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VW Golf



  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    You're welcome! ;-)

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  • Thank you all so much for the info. I've been poking around the TSB and there seems to be one with this description:


    Do you think this means that is just an "error light" and the sensor was really fine????

    I'm going to contact VWoA tomorrow. Any suggestions on how to go about talking to them? I thought I'd start with the phone number for "Customer Care."

    Thank you ALL again so much! I feel have a support group behind me as I make my calls.

  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Love the Golf package in 4 doors, and preferably the GLS to get the armrest which costs almost as much as the GLS package if you have the dealer install one on a GL. Not happy with the mpgs with the gas engine though and don't want to pay up for higher grade fuel. Drove both the stick and auto diesels and was disappointed that I could hear the engine so clearly. I thought they were a lot quieter these days. Anyone out there with experience with the auto TDI? I thought it a bit jumpy off the line, which could be disconcerting in heavy stop and go traffic. How are the mpgs with the TDI auto? Thanks.
  • jskhojskho Posts: 107
    What do you mean by higher grade fuel?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    MPG is average 43-44 in 60% highway and 40% city driving. My mileage is higher than average and the range is between 35-45 for other owners.
    The auto is quick from 0-40 (better than 5 speed IMHO) and then from 40 and up the 5 speed has the advantage. The throttle is drive by wire and once you get used to it the TDI is great in stop and go traffic. Lots of torque.
    As far as noise it is most noticable at idle and at highway speeds I can not tell I am driving a diesel. Could even be quieter than gas motor.
    Initial cost is higher for the diesel but if you keep the car for a significant amount of time the cost is recouped and more. For 2002 the timing belt change interval is 80,000 miles compared to 40,000 for auto and 60,000 for manual on the 2001's. This eliminates a significant cost that was previously a negative for choosing an auto trans TDI. The timing belt is an improved part for 2002 TDI's and 2001 TDI's with engine numbers ALH 500,000 and up.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    When I got the bad MAF readings, the car was running too rich.

    When I scanned the car with the VAG tool, it said "bank 1 error (some number) system too rich". When I would reve the engine, the car would backfire and there was also major hesitation.

    One more thing, the problem with bad MAFs is that the sensor doesn't read the correct amount of air volume, thus it sends the wrong reading to the chip, and the chip determines how much fuel to send into the engine. In my case, the MAF was reading too much air and the chip was compensating by sending a lot of fuel, which caused my backfires and is also the reason why smoke was coming out of my exhaust.

    Phew. Hope that helped! Be sure not to drive around too long on a bad MAF, as with backfiring you are wearing your catalytic converter pretty badly!

    - Anthony
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Moparbad---Thanks for the great news on the 02 TDI auto TB interval. Must admit, that kept me away from the TDI intially.

    NorwayGolf---What kind of highway mpgs are you getting and what has your oil consumption been like? I heard that the 2.0 is an oil burner? True or false?

    Anyone get a price on the 02 extended warranties now that the base warranty has changed?

    Also, when is the next Golf redesign coming?

    JSKHO---As to the "upgrade fuel"...I mean higher octane for the turbo.

    Thanks all.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    In response to your statement of "higher octane for the turbo" I am guessing that you mean the 1.8T in the Golf. The 1.8T is available in GTI but no longer is available in Golf for 2002.

    Expect a redesign on the MK4 platform (current Golf) in 2005. The new Golf will appear in Germany in 2003 and in the past the US has received new designs 2 years after Europe. Also remember that all Golf, Jetta and New Beetle for US market are made in either Brazil or Mexico. Except for the Jetta Wagon which is made in Germany. Very easy for VW to continue the current design in North America and have new design in Europe.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    here is a quote from a vw owner who had a bad MAF

    I just called and spoke to VWoA about the bad MAF on my 99.5 Golf. The dealership originally told me a new one is $350 plus installation. The VWoA rep. gave me a 'ticket' number, told me I would be contacted in the next 24 hours... FIVE minutes later, another rep. calls back to tell me that they will take care of 100% parts and labor.... even told me who to speak with at my local dealership. I have an appointment for TOMORROW morning to get it replaced!!! Now THAT is service my friends
    I highly suggest anyone with a bad MAF on his or her MKIV, call 1.800.822.8987 and get it taken care of ASAP.... it sounds like there may be a recall on these soon.

    end quote
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I see that you read vortex... what's your user name on there?

    VWoA is coming around on the MAFs, they seem to be replacing them oustide of warranty. Lots of posts in my forum about that.

    - Anthony
  • I have not done the numbers to calculate the gas milage but I can tell you this - I use about one full tank of fuel from Lynnfield, Ma.(15 minutes north of Boston)to midtown Manhattan and back-averaging 70 mph on the highway. I have also read about the 2.0 being an oil burner but that has not been my experience. At 33,000 miles I have only had to add a grand total of 1qt of oil in between getting regular oil changes.
    Hope this has been helpful to you.
  • i just wanted to thank you for this site because it will save me alot of money! my check engine light came on in my 2000 vw golf gls at 38,000mi. the dealer checked it and said nothing read on the computer. then i had a k&n air filter installed by them at 40,000 mi tune up. by 43,000 mi the engine light came on again and when i called they said probably nothing to worry about, so i waited till 45,800 mi and when i went in for oil change was charged $65.00 to see why light came on. not so amazing, my friends 2000 vw jetta gls was having the same exact issues but no k&n filter!? so she paid the $65.00 and we both waited for the calls from the different dealers...hers was a MAF and 02 sensor for a total of $800. but they were "willing" to split the cost! mine was the MAF only and it would be $400. and 1 hr labor and they blamed it on the k&n that they installed! i checked with k&n and they would refund me but explained that vw is blaming them for a bad part that really should be recalled. so my friend called vw and then a few hours later the dealer called and said to pick up the car and there was no charge for anything. i went to get my car that same night from my dealer and no such luck. they insist it is the k&n and i am now beginning the emails thru the chain of command at vw and then off to the better business bureau and perhaps nhsa for a desparately needed recall. i will keep you updated and for anyone reading print all these emails out and take to your dealer. get it fixed for free and if not complain, complain, complain!
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Thanks all for the responses on the Golf. I intend to see what availability is like at local dealers. Is registering a TDI in NY as a new car still a problem or are they letting a limited amount through?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    There is not now, nor has there been in the past a problem registering a TDI in New York (or CA). Sales of TDI are limited in NY (and CA too) by VW due to corporate emissions standards that affect VW not the consumer. I even posted a response (a long time ago) from NY DMV that confirmed that there is no restriction in registering a TDI in NY.

    Diesels are exempt from testing in New York.

    Even the VW dealers have lied and said that TDI can not be registered.

    For the last time, there is no limit to registrations, the limits are how many TDI are sold by dealers in NY.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    I forgot to mention that all VW TDI sold in North America meet Tier 1 emissions standards and are 50 state certified for emissions. The problem with NY and CA is "fleet average emissions". This affects how many sold by VW in NY and CA but it does NOT affect registering a TDI in NY or CA. If you can find a TDI and buy it, you can register it in NY and CA.

    message to mpgman- I respect your opinion in several areas (I changed my mind about Hyundai Elantra GT) but I think you are getting bad information from the VW dealers (if this is where you are getting the info.). I do not think VW dealers are maliciously misdirecting customers but likely are ignorant or uncaring of the facts. Then again some dealers are excellent but my experience has found them few and far in between in the case of VW.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    As a former owner of a Rabbit Diesel, darn proud of once squeezing 66 mpgs on a highway trip with a 4 speed back then no less, I remain convinced that the Golf is the best small hatchback package. VW dealers unanimously gave me the NY VA, CT and in NJ. NJ and CT dealers told me that VW forbade them from selling TDIs to people living in NY, under penalty of not sending them any more TDIs or lifting the franchise. VA dealers told me that the only way to register a TDI in NY was to register it in VA first (which I could do being military) and then bring it into NY as a used car. NY DMV told me the same story on a number of occasions. Register it out of state legally, drive it 7500 miles and bring it into NY. Just reporting what I was told from calling Albany, and from speaking to NYC DMV who claimed to be quoting me from the releases they were given. Now I understand that VW is selling a limited number in NY to stay within fleet emissions standards and that NY waives the emissions test on inspection, which they always did dating back to my Rabbit. Now I am really ticked that I let a silver automatic GLS with no hole in the roof slip through my fingers a few months ago that I had located in VA Beach. I need a second car and the TDI is in the running, although I continue to agonize over stick vs auto.

    As to the Elantra, I am in for my 15,000 mile servicing, which the dealer threw in as part of the deal. I mentioned that I had noticed some oil on the garage floor. They called and told me a CV joint needed replacement. They are replacing both of them and aligning the front end under warranty. I had rented a car to have wheels for the day. The parts had to be overnighted. The dealer told me to keep the rental for another day and give them the rental bill for both days. Other than being annoyed about the CV joint, can't argue with the service. Otherwise, the car is great.
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Turned out to be a bad front left axle seal. Dealer fixed it, but needed the car overnight. Gave me a free 2 day rental. Also installed a new fuel sending unit so the gauge now reads full. Dealer service is great so far.
  • just want to ask if in-dash CD player standard on the 02' Golf? and for the owners, do the "symbols" that are placed beside the air-vents illuminate like those on the Jettas? Thanks.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    CD is standard on the GLS and the GL comes with last years radio. Last years radio is the AM/FM Cassette and it is pre-wired for cd changer in the hatch area. Will accept VW changer or Panasonic CX-DP610. The Panasonic is $170-$250 plus $20-$50 for adapter and $12 for brackets from VW dealer. The VW changer and Panasonic are virtually identical.

    No the vent symbols do not illuminate. Is it imortant to have them illuminate?
  • Hello:

    I am considering purchasing a chip for my 99 Golf 2.0. Does anyone know which is better the Neuspeed or Autothority? Thanks
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