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VW Golf



  • afryarafryar Posts: 50
    Thanks for the reply. I have already contacted the Attorney Generals office, the Office for Consumer Affairs as well as VW of America. Once I informed the Service department of all of this, they decided to keep the car for another couple of days and get some "techs in from corporate" to go over the car with them. Went back there yesterday and the guy from the service department at the dealership admitted that what they would've fixed, wouldn't have solved the problem, and that the guys from corporate took it a lot further and had them replace a bunch of other stuff. We'll see, picking the car up tonight. Next time it breaks down (which I'm fairly confident it will) it's a LEMON. Already have the letter written up and the AG's office on speed dial.
  • My husband and I had decided on purchasing the Forester L...or we thought so until the price of gas skyrocketted. Some of our priorities were Safety, decent gas mileage, 4-door, a hatchback, and reliability (we keep vehicles a LONG time). He also was hoping to be able to do general maintenance on the vehicle. We did more research and test drove a VW Golf (diesel). The ride was not nearly as comfortable as the Forester. But it is about $2000 cheaper, has side airbags, excellent safety rating. I computed that it would only save us about $6/week in gas at the most (I thought it would be more!) The all wheel drive component (Forester) is not really a factor, since we own 2 4-wheel drive vehicles. But money is a factor. My husband is all ready to buy the VW now...but geez, the difference in the it worth it for $2000 + $6/week????

    I keep reading about the rattles in the 4 door golf. I'm dumping a very unsafe, '96 Cavalier Convertible with incredible rattles and a bumpy ride. So I'm hoping the rattles in the 4-door Golf are not "standard".

    Someone please help.
  • saenzskisaenzski Posts: 50
    My wife loves her 2001 GLS. no rattles. The only things are the cupholder is kind of in an odd place for her. (makes radio hard to fiddle with)
    And when she closes the glove box the left side has to be pushed in to go all the way.

    If these sound like very small trivial things its because they are. This is the best car we have ever had(after 5 new cars), for the money we could have not made a better choice.

    VW on.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    of VW Golf 4door desiel. I'm also looking into these hatchbacks. Never had a desiel engine or turbo engine. How reliable are these engines? How reliable are these cars in general? Mechanics tell me they're expensive to fix/maintain. I average 25k miles/year and keep my vehicle about 8 years, so I need a reliable vehicle that can easily last 200k without major repair. VW's 2 yr/24k bumper to bumper has me skeptical considering every mfg. give 3yr/36k bumper to bumper. I'd like to see VW match the other mfg.'s bumper to bumper warranty.


  • stammtstammt Posts: 6
    Mrs Green Thumbs, I actually just traded in a 2001 forester (ouch) for a 2001 golf 1.8t. So far after 3 weeks the golf has gotten *much* better gas mileage, ~29-30mpg compared to ~20mpg. I know the forester is rated 22-27mpg, but I only got over 22 once. Usually hovered around 20, even after 5000 miles when it was supposed to be fully broken in. To be fair, the forester was auto, and the golf 5-spd, but still...

    Also the golf is a lot more fun to drive, and although it's not quite as big as the forester you can fit a ton of stuff in the hatch, especially with the seats down.

    Oh yeah, my forester after 6 months had a ton of rattles. It's only been 3 weeks but so far the golf is dead silent.
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    I bought a used '99 Golf GLS two weeks ago and am enjoying but today the oil light came on. I checked the dipstick and it was bone dry! I had the car inspected b4 buying - and I remember checking the oil initially as well - so it wasn't missing any/much two weeks ago...
    So what's going on? There aren't any stains in my driveway - the car hasn't been leaking - where's the oil going and is this a common problem?
    A mechanic mentioned to me that they typically see this for the first 20 000 Kms (that's kilometres for those that are not from the Great White North :-) but I'm at roughly 37 000 Kms.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks all,
  • hiwaysanityhiwaysanity Posts: 216
    and your driveway's clean, and you did indeed, check the oil when you bought it, and your antifreeze has no oil in it . . .

    maybe it's going up in smoke!
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    There isn't any smoke coming out... so I don't know know what to figure? Like I said a mechanic was telling me that they supposedly consume oil for the first 20 000 kms. But I'm at close to 40 000 so I'm at a loss for any explanations.
  • hiwaysanityhiwaysanity Posts: 216
    with no noticeable smoke. I went through a quart every 450 miles in a brand new Escort and never noticed it, mainly because I wasn't loking for it. When the oil light went on, just like yours, I started watching, but could rarely see any sign of the oil.

    That was a new lemon (valve job at 1800 miles!), not quite the same thing as yours. Any real chance the oil was not really checked when you got it? That would be the most pleasant explanation.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Anybody know what the powertrain warranty includes? In an article in Car and Driver (June) they evaluated a long term Beetle. Apparently, it burned up a clutch just after the 2/24 warranty expired and they complained about the repair cost. They did not mention whether it was covered under the 10/100 powertrain warranty. I wonder if the clutch is excluded.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    That engine is notorious for drinking quarts of oil. Not really much you can do about, just make sure you check it weekly and keep the oil in the "a" level of the dipstick.

    - Anthony
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    Hi AD,
    Yes it is a 2.0. Where is the "a" level on the stick? Forgive my lack of technical terms here ... I have the oil coming up to the end of the little ridged section on the stick. I'm assuming that it is o.. there? I added two quarts and it leveled off there. So I guess it wasn't bone dry - maybe at the halfway point.
    I don't mind checking/replacing the oil - it's neither a huge ordeal nor is it expensive... I just can't get past the fact that a company can sell their product with this type of shortcoming. Had I not noticed I could have blown out the engine and I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't just be offering up a new one for free.
    I'm taking it in for servicing this week and am going to talk to the manager about this.
    Have any of you purchased the extended warranty on your WV's? I'm considering doing this as I'm nearing the 40 000 mark - so time is running out. I just want to read the fine print and see what exactly is covered.
    Thanks to all for your help and input.
  • My Wife and I just bought a 2001 Golf LS 2.0 3 weeks ago. After owning the car for 1 week the check engine light came on. I gave the dealer a call and asked him what I should do. He asked whether I had put gas in the car (which I had) and suggested that it was just the computer thinking that I had a gas leak. He said that the light would go off after a few more times driving the car. Of course it wasn't so we brought it in to get it checked out. Bottom line. They're not sure what's going on. I'm fearing the lemon factor big time. I'll post an update when I hear back from the dealer. I never expected to have problems with a brand spanking new car. My wife and I are very frustrated.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,862
    The motor did not fall out of the car and it is under warranty. Some cars will have problems that require correction when they are new.
    A check engine light can be very minor.
    Thousands of parts all put together under the supervision of an imperfect human can equal a trip or two to the dealer.
    No manufacturer of autos produces 100% defect free products. As long as your CEL issue is repaired, enjoy your Golf.
    Unreasonable expectations will always reward you with disappointment.
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    I've done a whole lot of research for a new car and want something fast, sporty, and compact. The golf 1.8T or Jetta Wolfsburg came out on top for me. I've test driven the auto golf and manual jetta. I love the manual a lot more. I'm 19 and looking forward to a new toy, but i am also keeping in mind of costs. Does the 1.8T really require premium gas? I've been stalking owners of new VW's to talk face to face and a few owners of turbos use regular gas and have had no problems. Anybody install an afterfactory alarm or audio system? Any probs? The people i've stalked have '97 vw's to new 01's. They all have had no complaints about their car and didn't not speak of any woes that are discussed here. I think bad press gets more attention.
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    Since the Premium gas seems to be a must i'll still get the turbo. Been to One more question i have is about chipping the car. Has anyone installed a afterfactory computer chip for their car to up torque and hp? Any opinions, cons, pros?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Why were you considering spending over $20k for the car, but were worried about the extra 20 cents/gal for Premium? The 1.8T actually gets slightly better MPGs than the 2.0 which would just about offset the price of the premium. The 2.0 takes regular. No point in getting the VR6. It uses more fuel and its extra weight in the front hurts handling.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    for my VR6 and it's made by AutoThority. They are only 20 minutes away from my house, so it's a given that I'd go there to get chipped. Some of the best 1.8T chippers are APR and GIAC. You will be sitting about 205 hp and 240 torque. Very very nice.

    Ask around in the forums on VWvortex... I'm adg44 on there too.

    - Anthony
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    I brought in my golf for servicing at Sources folks in Montreal, Canada today for an oil change and the check engine light was on so I wanted that looked at as well.

    Today was the last day of my bumper to bumper - and they got it fixed in time:-)
    The service manager, Michael was very helpful and took much of his time to answer my questions patiently.

    Anyone in the montreal area looking for good service I strongly recommend going to Sources Volkswagen.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Say what you want, it's only 150 lbs more, is much more smooth, has no lag, and out of the box it is faster than the 1.8T. If you want to take my modded VR6, go ahead and I'll see you in my rear view mirror.... :)

    - Anthony
  • wordman93wordman93 Posts: 36
    What type of increase did you get from the chip?
  • jace1jace1 Posts: 23
    I have only put premium in my 99 1.8T Passat. VW recommneds it for a good reason, to prevent combustion problems as already mentioned above. The mileage is excellent in the Passat when driven moderately (up to 36 mpg highway)sothe cost increase is minimal. The engine is an excellent design and I'm sure will function well in the Golf too.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    HP: 12
    Torque: 18

    It's really a different engine after it's been chipped. No more lagging throttle, and lack of pull up top. It was the best thing I ever did to my car, and it was free!!!! Yup, first 2001 VR6 they had seen, so I got it for free.

    - Anthony
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    I've also considered getting the VR6 or GLX GTI. Does the V6 also require premium? Anybody add their own after factory stereo?
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    Final question for anybody who can answer. Is the Audi A4 1.8T engine the same or similar engine as the 1.8T available in the Jetta/Golf/Passat? Because the 1.8T engine in the Audi is one of Car and Driver's 10 best engines for 2001.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    The Audi 1.8T engine and the VW 1.8T engine are exactly the same, except the Audi's is transversly mounted.

    - Anthony
  • Thanks for the advice moparbad. The problem was fixed quickly by the dealer (it ended up being a malfunctioning valve of somekind that made the car think it had a gas leak) and everything's working great now. My wife and I drove it about 800 miles last weekend without a hitch. YEAAA WARRANTIES AND YEAAA VW GOLFS!
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    thanks to the few people who have answered my questions. After much research in cars that i would get i've narrowed it to the vw golf 1.8T with sport suspension,16 in wheels, a rear spoiler , and lojack, and shall be blue or silver (wheels, and spoiler will be dealer specialties). Finally my own sound system. lates all. should i hold out for 2002 golf?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    They are giving the 1.8T a few upgrades, mostly a chip upgrade to get it to 170HP. Sure you can get a chip now and be at 200HP, but that's not factory and they can void your warranty if your chip causes problems with your engine.

    The 2002s should be here in a couple months.... You probably just want to push the price down more on the 2001.

    - Anthony
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    What do '5M' and '4A' stand for? I see the same models like Jetta GLS 4a and Jetta GLS 5m. One of them is a little more expensive. What's the difference and why is it more expensive?
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