to do with the longevity.
  • soocitysuesoocitysue Posts: 16
    edited September 2010
    My car seems to be unable to switch between the gas and electric engines at lower speeds. My gas mileage is lousy (averaging 23 m intown where it used to be 26 ... even that wasn't anything to brag about). The battery symbol never seems to be full; why is that? Has anyone had this experience?

    Also, on a road trip doing 75, I watched the miles per gallon drop from 34 to 24... I was horrified!!! The Honda dealer has no answer to this, and I'm leaving on a 2,000 mile road trip in 3 days. Help!
  • All I've read about on IMA battery replacement has been negative so wanted to pass along my 'good' experience.

    IMA battery and engine lights came on 2,000 miles past warranty. Had the battery replaced at the dealership at a cost of $3,500. Was reimbursed $3,000 through American Honda Motor Company. The $500 is still pricey but much better than what I originally paid. The car was purchased and resides in FL. Not sure if special consideration given due to the extreme heat in our area.
  • I've a 2005 Accord Hybrid also and it is also 2000 miles past warranty. Believe or not, I'm also lived in FL (orlando). The IMA light cames on this morning accompanied with the malfunction light. I'm planning to bring the car in, please share on how you get your AHMC reimbursed?

  • I called American Honda Customer Service and they opened a case with a case manager. 800-999-1009. Told them what was happening with the car (had taken it to the dealership for a diagnostic) and faxed them a copy of the battery replacement invoice from the dealership. The process took about 6 weeks but there was a complication of our dealership being sold between the time we purchased the new battery and the claim was opened. There's no impact on how the claim is processed whether or not you go ahead and have the battery replaced before the claim is finalized. I found the case manager to be very helpful - staying in touch with update calls. Hoping your outcome is as good (or better!) than mine.
  • Thanks for your help. It is start getting a bit annoying to me. Just last month I've to replace my Noise Cancelation Speaker from the 2005 Accord hybrid out of my own packet. Again, thnaks for the info.
  • Just brought my 2005 HAH back from the dealership. They replaced my IMA battery under warranty. I had it in 2weeks ago to be have programing updated. They also did that under warranty but afterward engine light came on again. I bought car new on 12/31/2005 and now have 24000 miles on it. I seen online that many have had to pay for programming upgrade and a new IMA battery. Tampa Hondaland just said it's still under warranty.
  • Hi rickroeder,

    Thanks for posting here. I've been looking all over the place and have been trying to find people in similar situations and I'm curious how you were able to get your IMA battery replaced under warranty.

    I just got back from my dealership and they ran my VIN only to tell me that it's not covered under warranty. If you can provide insight or some advice on how I can get my IMA battery replaced on my 2005 HAH that would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks!

  • Just a week shy of the 8th year anniversary (and 1 week from the end of the warranty), I had the IMA & check engine lights appear (Diagnosis code through OBD-II of POA7F).

    I took it to the dealership where the diagnosis was failure of the IMA battery, which was replaced under warranty. After doing some more reading about Honda's Civic Hybrids, I decided to ask if they were using a remanufactured battery, and turns out they are. How the batteries are remanufactured could not be satisfactorily answered. I asked if they replace all battery cells or just the failed cell, and I could not get an answer from the dealership or Honda's Customer Service. It seems there is no other option, as new batteries do not exist.

    So I pick up the new car and it drives like a Prius and is getting the milage of a minivan (28 mpg after 2 hrs of highway driving in no traffic with average speed of 45 mph). In particular, the electric motor no longer activates at low speeds (< 25mph), and does not help at low speeds, where the performance advantage of the electric motor is greatest (ie high torque at low RPM). I called the dealership to see if any software was loaded, and it was. I'm thinking that this software patch could be similar to what Civic Hybrid owners were complaining about? Where the software patch reduces the battery usage to preserve battery life, but at the expense of performance and acceleration.

    If anyone else has noticed this on their HAH please post, as I would like to compare experiences and resolutions.


  • You're kidding... MY IMA light just came on this week, and now the light that looks like the engine block. I haven't gotten it to the dealer yet --- I am not fond of the local dealer service departments. They were not remotely helpful with the ANC problem. I hope others will write about their experience with the IMA light, etc. This is the best service manual going!
  • Just came home from the dealer... they said they are getting me a deal: I'll only pay 20% of the cost of the hybrid battery, or $520. Somehow I think when I pick it up tomorrow, there'll be another couple of hundred tacked on. My car has about 115,000 miles on it. If anyone know how to get more off, please let me know!
  • jfwsjfws Posts: 1
    Glad to see this recent activity. My 2005 Accord Hybrid has 120,000 miles and the check engine and IMA light have gone on and off intermittently for the past 10,000 miles or so. This more repeatedly happens during the colder winter months here in northern MS. The car has been absolutely great and I've owned it for the past six years without any problems other than the noise cancellation system which the dealer replaced for me with no cost shortly after I bought the car. I regularly get around 25 MPG in the city and have gotten (only once) 42 MPG on the highway. That was a fluke, as I usually hover about 34-36MPG on the highway. I will be contacting the American Honda Customer service folks tomorrow to begin the process of IMA battery replacement. I will post again once I have further action. Thanks to all who are writing here as I live in a small town in northern Mississippi and the nearest Honda dealer is more than an hour away. It's good to read other people's experiences with their Accord Hybrids.
  • I too am INCREDIBLY grateful for this forum!!! Without it I would have undoubtedly paid thousands of dollars. The Honda dealers would not acknowledge the ACN problem even when I showed them the service sheet on it. Finally they disconnected it literally to get rid of me. Having it disconnected made it bearable, although obviously something isn't working right anymore if it's disabled. (I have no idea what) I still instantly know when the car is at 1500 RPMs; that's when the ANC problem was obvious. Why Honda hasn't done a recall is beyond me. Maybe enough of us haven't complained? If not, we certainly should.

    You can take your car to Auto Zone or someplace like that and tell them that the IMA light has gone on; they have a tester and can look it up. That's how my battery problem started, too. Saves you that trip to your dealer, because they will probably have to order the battery and won't have it for a day or 2. Good luck!
  • hybridghybridg Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid, I took it to the dealership and got a diagnosis done on it and was told that I need to replace the IMA Battery and possibly the IMA motor. Given how expensive it would be to replace those two parts at the dealer, I decided that I would purchased the parts as recommended and take it to a shop and have them replace it for me. So I did and the problem still exist IMA battery still not charging and the IMA light and check engine light is still on. I'm in need for some great advice before I decide to put anymore money in to the car. FYI This one shop in New York told me I might have some wiring problem given the fact that the car was involved in an accident.
  • scm74scm74 Posts: 5
    I got a similar deal here in Los Angeles area. I have about 120K miles on my HAH, and over the past 3 months, the check engine light/IMA light come on intermittently. I was concerned that the light kept going away and the dealer wouldn't be able to diagnose, but when I called my local dealer, they said the code would be saved in the computer system and they could still diagnose the problem. I've called the dealer in the past and was told that a new battery runs about $3K, but the last time I called, the rep was very helpful and mentioned to take the car in and that he would contact American Honda on my behalf to see if they could provide some goodwill towards repairs costs. I was pleased to hear that they would charge about $590 I think, including the labor. At this point, I definitely don't want a new car payment, so I'm willing to fork over some costs for a battery. The dealer did mention that it's a remanufactured battery pack (they don't make them new anymore) and there's a 12 month/1 year warranty on it. I'm just concerned that a year is not very long. I'm hoping it will last another 8 years! I've read elsewhere online that the car will still run with a bad battery, the MPG will just get worse. I guess I'll take a chance if it dies again, I'll just keep driving it until I can't drive it anymore :/
  • scm74scm74 Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    Just wondering, since you got your battery replaced back in 2010, have you had any further problems? My HAH is at the dealer, and American Honda is providing goodwill also towards the repairs, but the service tech told me that the battery pack is remanufactured and has a 12K / 1 year warranty. I'm wondering if I should expect several more years out of a replacement remfg'd battery.
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