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VW Golf



  • I bought a 99 golf in november and it is giving me the exact same problems. I have checked everything and had tons of work done. It would leave me stranded an the turnpike during swow storms and i would have to get towed (4 times since december.) :sick: I just replaced the coil yesterday and now it starts everytime but now when i start the car it idles great for 10 seconds and then starts ideling irradically and when i try to give it gas it doesnt seem to want to take it, it just bogs out and wants to die. This car is a 2.0 with 58,000 miles and its about to get pushed off a bridge.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    Your description sure sounds like it is in "limp mode" Is your CEL on?
  • no cel is on, and it keeps telling me no codes
  • i am having problems getting my aftermarket radio to work in my car. i cact figure out how to wire it up because the male adapters in the car were cut out someone please help me.
  • warcholjwarcholj Posts: 2
    I have the EXACT same problem! Have seen this issue appear on the VW forum as well. My '97 Golf doesn't start in the rain, and even with a little moisture, it may start but then idles so low it quits on its own or when I give it a little gas. Replaced the dist. cap, spark plug, and wires about 6 months ago, but still have the issue. Any advice?
  • Hey,
    We replaced the starter coil, worked fine after that. try that. go for a good quality one though the one that was in my car was unprotected and cracked all over, the new one has a metal case around it, much better at keeping the water out. hope that helps :shades:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    In my 30+ years of working on cars... I have never heard of a "starter coil".

    Perhaps you mean the IGNITION coil ?

    (I just dont want other folks to get confused and start looking for a "starter coil" under the hood)
  • warcholjwarcholj Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm making an appointment to get it looked at this week. Have called some VW service centers and inquired... they all mentioned the coil. Seems to be quite common in the older VWs. Thanks again! :shades:
  • bruno89bruno89 Posts: 1
    the alarms pretty much gone haywire, and the power locks have gone out, it popped the interior lights fuse repeadetly, and we replaced it with a 30a, but that didnt help anything

    the alarm will not disarm at all, i can stop the alarm from going off, but it instantly re-arms itself if i try to disarm it, i also obviously cannot start the golf either

    and i also dont have power locks anymore, no idea why, it just did this all randomly in the middle of the day

    only thing i can think is a bad relay
  • sroundssrounds Posts: 5
    Just read your comments about the alarm issue and thought I'd tell you about last week when I got done changing the rear brakes, I started the car up and ran it down the road. As soon as I got into the driveway, I shut the car off before it stoped moving, and the alarm started going off. I could not shut it off by turning the key in the door so I pulled out a fuse and it stoped but a minute later it started up again so I disconected the battery. As soon as I tried putting the battery back in, the alarm would go off. This went on for several hours. I then realized that I had a fuse in the #4 spot and as soon as I pulled that one out ( the book tells you that you should not have a fuse there) I was able to start the car without the alarm going off. It has worked great ever since that day. Hope this might help you out.
  • sroundssrounds Posts: 5
    I have a '96 Golf 2.0 and ever since I bought the car, after sitting in rain for a while, it's hard to start but once it's running I have no trouble. A couple days ago, I washed the car and started it up, but a minute later the car stalled. I would crank it over and over and this went on for severl hours. The car sounded like it was starved for gas but wasn't. I checked the distributor cap and it seemed all right (no water inside it) and after about three hours, got it towed to my house. I then tried starting it again and it would caugh as soon as I let go of the key. After sever times, I started up and seemed to be running great. But after about twenty minutes, I got into the car to leave and it would stall. This went on a couple more times and so I decided to get a new coil for the car since it always seemed to have trouble starting after getting rain. As soon as I put the new coil in, the car would start up but seemed to be running on three cylinders and was very smokey. I then thought it might be the plug wires that went bad so I bought a new distributor cap, rotor, plug wires and the car will only turn over like before, with the bad coil. I checked the plugs and found I was only getting the #4 plug to fire and now am not getting any spark from all four plugs. I'm thinking that I might have another bad coil but am not sure of this. Could any of you tell me what your guess is on this problem? And by the way, the timing belt is good, so that is not the problem. I have ordered a new coil and am waiting to get it back in the car.
  • kyle617kyle617 Posts: 2
    Hey does anybody know where the 91 VW Gti's are in MA??? I'm looking for one but can't find one.
  • shelley2shelley2 Posts: 17
    Hi there, my golf has developed a recent prob, on turning key and starting, the clock and trip mileometer reset themselves. The clock goes back to 12.00 and the trip to zero. Everything else seems to be working ok, and all fuses seem ok. Also the other week, the starter motor was intermittently failing to engage, but it has not been a problem this week. Are the two linked at all?
  • wbawba Posts: 3
    I've been doing some research in the forum trying to find out if someone else had a similar situation as mine. My 2001 Golf has a rattling noise, which I only noticed a couple days ago, that seems to come from the drivers side, or maybe the engine. It doesn't seem to happen all the time but when it does it will still do it even if the car is stopped. It also seems to happen (or I notice it) at lower RPMs. I'm not sure if its from a loose part in the door, from the tire, the axle, or the motor. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer. Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    All of those symptoms sure sound like a whimpy battery or poor conneciton to the battery.

    It is also possible that your alternator is not charging the battery.
  • gfeehangfeehan Posts: 1
    did you ever get a response to this problem - my daughters VW has the exact same problem and will not pass inspection - it just started out of no-where!
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    poor ground to rear lights.
  • sroewesroewe Posts: 1

    I was driving my 2004 Volkswagen Golf today and I heard a scraping sound, It seems the plastic protector under the engine is coming off.

    I'm calling the dealer tomorrow and hoping this is covered under my 50,000 mile warranty.

    Does anyone know what this piece is called, if it is not covered under the warranty, I'll want to get a few estimates.
  • The underbody plastic is considered 'trim' and thus is not covered under warrantee. However, it also isn't super-expensive. There's actually three pieces - one on each side near the tires and one in the center. I had one of the side-pieces replaced for about $80, if I remember correctly.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,081
    The plastic skidplate under the engine aids in cooling by directing airflow out the rear of the engine compartment. It also protects the expensive aluminum oilPan from road debris. A small stone, speedbump or chunk of ice, can easilly make a hole in the oilpan and cause sudden loss of all engine-oil. (read sudden death to your engine!!)

    Unfortunately, the thing has to be removed EVERY time the oil is changed and is a hassle to deal with. That is why I do "topside" oil-changes by sucking the oil out the dipstick hole. That way, I can change the oil from under the hood.

    That said, I know some folks that have REMOVED tha plastic thing altogether and have run over 80K miles with it removed. (living on the edge?)

    If you decide to replace that plastic peice, consider replacing with one of the steel or aluminum ones which do a MUCH better job of protecting that expensive aluminum oilpan. (and is priced about the same as the plastic one from the dealer.)

    Here are a couple links to the steel -or- aluminum skidplates.
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