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VW Golf



  • I wanted to know if anybody has gotten their 1.8 T golf chipped? I just bought a used 2000 golf. i like it very much so far. SO anyways/....if yours is much was it and where did you get from and where did you get it installed?
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    The biggest difference is the change in the warranty. Depends on how much you drive and how long you intend to keep the car. Unless you get a great deal on a leftover, I'd wait if I could.
  • I just spoke to a VW dealer in Stroudsburg, PA. For a 2001 Golf GLS, auto, luxury package, monsoon, and cold weather package, indigo blue with black interior, he quoted me a price of $18500 (msrp is $20,070). I had only been looking for a GLS auto with luxury package, but this sounds like a decent deal, especially without having gone in and negotiated-- I just called him to see what he had in stock. Thoughts, anyone?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    beacuse for 2002 there is no 1.8T Golf GLS anymore. They need to clear out their stock. 18K seems like a good deal though.

    - Anthony
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    Good price based on numbers provided. I tried to figure out what motor the Golf had but could not come close to the $20,070 with 2.0, 1.8T or TDI.
    2.0 was less $ and TDI and 1.8T were more $.
    Remember that the warranty for the 2001 is 2/24 and the warranty for the 2002 is 4/50.
    If warranty is important to you then you are better off waiting for 2002 Golf.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    the current warranty because of the 10/100000 powertrain warranty. The 4/50000 bumper to bumper is nice, but the VW dealers really don't fix any of your bumper to bumper problems to begin with. The 02J tranny on our MK4s is pretty crappy, and I'm happy knowing I have 100,000 miles not to worry about it. I'm at 18,900 miles right now on my 01 GTI VR6, and I'm positive that it'll be replaced before the powertrain warranty is over. It's grinding, clunking, rough shifting, etc...
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    You could always buy an additional warranty to cover the powertrain to 100k. Either way you pay for it.
  • Is the turbo included in the powertrain warranty of 10 yrs/100k miles?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    The turbo on the TDI is included in the 10/100 powertrain warranty.
  • Been looking at a level 4 exclusion warranty (covers wear and tear damage). It looks like its going to cost me about 1100 for 5 yrs 75k zero deductable. Should go for this? in both senses... as in is it a good deal? and should i get this considering i am getting a VW... with a 2/yr 24k warranty?

  • ejayvejayv Posts: 4
    What's up everyone? I'm a new member and this Tuesday I will be going to pick up my 2001 Golf GLS 1.8T manual. Can't wait as I'm sick of driving my 98 Honda. Not fun enough for me so I got a 1.8T. I got it with lux. package, monsoon, side air bags, and the NE emissions package (required here in VA) for 18,800. That includes the tags, title, and fee. In the near future I will be looking to make a few upgrades such as wheels, exhaust, and we'll see after that. Does anybody know of a good exhaust that isn't too damn loud. I like a little growl but don't like the super loud ones. Also, I've heard of the problems other owners have had with lint balls accumulating on the seats and was wondering if there is anything I can do to combat that problem.? Thanks everyone.
  • Hi,

    I am new to this list. I am seriously thinking of buying(cash down) a brandnew '01 Golf GLS 4AT or Jetta GLS 4AT with cold weather and luxury packages as option. The dealer is giving me 6% off MSRP here in Toronto, Canada for both models. The out of the door price given was CAD $28,430 for the Golf and $30,118 for the Jetta.

    My questions are:
    1. 6% off MSRP; is that a good deal?
    2. Which is the better car to buy, Jetta or Golf? (extra cost for the Jetta is of no concern)
    3. Do I pay the local GST/PST taxes on the delivery, freight inspection and air conditioning tax? Paying tax on a tax sounds a little strange!
    4. Which is safer in real-world situation if you get rear-ended?
    4. I know VW is coming out with a new Golf soon, at least in Germany. Will that affect the re-sales value of the Golf?
    5. Which car has better re-sales value? Seems Jettas are more popular in Canada.
    ( I intend to keep the car for at least 4 yrs if not more, gonna be wife's car anyway!)
    6. Last but not least, are both models equally reliable? Had a Japanese and German car before (not in Canada) and both were rock solid. I'm not noisy about minor glitches though.

    Apologies for the long post and I know I should post in the Jetta forum also, which I'll do.

    Looking forward to hear your opinions.
  • ejayvejayv Posts: 4
    I've seen many posts from owners in the Northern VA area and was wondering if anybody had any opinions on Alexandria VW? Personally I don't have much nice to say about Stohlman, or Fairfax VW either but was curious if anybody has had good/bad relations with Alexandria.
  • dbakalardbakalar Posts: 39
    I bought my Golf at Alexandria VW, and the salesman was a COMPLETE moron. I actually sat with the sales manager to work out my deal, was pretty happy with what I ended up with, and she didn't jerk me around and keep me there all damn day either. One of the swiftest visits to a dealer that I've ever been involved in. I've never used their service department, but have heard horror stories about them. As for Stohlman... I bought a 92 VW from them and was VERY dissatisfied with how I was treated. And their service department staff is VERY rude. WAY rude!
    Just my $.02.
  • ejayvejayv Posts: 4
    Thanks Anthony and dbakalar for the responses. I actually bought my car through carsdirect and I only had to deal with the online salesperson (Chris Alvarez) via the phone. He was a delight to work with. I haven't actually bought my car yet, just waiting to see what APR I can get with my credit union. I'll go and do the paperwork at the dealer either Tuesday or Thursday night. Chris had to get my car from Northern PA though so I was quite happy with him. Thanks again.
  • Hello, all. Just for fun, I went to to check their pricing on a 2001 Golf GLS, automatic, w/luxury package. Their price was $17556 compared to $19100 MSRP, and $18056 invoice. I'm thinking about taking this to the dealer and asking him to match it....any thoughts?
  • I just spoke to two local VW dealers. I'm in the market for a 2001 Golf GLS, automatic w/ luxury package. I'm planning on buying next week. One dealer quoted me $17506, and other quoted me $17300 (he said this is wholesale pricing, and therefore could only give me wholesale pricing on my trade-in). These prices sound decent to me- how about you guys? Thanks!
  • Okay. I spoke with a dealer last night who quoted me $17300 for a Golf GLS, automatic, green w/ luxury package. Do you guys think I should accept this pricing (it sounds good to me) or bargain a bit more...maybe get some 'free' stuff thrown in?? I plan on closing the deal tonight, so any help would be *greatly* appreciated. Thanks!
  • emilyophelia,

    $17300 for a Golf GLS, auto., with luxury package sure sounds like quite a decent price to me. Beware of any last second attempts to add on pure profit but meaningless items (like the infamous "acid rain protection package"). Also look out for any unusually high dealer prep. charge where they can try to make up for a low ball price.
  • Emilyphelia,

    $17300 for a GLS with auto and lux is a good deal if it is $700 under Edmunds invoice price. I didn't check the invoice. Be aware that:

    1) there is a factory to dealer incentive of $1000 available to VW dealers that isn't listed on the edmunds web site. About a week ago this was $1250, but dropped down for reasons which make sense to no one, particularly the dealerships. This is why you are getting a great deal. I found this out from a dealer who didn't have the car I wanted (1.8T with 5sp) and had some time on her hands to talk on the phone.

    2) The Dealer invoice can be slightly different from the Edmunds invoice.

    I just bought a VW Golf GLS 4dr 1.8T 5-speed (indigo blue on tan, gorgeous!) with the lux package and CA emit. The total sale price of the car (including dest charge of $550 and showroom floor fee or something for $89, but before tax and CA title) was about $17760. I negotiated from invoice, and the price agreed on was $900 below the actual DEALER invoice sheet (which I saw) but was actually only $700 below the EDMUNDS invoice price. I was suspicious at first, but I confirmed the dealer invoice numbers with another dealer who would have given me the car for $200 more, but with the monsoon sound system included. Didn't buy from him because the color he had was White on Grey, which I am not to crazy about.

    3) If you read, you know about the last-second attempts to add stuff to the deal. Weatherdan is correct, you will be offered various things that you may not want. Resist the urge.

    4) "dealer prep" is pretty much non-existent today. The only charges like that I had were the $86 showroom fee on the invoice. The only additional fees (aside from $150 for CA licence paid to DMV and $1400 or so in sales tax) I paid were a $45 document prep fee (to register the car for me, and have all the DMV paperwork done) and a $5 tire disposal fee. Strongly question any attempts to add a advertising fee or prep fee over $100-150.

    Enjoy your new car!
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