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VW Golf

mznmzn Posts: 727
What, are you seeing things? Nope, just the
carlady correcting a title misspelling. Read the
interim topic here. Sorry for the extra step!



  • chelchel Posts: 4
    It's good to read what others are going through with their VWs...

    Ours has already been hit (ahh, city living) but otherwise is OK - we have the Automatic GLS - and I've been noticing weirdness with the transmission - if you move it into reverse - with the brake on - it sometimes takes a few seconds for it to switch to reverse - same when moving between gears while parking, etc.

    I guess we need to take it back to the dealer (oh the pain!)

    Otherwise, I love this car. I'm really happy with it! Easy to park, easy to drive, comfortable - even for my 6'3" boyfriend! Plus - I was recently able to fit a file cabinet and kitchen table and 4 chairs in the hatchback (disassembled, but still!)...

    Happy car!

  • chel:

    i've got a 99 gls golf automatic. the delay you experience when shifting into reverse is, unfortunately, normal. it can be annoying, even dangerous but there is nothing the dealer can do about it. it is one of the vw quirks. i'm slowly getting used to it.

    i could not agree more about the cargo space. fantastic!

  • tradlandtradland Posts: 15
    I got my car last year its a Silver and Black Int GLS with Auto and Luxury Package. Here is the
    first 24,000 miles. 9 burnt rear left brake bulbs.
    Headlights missaligned took 4 trips to dealer to
    get right. The Windshild washer resevour keeps goin out dealer will make 5th atempt to fix.
    The power mirror control knob broke off replaced by dealer and The undercar engine cover came off
    twice. I love the car but the service is average
    I am wonderin what will go next and a little
    worried since the warranty will expire in 700
    miles. Great car and fun to drive but begining to
    feel like the owner of a Cavalier .
    Just my two cents on this car.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Check out extended warranties from the aftermarket to cover the parts of the car after the basic warranty expires. That's a thought. Try Source 1, because they are pretty cheap. The URL is
  • tradlandtradland Posts: 15
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Go check out the site. They cover everything on the car from the powertrain to basic stuff. Kind of a waste, because of the 10/100 warranty. But it might be worth it for you. Check out for more info or also
  • sabethsabeth Posts: 3
    I know this topic has been flogged nearly to death, but thought I'd take my swipe.

    I've had Hondas for years ('76 Civic, '84 Civic, '83 Prelude, '93 Integra -- all from new) so my recent step to VW is a leap of faith. I've had my share of problems, but certainly the Integra was virtually flawless. 90,000 miles and only changed the oil replaced the exhaust (thank you road salt)when I sold it in 1998. Engines are superb, suspension is tight (double-wishbones beat struts - end of story), etc.

    Problem was I needed a 4-door (baby on the way). Integra 4-door is not available here in Canada, Accords are, well, a little dull. Also, my experience with Honda seats has not been good - too soft. My wife convinced me to look at a VW Golf so I checked it out. It's comfortable, drives well, looks good and has a hatchback. I ordered the 1.8T but after doing additional calculations switched to the TDI.

    While I wait for the Golf, the dealer is loaning me a 99 TDI Bug. I'm in love with this engine! Same torque as the 1.8, better fuel economy, cheaper fuel and it should be more reliable, as it has far fewer moving parts. The diesel rattle should help put the baby to sleep, too.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    sabeth, we have a separate topic for Golf v. Civic discussion. Thanks!

  • own a 2001 GL,5 sp man.?
    I need to know what I should REALLY expect to spend on one. Every web site and consumer guide I research is beginning to annoy me because the price they say I should pay is NEVER even close to what the dealers are quoting me. So many many web sites... I need some REAL quotes now to put my mind at ease and to know that I am not getting ripped off-Thanks to anyone who can help me-
  • You can purchase a Golf at West Suburban Imports in Chicago, Illinois for between $300.00 and $400.00 over invoice. I bought at Passat from them and will be purchasing a Golf 1.8t soon.
  • ileongileong Posts: 5

    I've been quoted a price on a yr 2000 golf
    gls 4-dr, 4-spd auto, standard engine (2.0 liter),
    sunroof, monsoon sound system.

    Price including destination charge: $18222

    Does not include sales tax

    what have other people paid

    Just wondering if this is a good deal, this is
    supposed to be $500 over invoice for the car
    itself but full msrp for the options (sunroof,
    monsoon sound system, auto)

  • table5table5 Posts: 1
    well, we just paid 21700 CDN for a '00 GL with air conditioning and cd. that price is TOTAL, so taxes etc included.
  • ielong,

    I think they are putting the screws to you. The 2001's are already out, thus depreciation is already setting in on the 2000's. The dealer should be selling it for a maximum of 500 over invoice on the entire package. The dealer is still making money off this deal.
  • jimjetjimjet Posts: 27
    Folks, I've got a question. Where are the VW Golfs that we buy in the US assembled? (I think all of the New Beetles are assemble in Mexico.) I was down at my local VW dealer yesterday and thought I saw a Wolfsburg - Germany sticker on a Golf. I would only buy a VW - any VW - if it were made - assembled - in Germany. The real thing. Thanks.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    The VIN has a code for where a particular vehicle has been manufactured and any dealer can break that out for you. I've also seen it posted in one of the VW discussions.

    Having said that, VWs made outside of Germany are held to the same standards of materials and manufacturing so I would't worry about getting a Mexican- or Brazilian-made VW Golf.

  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    I agree 100% with carlady.
    We have two cars: a Mexico built Jetta (2000 GLS) and a 2001 Gti. The latter is made in Germany. (no difference as far as I can see...).

    VW - like any other manufacturer - cannot afford to have different standards of production at different plants around the world.
    When they took over Skoda a few years back, they made sure that the cars (assembled in Poland) were completely up to specs. Polish cars were not exactly renowned for quality.

    Also, you have to remember that most of the European production plants make cars for Europe. Only a fraction are assembled for the US market (at least as far as the Golfs are concerned).
    There ARE differences in equipment (a/c, cupholders, different seats and so on...) and in my opinion, one should nearly expect a more consistent production from the US-specific production units (more streamlined production).

    A few people seem to refer to errors made in the past by many manufacturers. Yes - I have heard horror stories about the 'old' VWs assembled in the US some years back. Many manufacturers (yes, even the Japanese) had questionable reliability issues on their hands. Of course, no one can exclude that this still happens today (did anyone say Mitsubishi?) - OF COURSE NOT!
    But I would say that generally, one can expect a lot more uniformity of quality control nowadays. The auto industry is a cut-throat business and some predict that there will only be a handful of manufacturers some years ahead. Those who let their guard down will die. Simple as that.

    I am confident that VW is intent on being in that number and will keep up the efforts of improving their reliability record.
  • wonderwallwonderwall Posts: 126
    1 & 4-usa
  • wonderwallwonderwall Posts: 126
    skoda is a czech car not a polish car. their latest offerings are pretty attractive.

    i wish we (u.s.a) had more options in terms of inexpensive european cars, ie. skoda, fiat,renault,peugeot,etc.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    You're absolutely right. I had it mixed up with Polski I guess... (shame on me!!!)
  • You asked when the 2001 GLS is coming. I also live in Toronto. I have been talking to several dealers here, one of which told me that they had them in their lot (more lies). The other dealers I talked to all said that the 2-door GL is out, but GLS isn't due for a month or two. (by October) Good luck!
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