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VW Golf



  • I would love to buy a GOLF GL diesel but local dealers keep giving
    me the run-around--"We can't get them, buy a GLS instead"
    "VW doesn't really have GL's available"

    Meanwhile, VW of America says the dealers are wrong!

    What was your secret for getting a GL Diesel (I can do wihtout
    a Monsoon sound system!

    Thanks for any tips
  • Check your research - the GL is a 2-door, the GLS a 4-door. There are several other differences- the GL is pretty base. Monsoon is an option on the GLS.
  • toddnitoddni Posts: 1
    in final negotiations for a new 2000 Golf GLS 5 spd 1.8 with Lux Package, Monsoon, heated seats....This is the first new car I've bought and I'm not a great negotiator..The TMV with taxes and reg, out the door is about $21,087. If I'm prepared to leave about 50% down and given that it's a 2000, what should be my offer for this car? Thanks for the help...
  • You can easily find out what you should be paying from this website, or one of several others. It's worth your money to do your research before you get into "final negotions." Any answer you get on a message board is worthless, because your profile does not tell what state you live in. How would anybody know what the "taxes and reg" are worth in your state? Do yourself a favor and take the time to do your homework. It might be worth walking out on your deal just to give yourself time to learn what you are doing. Besides, walking out on a car salesman is often quite illuminating.
  • carladycarlady Posts: 35
    If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out our Buyer's Advice. You'll get some great info on how to buy a car!

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  • mlinkmlink Posts: 7
    Golf GL TDI's do exist, I found a few when I was looking for a GLS, be patient and call around. I phoned all the dealers in a 200 mile radius and found a lot.

    2001 Golfs are made in either Germany or Brazil, Mexico does not produce Golfs for the US market. As for the Brazil plant being brand new I've read that it has been around for a lot longer than I've been.
  • I have a 2000 Golf GL 2.0L, and love it. I thought pretty hard about a TDI, and given the choice today, would have tried to get one. They are far quicker than the 2.0L, with 149 lb.-ft of torque starting at 1,900 RPM! And they can really be tuned for power that will "smoke" a 1.8T or VR6. And they get about 50 mpg all this time, too.

    My 2000 Golf is from Germany. I wanted to avoid a 2001 because I heard they were coming from Brasil. But then I saw some 2001s from Wolfsburg last Fall at my dealership. There's probably no difference in quality, but it just sounds better for a VW to have been built in Germany.

    All Jetta and New Beetles come from Mexico, and quality is good from there, too. A4 Golfs have never been produced at Puebla, as far as I know.

    I like the Golf's styling much better than the Jetta's It looks more European. Some people think hatch backs a downmarket. Just go to Europe and see all the hatch backs. Many are sporty and many are very nice, not the bottom-feeder types (except the Golf) that are on the US market. The Golf is also a heck of a lot more practical. My dog likes to ride in the hatch! I just take out the hatch shelf, and lift him in (no claws on the paint), and shut the hatch. He loves it, and doesn't shed all over, either.

    Good luck!
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    VWGolfer, How is the 2L engine in terms of power? I drove one and found it that it seemed to be more powerful than the stupidly named "Zetec" engine in the Focus. I also thought the steering was excellent, but cornering involved too much body lean. Still nice car. I disagree about the TDI being quicker. VW's own web site rates the TDI about a second or so slower to 100km/h than the 2L.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Does anyone else have the problem on Golf/GTIs where whenever you go over a bump, and you get body flex, that the doors squeek? This is caused by the top of the door rubbing up against the rubber weather striping. To ease this noise a bit, I put silicon spary on the rubber, but it doesn't help too much. VW has tried adjusting the door latch thingy so it will ease the squeeks, but it has done nothing. I think VW should come up with a solution for this problem.

    - Anthony
  • cbocbo Posts: 1
    Any good dealers around here? I am seriously considering an auto Golf 1.8T with Lux Pkg. what's a good out the door price?
  • jaxvwjaxvw Posts: 1
    Is anyone aware of when the Golf design with be changed. Hoping for 2002. Edmunds calls the current styling 'dated'.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    With 308,000 miles on my 88 Festiva (original engine and clutch), it is time for a new car. Need some help. Can anyone give me realistic mpg for the 2.0L Golf 5-speed and auto? I considered the TDI but...NY won't register them now new or used because their certificate of origin must state "meets CA or 50-state emissions," which they don't. Also, required 40k miles timing belt ($500-$600 a pop) change, 20k miles diesel fuel filter ($150-$175 a pop, and a 10-30 cent premium for diesel over regular unleaded appears to make this false economy, even if you get 45-50 mpg. Is an 01 Civic really 10 mpg better than a Golf, which appears to be no better in mpg than an Accord? Any word on the new Protege-5 door due out in May? Thanks for checking in.
  • mpgman
    I can definitely answer this one. I've got a 99 New Golf, 2.0l, 5 speed, about 34,500 miles on the odometer. I've got one of those little electronic organizers and I've logged the mileage from every tank of gas I've put in the car. (A little obsessive I know but with 308K on a Ford I'm sure you understand.) I drive about 80 miles highway a day, plus lots of local running around, trips, etc (about 20K miles per year.) The highway stuff is usually at a steady 80 mph (3850 RPM). My average MPG is about 28mpg over the 34.5K. High has been 35mpg out of a tank that I drove the speed limit, low around 26.5mpg when the engine was new. I just had the first "major" service outside the 2/24 warranty, it cost $320 (about $50 more than the same 30K mile service for my Chevy, not too bad for a European car.) I just don't believe that a Civic would AVERAGE 38mpg (10 mpg more) over 30 plus thousand miles.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I sat in a GTI at the car show last night and liked the seats better than in the GLS Golf. They were sport seats and bolstered, but didn't feel as hard as the GLS seats. Anyone in this room with a Golf GTI or GLS and a bad back care to share their experiences?
  • carladycarlady Posts: 35
    I've got a '96 Golf GLS and find the seats are fine for running errands. For longer trips say, over 2 hours at a stretch, I think the stiffer GLS seats to be uncomfortable.


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  • see my earlier post, #199. automatic 2001 4 door silver gls, no luxury package, for $17,920 out the door. add appropriate amounts for the extras that you want. this was at walnut creek dorito bros dealership during their end of december sale. i don't know why they wouldn't be able to make the same deal a month later. other dealers that we tried (broadway in oakland, dublin, internet, wouldn't match dorito bros price.
  • the new VW seats? The new Golf/Jetta seem to be like my Passat seats. They are very firm, and seem at first to be uncomfortable. But over a long trip, I like the support. I don't get the cramping and numbness like I get in the '89 Caravan, which has cushy plush seats like a couch. IMO, I like the firmness better.
  • I'm looking into a small car for driving to and from work. I'm 6'4", and was just wondering if there is any legroom. I'm going to look at one next week, but would appreciate any information you can provide. Also, is the diesel difficult to start in cold weather? Thanks.,
  • I know the Beetle has more headroom, and think the legroom would be simular.
  • Are dealers willing to accept an offer of invoice price plus maybe $300 for VW Golf?
    Any suggestions for dealers in No. Calif who will go for this kind of price?
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