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VW Golf



  • I am looking to buy a 2001 Golf TDI in the northern Virginia area (I live in Stafford) and I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend a good dealer in my area. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated as I am new to the area.
  • jlim1jlim1 Posts: 50
    Does anyone know when the 2002MY Golf will be available in the US? Also, what are some of the significant changes between 2001 and 2002 Golf? I would like to consider 2001 Golf GLS but they are so pricy (compared to a formal respectable sedan like Civic), so maybe the introduction of 2002 will bring the sticker price for 2001 down a bit. How about the insurance premium for Golf, relatively, against good sedans? Thanks !
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Price will probably rise if anything. I would probably wait to get the better warranty available only on 02s. Other than that, they probably won't change much, maybe a new colour or option package.

    Hondas are typically more costly to insure due to the higher theft rate. A similarly priced Golf may be cheaper to insure.

    Golfs cost more than Civics because they are nicer cars. You won't find 4 wheel discs, 8-speaker stereos, head air bags, etc. on a Civic. The Golf/Jetta is really in a different class when compared to other small cars like the Civic.
  • dbakalardbakalar Posts: 39
    I bought my Golf in '99 from Alexandria VW. The salesman (who's no longer there) was a real dumb [non-permissible content removed], and the sales manager handled 99% of my deal. She was great. I got a good deal, and didn't have to spend my entire day there, wrapped up in paperwork and wasted time. The car came to me spotless, full tank of gas, and I was outta there! I'd deal w/ them again in a hearbeat. I'm NOT fond of Stohlman VW in Tyson's Corner. I bought a 91 Jetta there, and got the traditional run-around, back and forth on prices, and felt very frustrated and TIRED when I left. I've been back to that particular dealership for service issues, and I'm not very impressed with the service department either.

    Just my $.02
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Especially their service department. I'm takning my car in for service next thursday at Fairfax VW. They seem to be a lot better, I'll let you know. It's also good to go to a dealership where they sell higher end cars. Fairfax sells Volvo, so maybe their techs are a little bit better. Just a thought...

    - Anthony
  • From what the July 2001 edition of Automobile magazine(volume 16, #4) is saying, there is going to be a significant redesign of the Golf/GTI 2003 models(still a ways away though). VW's reason most likely for pulling the 1.8T from the 4 door was probably because in the 2003 models the 2.0L's horsepower is going to be increased to 136. The magazine is also stating that a 230HP V6 is going to replace the 174HP V6 in the GTI (why can't they make a "GTI 4 door" version with this V6??? I mean that is a lot of power for a car this size with no after-market hook-ups), and a 170HP turbo 2.0L (yes i said 2.0L not 1.8L, 2.0L) will appear in 2004. The design of the new golf is going to be more closely related to the new passat mechanically than the jetta this time. A monochromatic navigation system, voice-activated cellular telephone, and a in-dash cd player are going to be options in European models and may make it to the US (I hope so, cause I wouldn't mind those options). There is a picture of the new golf in the article, but i can't post it here (I wish i could for all to see but my scanner is broke). In my opinion if you are going to buy a new golf, but don't get to a dealer before they pull the current 1.8T 4doors, wait if u can for this new golf cause its going to be bigger and have more features--but probably more expensive though. If u go to the store anytime soon, stop by the magazine section and take a quick glance at the article. Its in the front section of Automobile Magazine July 2001 edition under "News."
  • cjb101cjb101 Posts: 1
    Hi -- I've been trying to track down a four-door turbo, 5-speed, luxury package. The dealer says he can find one, but it looks like I might not be able to get it for less than MSRP (about $20000). I had enough trouble haggling down from the $4000 markup they're putting on all their cars. I'm wondering: is this too much to pay, considering they have to locate and ship the car here? The cars are tough to come by right now, and I heard they're not even putting the 1.8T in the GLS next year.
    Thanks for any input; and if you have one, let me know how much you paid...
  • 20K may be a bit much to pay for a new golf, (dealers out here are selling them for about 18 to 19K) but 20K may be about average where ur at. A couple of dealers have a lot ( at least 10) of 1.8Ts still on their lots out here and are trying to get rid of them quick.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    If the Mk 5 platform is sold in USA prior to 2005 I will eat my hat. The next generation platform has not even been introduced in Europe and it usually takes 2 to 3 years for product introduced by VW Germany to be offered by VWoA. You are lucky if the same product ever arrives in the US.
    Where is 4Motion, where is Pump Deuse diesel, where is the Polo, where is Caddy, NOT in the US.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Is the Polo the Lupo? Where is the Lupo and the Audi A2 turbo diesel when you need them? 70-100mpg? Can't believe people wouldn't buy them here.
  • Of course the golf V hasen't been released in Europe yet, the last time i checked my calender it said 2001. The golf V isn't scheduled to be launched until 2003 with a US launch either 6 to 8 months later--not right at the beginning of 2003. The latest the Golf V would come to the US would be 2004, when the Jetta/Bore model will be redesigned for Europe. Yes I do know that forigen car makers tend to release new products in their home country well in advance to another country (even Ford released the Contour/Focus line in europe before the US). VW has been know to make wierd moves with the way it treats its products sometimes and this I am guessing this is one of those wierd moves.
    As for 4motion, it is here, just not on the US golf, and probably never will be (unless people start destroying VW dealers chanting "4motion golf, 4motion golf") because it would probably drive up the price too much for their target market in the US. 4motion models aren't as prominent in the US because it would drive VW's car prices out of reach of their target market. (the US 4motion passat already cost more than a comparable fully loaded car without AWD) As for the other things you mentioned they aren't in the US because of US consumers, would you honestly buy and drive a VW Caddy? (and besides think of all the cheap golf/Caddy jokes people would make, people already make fun of the golf name enough) VW's reason for not bringing the Polo over in its exact form was probably because it would look too much like a cheap version of the Audi A4. Would you spend more money on a A4 if u could get similar looks with a few less features in a cheaper polo?
  • m3fanm3fan Posts: 30
    Prodigy64x, I would agree with you on the 4motion, however, I don't agree with your argument about the Caddy. I think they'd add a different look to the utility class. Maybe not as much "sport" but more "utility". :)
    About the jokes... Do people make cheap jokes about those driving Beetles? No, because WV did a great job of reviving the good parts of the old Bug. And if market surveys would prove Caddy' name to be a big problem, they would simply choose a different name for the North American market. For example, the previous generation of Jetty has been sold as "Veto" in Europe and the current generation is known as "Boar" over there. I bet you not all people who drive 'Bora' are 'boring'. :)
    And I can't see how you can compare Polo with Audio A4. Basic Polo is a 5-door hatch back. The Classic' version is more sedan like but is still not close to the A4. The last one is named 'Variant' and is wagon-like. I know it's a matter of opinion but Polo looks cannot match that of the A4. Just look at the pictures.
    I would really like to see the Polo at this side of the Atlantic. I think it would help VW compete with Mazda Protege 5. Just a thought.
    Now, I'm switching to wishful thinking when I say that I'd love to see the Audi A3 here. That's not going to happen as VW has the Golf filling the hatchback category and the A3 would be too pricey. It's a sweet car!
    I have a few other things to get off my chest, but I'll put them in my next reply.
  • scrumshyscrumshy Posts: 8
    I'm getting a 2000 VW GOlf 1.8T and I want 16" tires and want to know if anyone has 16s on their Gof and the tire size they have with them. I want to keep the diameter about the same as the stock wheels and tires.
  • m3fanm3fan Posts: 30
    mpgman, Polo is not Lupo. While Polo is a small 5-door hatch, sedan, or wagon, Lupo is even smaller (at least it looks so). I'd compare the Lupo to the Rover Mini that will hit dealerships soon.
    As far as MPG is concerned, I'm totally with you. Honda's marketing pushes the Insight as a marvel of technology because is takes 3.2l/100km on the highway and 3.9l/100km in the city (or 61mpg/68mpg). Meanwhile, for years, pretty much every automaker in Europe has had a model geared completely at economy. The small TDI in the Polo does 41mpg-city/65mpg-highway. It has adequate power and has no batteries so it gives you true engine behaviour. How about the looks? Polo looks great, but the Insight's looks makes you wanna keep it out-of-sight.
    The problem here is the diesel. (here's comes my outpour of emotions...) People in North America have a misconception about diesel engines. Everyone tells me they are dirty. Well, Polo cannot match Insight's ULEV status. Yes, they're not as clean as gas engines, but they're not dirty. The new direct injection diesels are quite remarkable. They too have to meet emission standards as other engines out there. Great mileage, tons of torque, and they last. However, the law of supply and demand makes it so that diesel here is just as expensive as gasoline. That's not the case in Europe.
    I'm not in a market for a TDI and I like sporty hatches with gas engines. However, my point is that there's more potential in diesel engines than we would like to admit.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    for the 16" wheels is 205/55/16.

    - Anthony
  • The Caddy would be a nice design change in the SUV market if VW decided to classify it as one if it ever brought it to the american market, but the design may be too much for people to handle in that very market.

    As for the VW Bore, people that drive Bores aren't boring, they just look like boars. (see, cheap jokes :)

    VW dosen't need to bring over the polo to the US to compete with the Protege 5, they have the jetta wagon to do that for them. I still believe the polo looks similar to a A4 though:

    take a look at that page and you be the judge. The golf IV design is the foundation of VW group's smaller cars in all their brands (i.e. Audi A4, VW polo, VW Jetta/Bore, Skoda Fabia etc...) The A4 is closer in relation to the golf than the passat, the passat is closer in relation(loosely) to the A6. But anyways to end this reply on a lighter note here is a comment from a friend of mine after mentioning to her I liked the VW Golf IV, "You like the golf?!?! whenever I see one on the road it reminds me of a old Converse shoe" followed by a brief moment of laughter. I'm still wondering how she said it looks like a Converse shoe, that is even worse than a comparison between a A4 and a polo. :)
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    Hi Folks,
    I'm getting about 450 Kilometers to a tank with quite a bit of highway driving. Seems low to me.
    My car is a 99 new golf GAS - 5 sad.
    My tire pressure is good, oil changed regularly, and & I don't have a heavy foot - so what gives?
    Any ideas or is everyone getting the same bad mileage as me?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Calculating mileage on a per tank basis is inaccurate. How do you know how much fuel is left or how full it is when you fill the tank.
  • nick77nick77 Posts: 6
    It's simple really.. I drive till I'm almost empty and then fill up. The pump also reads how many litres your paying for.
    Have you got any suggestions?
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Your post gave the impression that you estimated how much was still in the tank when filling up. "Almost empty" is highly variable. My 420 Km per tank could be higher gas mileage than your 450 Km per tank. Instead quote actual results, mpg or Km per L.
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