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VW Golf



  • jimjetjimjet Posts: 27
    Alfaromeo, Wonderwall, and Carlady, thanks for your quick responses and information. Glad to hear that the Mexican plant is doing a fine assembly job. I remember when Honda was opening the assembly plant in Ohio and people had concerns. Also, I've toured the Mercedes Benz plant in Alabama where all the world's M-classes are assembled. It looks first rate.

    As for Skoda. I know them pretty well. My father-in-law owns a '98 Favorit that I drove extensively last summer. It's an excellent small car. A perfect car for the roads of CZ and most of Europe in general. VW owns at least half of Skoda and has greatly improved the whole Skoda line-up.
  • kurtb1kurtb1 Posts: 6
    I have two questions. I own a new 1.8t GLS and I'm noticing yellow goop leaking out of my doors and collecting on the bottom of the frame. What is that stuff? It's easy enough to clean but what is leaking out of my doors?

    Also, I heard 3500 workers walked out on strike at the Mexico VW plant, were Jettas and New Beetles are assembled. A friend of mine was thinking about a Jetta but she might not have much of a selection now. Has anyone heard an update on that strike?

    Drive safe.
  • Does anyone know when the 2001 Golf will be available with the sport suspension. I've been told by the dealer not to expect the sport suspension until after the 1st of next this correct?

    If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the feedback...
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My boss just bought a new 2001 Jetta GLS VR6 and it has the sport suspension. So it should be available now.
  • vbpvbp Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 Golf GLS (1.8T) and there is
    an irritating wind noise coming from the front
    passager side at high speeds. Sounds like the
    passager window is slightly open.

    It usually happens around 80 mph but it sometimes
    happens as low as 60 mph when driving against the

    The dealership said they are unable to reproduce
    it and refuse to drive over the speed limit even
    for a couple of minutes.

    Anybody had anything similar happen on a recent
    Golf or Jetta? Any advice?


  • sk8vetsk8vet Posts: 1
    i just ordered a 2001 Golf GLS 1.8T two weeks ago and the dealer said it would take up to 90 days to get did you get one so soon?? did you buy it off the lot??

    has anyone else ordered a 2001 yet?? how long did it take?? its been 3 weeks already and im anxious to drive!!
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Dealer nonsense again...
    Tell your dealer that YOU will drive the car!
    80mph - although above the limit - is clearly way too slow to have to bear with wind noise.
    Get it fixed, or go to another dealer.
  • I think I am being screwed by a VW dealership... I signed for a 2001 Golf GLS and was wondering if anyone knows when they will be in Canada... they have already lied to me once about them being made in Mexico (among other lies). They claim that they are trying to get it on a train from Mexico to up here... I now know that they are made in Germany... So, if anyone with a heart out there knows when we can expect them in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I would really appreciate it!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    2001 GTI over a month ago. It's been really good and it's soooo much fun!! Only complaints are that there is a lot of dust behind the glass covering the tach and the speedo. Also, the speakers seem to rattle when music with heavier bass is played. I'm going to drive down to the dealer to see if they can fix the dust problem (I think there is a crack) and the speakers tomorrow.
  • vbpvbp Posts: 3
    Thanks alfaromeo, this is exactly what I told them and I am going back there in a couple of weeks.

    sk8vet, for your information I got my 2001 Golf on July 10. When I first saw it on July 8 it had just arrived from the boat with the white plastic cover still on and the antenna still in the trunk. I live in Northern California and at that time I looked at several dealers and this was the only 2001 I saw (I know this dealership got a bunch more later). Of course some of the other dealers who were selling 2000 models told me that the 2001 would not arrive until December.

    BTW, another question for owners of recent Golfs: do you have to close the trunk hatch pretty violently for it to be really closed and locked or not?

  • vbpvbp Posts: 3
    After 1.5 months the left front turn signal stopped working. Then the day after it worked again. Then it stopped for good. So I assume it's not the bulb but some problem in the wiring. I will ask the mechanic to fix that when I bring the car for the wind noise (see post 25).
  • I ordered a new 2001 1.8T GLS back in July and the dealer told me that the car would take around 90 days to be built. I just got a call Wednesday from the dealer saying that VW hasn't even started building the car yet. What's up with that? So I wanted to look for a GTI 1.8T and there only seems to be 2 available in NY. Both are the same color that I really didn't want but it looks like if I want a new VW by October, I'll have to get one of those. How many cars does VW build? I can't believe it's so hard to find one.
  • I am considering purchasing a 2001 Golf TDI with automatic and want a CD player in it. However, I find that $499 for the dealer installed in-dash player or $599 6 disc changer a bit ridiculous. Does anyone know of a cheaper aftermarket in-dash player that's compatible with the Golf? I've heard stories that there have been problems in putting aftermarket audio in VW's because of their wiring links with the alarm system and such. I would appreciate any info on this so I don't have to pay those high prices for what might be medium quality equipment. Thanks
  • I want a 4 door hatchback. I was contacted by a dealer who told me there was only one available in my region (Midwest). He would be getting a new shipment of 2000 golf hatchbacks but they would be higher priced. This seems odd since some of you already have the 2001 model. I don't mind a new 2000, but I think it should be discounted in price. Comments, suggestions?
  • I was in the same boat as you are in. Don't you remember me, the good looking guy with the vw key fob. Just kidding. I was also trying to decide whether I should buy a 2000 or wait for the 2001's, and as you have heard the 2001's are already being delivered. I called West Suburban Imports of Maywood, Il in June and asked them if they had any blue or silver 1.8t (5sp) Golfs available, and they told me they were very scarce and it would be a good idea for me to order a new at 400.00 over invoice. I thought about it and decided against ordering since I would of had to wait several months and I didn't feel like putting a deposit down. Then last week out of the blue, they called me and said they located a new 2000 (blue) and it would be here next week. They said they would sell it for 100 below invoice, and I jumped at it. I am assuming they were at the end of the production run in either Germany or Mexico and they wanted to get rid of it. The new vehicles, I believe are coming from Brazil, but from what I have seen the VIN #'s are not matching products produced in Brazil. Its confusing, just where are these vehicles being produced? By the way they also had a white 2000, but it was an automatic, and I believe they had one more but it had the 2.0 motor. I saved 500 bucks, but it also has the older interior in it and the old cupholder design, and no factory installed sport suspension.
  • To the aftermarket stereo questions I purchased a CLARION head unit(380$ dollars) for my car and that fit perfectly and makes the stock speakers sound wondurful!! I added two 10" subwoofers and I have a really nice system.......Got lots of complements at a recent VW show about the sound quality I say Clarion head unit that is what I heard VW stock units are anyways...........

    I will give my 2 cents about the lights going out problem, I had a 99 NEW GOLF 2.0 before I purchased my 01 GTI GLS 1.8T. And with my golf I kept burning out lights and they couldnt figure out why so one day I made them keep looking at my car because I was tired of being in there every week, so they mechanic ran the diagnostic machine 4 times on my car and found a very very small problem with the Amperage or voltage going from my battery to my car that finally caused my ABS light to go on. Once he found this he reset something in the ECU ( I think) and I never had a problem again. So my suggestion would be to take it to he VW shop and have them run tests till they find the problem ......

    Hope my rambling helps someone...
    Any questions you can contact me @
  • i have a '99 gti gls, in which i had a kenwood 6-disc changer installed in July of '99. I went to best buy for the installation, and everything went fine...i havent had any problems for more than a year now, and the technician seemed to know just how to install everything. i'd say go for it if youre thinking about it. and any cd changer will work...they will just use an antenna adapter that is compatable with your car.
  • I have just replaced my ht leads and distributor cap on my 89 golf gti 16v but it now wont start!

    I know the firing sequence is 1342 but how do i know if the connection to the distributor is correct?

    can anyone help me please!!!!
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