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2009 Nissan Murano Problems



  • famx2kfamx2k Posts: 1

    I have also 2009 Nissan Murano SL AWD and recently noticed strange smell. Car has lost its power and at times does not move at all when I shift to drive or to reverse. Most recently when I was parked inclined and needed drive reverse car did not move at all yet throttle was at high rpm. I brought the car to the dealer they told me they could not find anything. I also told them that car sometimes speeds up and slows down on its own. They could tell me why..I am very upset because car has only 7000 miles on it. Can please tell how to handle this issue. Thank you.
  • Hi friends -
    I was hoping somebody could help with my 2009 SL Nissan Murano not starting. We recently purchased this car with 12k miles.

    The key fob successfully unlocks the car and the monitor on the dash says that the battery is appox 75% full. When I keep the key fob in my pocket and press the start button the car starts up right away even in the very cold weather we have been experiencing. When I enter my key fob into the slot and press the start key, all the electronics turn on, but then if I try to start the car the motor just turns over and over - all of the dash illuminating warning lights flicker very rapidly - the car will start if I pump the gas pedal.

    The difference is that when the key fob is in my pocket I simply hit the start button and it starts right up - no need to pump gas, etc. When I enter the key fob into the slot the car first turns on the electronics. When I hit the start button again to start the car it just turns over and over... Any help???

    Thanks in advance.
  • omniohlomniohl Posts: 2
    We own a 2009 Nissan Murano SL bought new and the head gasket cracked leaking fluids and emitting a strong smell of coolant. We have had a few unpleasant repairs, new brakes at 30,000, new tires at 32,000 and now at only 57,000 miles cracked head gaskets. We have had all the recommend services performed. Had we waited we just would need to get use to the smell of coolant. It was covered under the warranty. Both the Nissan dealer and an independent shop confirmed the need to replace both head gaskets. The engine needs to be dropped in order to complete the repair. We have been waiting a week for the completion of the repairs. Many reports show that their Murano just was not the same after the head gasket issue and we don't want to have another failure and find out what will happen when it our Nissan turns 60,001....Our concern is the number of Murano’s that this known defect affects. Nissan has yet to release this proprietary information.
  • My 2009 Murano gave up the ghost today on the CVT. Dealer is covering under the extended warranty since it only has 74K miles. Will not cover the leaking transfer case. Cut me a break since transmission is already out so they are only charging me $426 to replace the seal. Nissan should be extremely ashamed. I will never buy another Nissan product. They have known about this problem for too long. I can't wait for the class action suit.
  • oldmrtoldmrt Posts: 1
    Having had my Murano for 4 years I have had most of the problems most people are reporting. The transfer case leaked at 50,000 miles and again at 70,000. Nissan supplied the new transfer case, but not the labour. The engine mounts failed and the head gaskets leaked. The power seat settings do not hold. They have to be re-set after two or three changes from seat settings 1 to 2. The repairs for the Transfer case, the motor mounts and the leaking head gaskets cost us $4,700. Nissan Customer Care said they could do nothing to help. Customer Care isn't. They just don't want to admit they have some serious product issues and yet they do nothing to help the customers. This is my last Nissan product. 4 cars and 2 SUV's later and this is how they treat a loyal customer
  • Just took my birth - 45K mi. dealer maintained '09 Murano to my private mechanic for 60K service and he informed me of a transmission leak. He provided me w/ a technical bulletin and it appears they "listened to their customers" and extended the power-train on the CVT's for precisely the reason so many consumers were concerned - the cost of repairs after warranty expires (more likely refused to purchase overly complicated new technology that Authorized dealerships aren't even authorized to repair). I'm disgusted w/ this car maker and wouldn't consider buying another - not because of the problems but because of the lack of accountability in providing a solution. They run out the clock on warranty work - I've owned a Honda and Mitsubishi @ 10 years each that cost me 1/2 as much and never experienced such deplorable customer service. Purchase Nissan products at your own risk.
  • stacie90stacie90 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Nissan Murano & i just had some body work done on it. They had to disconnect the battery. I just got it back and it is showing the CHECK ENGINE SOON light. I went up to AutoZone and they ran a code check on it and it showed the code P306, something to do with the control pannel. He said my car is too new to have this problem. Is anyone else having this problem?
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