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VW Golf



  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I went to a highly recommended independent repair facility and they used Alldata to give a pretty accurate estimate of the cost of the 40K service. It came out to within few dollars of the dealer's cost. Maybe dealers are more competitive on routine services. I can't understand a $470 rear brake job, though. I had all four struts/shocks replaced for less than that at a speed shop (upgrade to Tokico, don't recommend, too firm).
  • Thanks Alfox. We just heard from the dealership that they suspect a faulty ignition switch that gets stuck in the on position and has repeatedly burned out the starters (x3) that they have installed in the past week. I told them to keep it an extra day or so to start it a few times to make sure. While we felt we got a screamin deal on this car, that's only true if the darn thing can start more than 4 times without needing a new starter. Thanks again
  • alfoxalfox Posts: 716
    That's actually good news. Sounds like a plausable cause for the problem, and a likely fix. Good luck - it can be a great car, and a blast to drive. Bear in mind that the '98+ are even better, and reliability has gone up as well. Good luck.
  • Just had the 40K mile check-up (2000 TDI), rear brakes were at 60%, front 70%, I also had a faulty temp sensor for the past several months (gauge bounced up and down), finally tripped the engine light last week. the sensor was $5.00 and the install was $30, total cost of the check-up was $130. I also replaced the goodyear tires as they were down to 3/32 with Nokian NRWs. For the record the temp gauge was the first "problem" with my Golf.
  • The bulk of your driving must be highway - That TDI engine totally impresses me, it must be a perfect long distance cruiser.

    I've owned a bunch of VW's and have always found them to be very reliable.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T that I drive pretty hard. It feels like, just recently, that the brakes are starting to wear. I am going to get some Mintex Red pads to replace the rears, and going to have the back brakes checked as to not damage the rotors if the pads are worn.
  • Hi Japet ,

    Were you able to find out that the temperature gauge failure was connected to engine light tripping in anyway .

    I recall that there is a message in this forum saying that temperature gauge is not used for engine management .

    Did you have your temp gauge replaced or did you do it yourself and could you tell me how ?

  • Question for you.......

    How can these things have happened when these dates haven't even come up yet????

    A sentence from your post says:

    "After a screw up with replacing the starter, they put new tires on the car and call it "VW Certified" and we get the car back on 09/25/02. On 09/27/02 the same thing happens and it goes back to the dealership. Returned to us on 09/28 with another new starter and dies again that evening."

    Today is 9/25/2002

    I'm just busting on you :) I really thought I was losing my mind when I read the post. I had to go look at the calendar and check my computers for the correct date.

    Seriously though, about your Golf. Does the dealer try to start the car several times before giving it back to you? After you got it back, how many times will the car start before it won't start at all? Does it turn over, or is it just dead? If it were the starter, and I don't think it sounds like it is, you should at least hear the car trying to start. If there is a short, then it may cut off the ignition, hence the alarm possibility. Are you sure there wasn't an after market alarm installed? It makes a big difference once the after market guys start hacking away at the starter wires. I had a starter problem on a different vehicle, but I knew when it was starting to go from the noise it would make. Starters usually don't just break like they are claiming.

    You've had the car less then a week and the dealer won't look past the starter to fix the car. Maybe you should take it back and get a refund. What's the warranty on it?

    It was nice of you to get the car for your son, but has he driven it yet?

    Good luck
  • Is the Golf fun to drive? Reliable?

    My boyfriend is going to be getting something else to drive besides his '98 Wrangler. He really wants a Grand Cherokee, but he has thought about the Golf.

    I keep telling him that the Jeep GC isn't a great solution to saving on gas, but I don't really know how bad the gas mileage is on them either.

    Each day he drives about 40 miles one way to work. He drives about 80-90 mph on the Highways, but he gets really poor gas mileage with the Jeep Wrangler. I think he fills up his tank about every 1 and a half to two trips. About 200 miles per tank. I believe it's a 15 gallon tank. So that's only 13-14 mpg.

    He doesn't want to give up 4WD, so he will only get the Golf if he keeps his Jeep. I really think he will love the Golf and forget about having a 4WD vehicle.

    The Golf is a lot cheaper then a Jeep GC. I also feel that the residual value is a lot better on the Golf. Also, he will probably be putting at least 20-25,000 miles on it each year.

    Anyone have 50k or more on a Golf in 2 yrs.? Any major problems? How's the gas mileage at high speeds? Can it handle high speeds (80-100mph)?

    Thanks for any input :)
  • The temp gauge itself is for your eyes only. However the temp sensor sends information to the on board computer to control various engine functions like the electric radiator fans. The sensor had been functioning intermittently, it is only when it finally quit that I got an engine or "MIL" light.

    I would start with the sensor as it is cheap $5.00 and $1.00 for the gasket vs $??? for the gauge. As for the how to, try some other more "technical" web sites for a good explanation.

    Good luck.
  • alfoxalfox Posts: 716
    He's cross-shopping a GC and a Golf? He drives a Wrangler at 80-90 mph every day?

    Get the GC - He'd hate the Golf, and the capabilities that make it what it is would be wasted on him anyway.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    TDI Golf will get 45-50 mpg and can go 80-100 mph all day long without any trouble. It will go over 700 miles per tank of fuel, has good residual value, and with a set of snow tires will get around very well in on-road snowy conditions.
    I can't imagine having to commute 40 miles each way in a Wrangler as the Wrangler is a terrible commuting vehicle. Fantastic as an off road vehicle, but uncomfortable, poor mileage, poor on road handling on road. Do yourself a favor and at least take a look at Golf/Jetta TDI.
  • alfoxalfox Posts: 716
    If it were me, I'd buy the Golf too. It's by far the more practical car for that use. In fact, I'm shopping a TDI now.

    However anyone who would drive a Wrangler 80-90 mph every day, and would consider a Golf and a GC for the same use, is unlikely to discern the qualities that make the Golf superior to either. And it won't go off road. ;^)

    (I should have put the smiley on my first post, I guess. /;^) )
  • Japet and all,

    Could you guys suggest which "technical " websites to check out to learn where and how to replace a temperature sensor or O2 sensor on the Golf 2000 GLS ... I am more like an electronic person than automotive guru . However I feel this is pretty much the kind of things I can replace myself rather bringing it to a dealer shop.

  • I don't think we are allowed to name outside sites but try searching for TDI clubs.

    As the GC vs Golf I would rather get hit by the golf than the GC.
  • No, he's not cross shopping anything yet. I say he needs a good-non-boring commuter and he keeps thinking 4WD. He has about 5 more payments to go on the Jeep and then he will look for something else.

    Neither of us really like Honda or Toyota and I think the VW is the nicest dollar for dollar.

    He does go fast some of the time and more of the time if he is late. My point in mentioning that was to get an idea of how the Golf handles high speeds and long trips. He doesn't really baby his Jeep, so I worry about wear and tear.

    He would appreciate the Golf and nothing about the Golf would be "wasted" on him. Why do you deserve a Golf???? Maybe you should go buy a Geo Metro so as not to waste the quality that goes into the VW cars on the likes of you :) (notice the smiley face)

    Bottom line is that once he gets a little coaxing, he will probably get the Golf. He's done the 4WD thing and it's time for a change (I hope) He has virtually no sales resistance and once he sees how nice the Golf is, let's hope he likes it.
  • WoW! 50mpg. So why doesn't everyone own a diesel? There must be too many disadvantages. Who wouldn't want gas mileage like that. I'm not to sure about him wanting a diesel, but you never know. It does get great gas mileage. I don't know much about diesel except it can gel up if it gets too cold. At least I know it can happen to big machines like bulldozers. I never really looked into it, but I will.

    I don't think he would drive the Jetta since it's been tagged as a "girls" car. I wanted a Jetta, but I bought a used Passat instead so he would feel ok driving it. I'm glad I got the Passat even if he never drives it.

    Thanks :)
  • alfoxalfox Posts: 716
    The only downside to the TDI I can think of is the implied stigma of only 90 hp. But the low-end grunt of the diesel makes it feel nearly as torquey as the V6. Personally I don't see why more people don't own them either. 'Course, there are relatively few imported, and they are becoming more popular and tend to sell close to MSRP. But it's definitely on my preferred list.

    At speed a Golf, or any of the VW's, are far and away more settled and stable than either a Wrangler or a GC. By far the better commuter car.

    My joking comments were poking fun at anyone with the, er... judgement to drive a Wrangler at those speeds. While it certainly is capable of 80-90, let's just say it's not the most forgiving vehicle when things go wrong. Hope he trades soon - he'll be much safer in the Golf.
  • 8u6hfd8u6hfd Posts: 1,391
    get the TDI....if he's doing 80-90 mph....he'll get mid to high 40's mpg....and best part is, still very quiet inside.

    If diesel is readily accessible either at home or his work, definitely consider it.

    Yes it's fun to drive in the twisties
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