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VW Golf



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I went yesterday to test drive a Golf 1.8T GLS 5-door at my local VW dealership. Two people came and asked me if I was helped, and I told the second one I was. Then they said it would be a bit of a wait before someone could get to me. Considering there were at least 3 people in the dealership not doing a thing and I had waited for 20 mins. or so, I got up and walked out the door. Still mad, because they made me wait for no reason. I will go back to test drive though, but it will be a different dealership.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    floater: I own a 1.8T and am absolutely happy about it. My overall feel of the car is in line with the Edmund's review. The only thing that I think can improve is the suspension, which is a bit soft, and yes, the brakes, it takes a lot of getting used to because it feels rather "springy" when you first touch it, and has to press about 1.5 inches before you could feel the effect. Unlike the Japanese cars that I have driven where the brakes communicate and translate everything to your foot from the start, the 1.8T takes a while. The other thing I find is that the engine speed at the 2nd gear seems a bit fast, and the revs at highway speed could be lower (it is slightly above 3000 revs at 100 km/h compare to about 2800 on the Maxima).

    I have had it for 6 months and the only thing (and I hope the first and last) thing that has gone wrong is when the engine check light came on when it has 1500km on it. I took it in and they found a faulty seal/valve with the emission and that was replaced. The keyless entry can be tempermental at times: the security alarm should come on with a "beep" when you lock the car, but every now and then it would take another minute or so before it would beep and the red blinking light comes on (the car is still locked but there is no blinking light and I am not sure if the alarm is on). Other than that, everything seems fine.

    IF you are debating whether you should get the TDI or the 1.8T, I think you have to ask yourself how senitive you are with the gas prices. The 1.8T only takes premium fuel (91 octane and up), and with gas prices so high these days, you might want something cheaper. The average gas milage on my car is about 10.9 liter per 100km mixed highway/city, sometimes better sometimes worse, and definitely worse when you drive fast! Sometimes I wish I had gotton the TDI since the gas thing is really getting to me (if VW has an electric car, I will buy it).

    As for the price issue, I do admit that it is expensive to buy, but the "funny" part is, you kind of "forgive yourself" after a while because this little machines is really nice, and the attention to detail will surprises you (apart from the position of the cup holders, and maybe the centre arm-rest that gets in the way when you have to shift gear). I think I paid around CD$24000 before tax for mine (fully loaded with alloy wheels/sunroof, heated seat and the monsoon system, and I added the CD). I got CD$1350 incentive discount but that disappear quickly when you add alloys (CD$1370?).
  • liwenliwen Posts: 3
    Aagh!!! I'm buying a new car this Sat and I had my heart set on a VW Golf stick-shift, but after reading all this mixed press on it, I'm having doubts. I owned a stick-shift accord before and it lasted me 200,000 miles in 8 years. I drove many people around. I hadn't intended on buying a stick-shift again (I spend a lot of time in the city), but after test driving the Golf, I fell in love. I just don't want to buy a car and have TONS of problems!!! Aagh!!!
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    liwen: I know exactly how you feel now. I too, came from the Honda gang, and to tell you the truth, I find it difficult going back to Honda after VW even though Honda has bullet proof reliability.

    IMHO, if you want a car to do the A to B job, then Honda is the pick, but anything more, you should go for the VW. Good luck.
  • Hello. Workshopper here. What a great site! I have found everyones comments on the VW Jetta to be very helpful. I am in the market for a Jetta GLS 1.8T with the Performance Package. I test drove one as well as a VR6 several days ago. I was so impressed with the 1.8T, I decided to sit down with the sales person, who was very helpful and professional, to talk some numbers. The car I wanted listed at $23,900. I am looking for a lease. I expected to pay around $300.00 to $350.00/Mo for a three year lease. I also was prepared to put some money down (I am upside down by about $3,500 in my current car, don't laugh, a chevy cavalier) I was shocked when the sales person came back with numbers in the 500's for a four year lease. The sales manager eventually became involved, which I expected, and said their best offer was a 5 year lease for $395.00/Mo! I walked. Has enyone else experienced this with VW dealerships? I love the car but I know I can do better than that. Any advise would be great!
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    workshopper: As far as I can remember, the VW lease is very high, somewhere between 6.5% to 9.5%, so the figure you were given did make sense. I remembered they tried get me to lease a Golf for 36 months with $4000 down, and the monthly payment is around $460.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    You can get a general idea about a lease payment
    at VW.COM
    Click on *commerce* you will get a pulldown...
    click on VW Credit then click on credit stuff...
    then hit *calculator*...Just plug in your numbers.
    Remember though...Your local tax is NOT included,
    nor your local DMV registration fees. This is a
    NATIONAL site and not configured to handle these
    specifics. It also assumes that your credit history is without any blemishes...
  • wj27wj27 Posts: 6
    This will be to the point.

    I have a VW Golf GL 2K 2.0L 5sp. w/ ~13,0000 miles.

    I started having problems at 8,000 miles
    1. driver side visor mirror light went out--replaced by dealer . ok now
    2. gear clash in shifting from 1st to 2nd. gear. it occurs 1 every 2-3 weeks. Dealer claims the golf has a shorter "throw" on the shifter. So it is easy for drivers to clash the gears on shifting. I have been driving a manual for 10 years. are they suggesting I can't drive?

    3. This is a good one. Anyone have experience with this problem? If you turn on/off the ignition VERY slowly the head lights will come on as you pass the ACC. mode in the ignition. The parking brake is up during this operation by the way. The dealer says that this occurs on the Golf and Jetta. It is just part of the "design". I say it is part of a "design" FLAW. Anyway, no fix from the dealer. Please let me know if you experience this on the Golf / Jetta.

    4. The vehicle sometimes hesitates in first gear. It is as if it does not get the correct amount of gas/air and then all of a sudden it kicks in. On first trip to the dealer they could not find a problem.

    5. At startup the vehicle revs up (overshoots) to 2K rpm. On a normal startup it should overshoot up to ~ 1200 rpm then settle at ~ 850 rpm. After the second time it happened, the check engine light came on for 2 days. The dealer had a look and stated the coolant temp. sensor went out. This was replaced. They also said this was why I had prob. #4 above. Alas, problem #4 above still occurs, but just not as much. So is it the O2 sensor problem as others have had? (see the main.and repair conf. for more on o2 problem).

    6. When coming out of a right or left turn, as the steering wheel spins back the opposite indicator light will flash just as the indicator switch trips off. Dealer replaced the turning switches. Problem continued. Dealer then replaced some sort of air bag spring thing a ma jiggy (sorry I dont remember what exactly it was). Anyway, this was supposedly what cause the turning indicator switch to go bad. I have not returned to the dealer to have another turning switch installed yet.

    7. the vehicle seems to consume quite a bit of oil. 2K miles after my first oil change the level was below the required level. I assume when they changed it, the proper level was put back into the car. I have been check it since then and it still is going down very gradually. The manual does state that it will consume oil depending on driving condition ( I do DRIVE the vehicle too). But I also DROVE my previous car and the level never changed between oil changes.

    These are the problems i have had. hope this helps some one. i am a bit disappointed in the car. i still really love it though. so i suppose it is a love/dislike relationship. :->. the car is still THANK GOD under warranty so no $$ yet. but i have spent a total of 15hours at the deaier for a car less than a year old. they can't pay me for my time at the dealer either.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I think I know what you are talking about. If I take a right turn and then straighten out, I sometimes thought I saw the left turn signal flash really fast. I just figured it was my imagination. Anyways, I don't really notice it too often, but I will keep an eye out for it.

    - Anthony
    01 GTI GLX Silver/Black
  • I too have experienced the bizarre disappearing oil. My dealer has told me that there's nothing wrong w/ the car. It seems to be a very slow consumption of oil, but I've never had a car that did this before. It's not leaking (as far as I can tell), and it doesn't appear to be burning any either. I've ended up keeping an extra quart in the back of the car, and check it every few weeks.

    I've also experienced that hesitation from first gear. That doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it catches me off guard, and kind of ticks me off.

    I've had no real problems with the car, it's fun to drive, and gets pretty good gas mileage. And it LOOKS good too! ;-)

    2000 Golf GLS 5spd.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    On my sisters beetle, it has the 2.0L engine, and it drinks so much oil I couldn't believe it! I just add some more oil to it ever couple of weeks. I think I'm gonna switch over to synthetic when it hits 20K miles and I'll see what that does.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    wj27: I too, notice the turn indicator flash you described. It was like that from day 1, so I assumed it is a "design" thing. As for the headlight, I only experience the turning off part, where the light will come on briefly when I turn the ignition off, but then it is only briefly, and everything turns off when you have the key out. If I turn the ignition on, the light will only come on when I have the handbrake down.
  • peugotpeugot Posts: 1
    VW golf 99
    1-Check engine light two times
    2-The dealer drove it for 300 miles to check it
    3-Squeaking noise twice to the dealer. He was thinking it was the bushings and added some grease. Finally they changed the brakes. 4-Rattling noise and it disappeared by itself
    5-Oil light was turned on at 8000 miles. The dipstick was dry. Two quarts were added.I was told it was normal. NO WAY
    6-Oil check was done every 1000 miles by another dealer and it was 20% less each time.
    7-At 18700 the light was turned on again. Two full quarts were added.
    8- At 20200 the level was under the dotted area.
    9-Went back to the dealer for maintenance and oil compression test and the test was OK.
    10-The tape recorder is not working as if someone is speaking fast.
    11-The dealer said they had problems with radios.
    12-At 21200 oil level is 50% less. No way that is normal. There is no leak and there is no black smoke coming out. The car is burning oil and the engine is defective.
  • rgoetzrgoetz Posts: 13
    Floater, if you're still deciding between the 1.8T and the TDI, take my advice & drive a TDI.

    I have a Golf TDI. My wife has a Passat 1.8T. The TDI is so much smoother & more pleasurable to drive than the 1.8T. Chipped, it is absolutely amazing. Powerful torque, great mileage, diesel-durability.

    Best of all, you get to join the club. Fred's.
  • I'm considering a 2001 Golf GLS 1.8T. Unfortunately, they are no longer assembled in Wolfsburg. They are now built in Brazil. I'm very leary of Brazil. Can anyone comment on the build quality and component quality for a German assembed Golf vs. a Brazilian? Thank you.
  • fanoufanou Posts: 2
    I bought a 2000 Golf GL in june. I replaced the VW radio with a Sony unit which included a CD player.

    One week into driving the car the ABS light went on and the ABS starts working erratically. The car also did not start occasionally, that means nothing happened after turning the ignition. Removing the key and closing and opening the doors in some arbitrary fashion seem to solve the problem.

    The dealer told me that the ABS problem is due to my "aftermarket" radio. After having me yell at the service manager for quite a while they examined the car and found a broken ABS sensor that they fixed. The dealer(of course as it is intermittened) could not find anything wrong with the ignition.

    The car now has 5k miles and goes to service next week. These are the current problems:

    1. Reverse gear extremely difficult to put in. Often you have to shift into 1st, roll a few feet before the reverse can be put in. (My 1980 Scirocco works smoother!)

    2. Occasional noise in both doors.

    3. Sometimes hesitates in 1st gear (was reported earlier by somebody else).

    4. Cupholder does not work anymore (bend out of shape I guess).

    5. The ignition problem still exists.

    6. Some noise when pushing the clutch down.

    7. In general, the FM radio reception in that car is horrible. That is true for the original VW radio as for my current Sony unit. Something is either wrong with the antenna or the design is flawed.

    Lets see what the service guy comes up with when I drop the car off.....
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    what exactly do you mean?? Is it like a knocking/squeaking sound whenever you go over some light bumps?? I have that in my 01 GTI GLX and I really helped the situation by coating all the rubbers around the door with silicone spray. It doesn't take it all away, but it makes it about 50% better. Also my VW dealer told me that they sometimes put some clear tape around the inside of the door to make it stop squeaking. Good luck.
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    adg44: my 00' 1.8T has the same problem with the sqeaking noice from the door? when going over a bump, it sounds like the plastic molding is not properly attached to the body or something. I have a hard time locating the noice since it always seems to come from the c-piller or thereabout, but it also sounds like it is coming from the trunk, or where the seatbelt is. Which silicon spray did you use? Do you just spray all the rubber tubings and that "half-cures" it? Pls advice.
  • fanoufanou Posts: 2
    It actually sounds like some cables are hitting the inside of the door. Thanks for the tip with the silicon, but I doubt that the rubber seals are causing the trouble. Despite, the car is under warranty and the dealer gets paid by the factory to fix warranty issues.

    I would not mind, and actually do, working on cars. This one, however, is new and I expect it to work without problems. The VW dealer seem more reluctant than other car dealer to give you a really good deal using the argument about superior german quality. Now I want to see the proof.

  • sgesge Posts: 1
    hey guys:
    I just bought a 2000 Golf GLS 2.0. I have to say it's too noisy. Every time when accelerating, it sounds like a tractor. Is this normal ?
    Except the annoying noise, it's a good car, accelerate quickly, very stable.

    Anyone who is driving a Gold can tell me something about it ? Thanks !

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