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VW Golf



  • endorendor Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm new at this and I know this is a little off topic but I just wanted to ask about the new 2001 GTI GLX's road handling. In all the reviews I read the test drivers all complained about the cars handling especially body roll. I was just wondering how much the new 2001 sport suspension and optional 17 inch tires helped to improve improve this at all. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    The TMV on the edmunds website are not at all a good indicator for the prices of 2000 golfs. I recently paid almost $2000 less than the TMV on my 2000 GLS 2L. Also, i am sure the prices lilsimon1 is getting from the two dealers for the 1.8t are well below the TMV given by edmunds website. I think edmunds is missing some incentive going on at this time for 2000 golfs in the calcualtion of of their TMV.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Don't bash A4 Golfs; I just ordered one!

    I used to have an A1 '83 Rabbit L. Last year with a carb. No AC, no power steering. Opened the hood, and it was empty! Just a 1715 cc engine.

    Then, I had an A2 '87 GTI 16V, 1.8L, for 10 years. God, I loved that car.

    I'm now driving a '97 Passat Wagon, VR6. The last year before new B5 Passat. But, as we don't have kids, the wagon is too much car.

    So, I just ordered an A4 GTI GLX, which should arrive in January.

    [I must admit, though, that I was quite surprised when I looked in the rearview mirror, and all I saw was that center headrest!]

    The next version of the golf is even larger! Should it have tail fins, too?
  • Twice my brand new car traveled forward slightly when I put the car in reverse, and then moved backwards slightly after I moved the gear to drive. The car is a 1.8t 2000 automatic. Is this typical of golfs or should I be worried?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Typical indeed. The auto tranny in Golfs doesn't catch right away, and it will make the car roll a little bit in the opposite direction. I noticed it on my test drive, so it's totally normal. Just learn to hold the brake until you feel the car kick into gear, or it might roll a little too far and cause a little fender bender. Enjoy your new Golf.
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    And I do not agree edmunds is not a good indicator for TMV. I've got a GTI GLS these days with automatic and all goodies but leather and steering weel controls for 20K, very little less than edmunds TMV. It's exactly the color I wanted and all German made. The last might sound odd, but if you inspect the details and finish, there are differences between Brazil made and German made Golfs.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    I know two cases last month where people bought the car (2000 golf) for at least 10% less than the TMV. if you got yours at TMV does not mean that TMV is good, in general. Perhaps yours is a 2001, or perhaps the incentive is now over, i doubt its made-in-germany fact would make a price difference.

    I myself would like to know the reason for such difference. I called the dealer with a mindset that I would pay something close to TMV. But dealer offered me 1500 less than invoice (about 2k less than TMV) without any negotiations. I really did not know what to tell him then. I bought the car.

    I would still like to find out what incentives are going on that they could sell it well below invoice.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'd never bash the A4 Golf, Cooper! I'm just sentimental and not ready to leave my present A3 Golf. Sob... ;-)

  • I have a 2000 GTI VR6 and would like to replace the stock tires with something that would improve handling. I can't affod to change the wheels so I have to stick with the stock 16 inchers for now. Any ideas??
  • In case you were wondering, I decided to offer $18200 for the 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T 5-speed, with Lux/Cold Weather/Monsoon/In dash CD. That price also included destination and tags (I needed new ones). The dealer decided in about 2 minutes that that was ok with them, so I think I could have gotten lower, but am happy with the price ($660 under invoice). The best part is I live in Philly, but the dealer is in Harrisburg and they're delivering it to my apartment tomorrow afternoon! My biggest worry is reliability, but hopefully I'll be lucky and have no or few problems. For those interested, J. Bertolet VW (north of Reading, PA?) has 2 2000 GLS 1.8T 5-sps. left with Luxury; a red and black, both with black interiors. I was offered 17,965, but you might get cheaper (the older they get). Probably should have gone with one of them (did I really need Cold/Monsoon? -- yeah, of course I did! :)

  • Oh yeah, and you're right carlady- TMV was very, very much higher than what I paid for that 2000. So was Kelley Blue Book msrp for a used 2000 (w/100 miles).
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    how much does the in dash cd cost. i dont care about the cd player but dont like the hole on the dashboard that is left for it.

    Cold weather package is not bad. today only i thought heated nozzles would have been better as temperature went sub freezing.
    as for monsoon system, for me its only good to brag about to my friends. to be honest sometimes, the minimum volume level on the radio is more than what I want. I got it as I got a good deal on this car and did not have other options to choose from.
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    You're right. I forgot to mention that the GTI I got is 2001, silver. You have far less margin for negociation than for a 2000. German made doesn't make a price difference. But the finishing is not the same in every detail. At least in the cars I observed. Every curve, angle, rubber isolation bands on the outside, three German: all the same, perfect. Similar stuff on two Brazil made: different. Does anyone know when the 1.8T engine appeared in Golfs? Is this the same engine as the one in the Audi A4? Is there a place where a technical information about the engine and perhaps the Golf, can be found? Not just specs, details of operations etc. are more interesting. Thanks.
  • I need some input. I am trying to decide on a Golf or Jetta. I want the Golf GL TDI but I want cruise control(only on GLS) cold weather package and the sound system (which I could add after market). I also like the Jetta, but don't want to give up the hatch back. I currently have a Ford Probe, 89', 172k miles and it's about at the point of no return. The Golf GL TDI goes for $16,720, and the GLS with cold weather package and sound system goes for $18,400. Do you think it is worth ~$2000 to have cruise control, sound system and cold weather package. I live in Colorado and could live without the bun warmers and sound system, but I take allot of road trips and want the cruise control. Any help, please???
  • I can get any Ford(Ford,Mercury,Lincoln,Mazda,Volvo,Jag,Austin Martin(As if I could afford one),Rover below invoice due to a relative who can get them on plan A(Employee) discount. So any comparible Ford suggestion would help out too.

  • That's tough- I too wanted a hatchback (or wagon, but they're too "old" for me just yet), but wanted 4-doors so the decision was easy for me. Can't think of any other hatches except the Saab 9-3 and BMW has one in its 3-series, but it sounds like those are out of your market. My Golf GLS is great so far- certainly worth the extra money to me, and I got a 2000 with Lux/monsoon/cold/CD for 18,072 + tax/tags. If you rush, maybe you can get a deal too... I avoided the Jetta because they're EVERYWHERE! and I wanted a more unique car. If you decide a sedan is ok, I'd go with a Protege over the Jetta, especially since you can get that discount- good car for lots less $$.
  • Hello all-
    The decision is made (yep, 1.8T GLS Golf) but now the hard part. Anyone care to pass along positive +/or negative experiences with VW Dealers in the greater Los Angeles area. Thanks !

  • I'm getting ready to buy a very basic 2001 Golf GL. The 2.0 engine is fine by me and I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. The first dealer I've talked to claims they're selling GLs strictly for MSRP--no deals, no discounts from sticker because "there's no profit in it." That explanation is obviously a load of bull, but I'm curious if anyone out there has bought a 2001 GL or shopped for one lately. What kind of deals are they making on these cars. I'm quite happy to shop around if it will save me some money.
  • mlinkmlink Posts: 7

    If you go with an auto GL TDI cruise comes with it. If you are set on a manual go with the GLS it comes with nicer cloth and lots of other options, and the bun warmers are really nice in cold weather since it takes a little longer for the heater to kick in.


    Your dealer is giving you a load of bull, for the most part they have trouble pushing Golfs, especially 2.0L. I even got a deal on a 2001 TDI with automatic which is a rare find. They had to find it from a dealer in another state, and there where only about 10 when they ran an 8 state search. So try someone else!
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    let me tell you one thing. I was in that dealer "search" situation too. Car was in another state, then computer was down. He was able to find only 2, like I wanted them! Then another guy here, gave me the advice to look on, and another one I don't remember anymore. Look here, up somewhere in these december posts. For a few hours I was able to find at least a hundred! And I found also the one the dealer deamed impossible to find: silver color, german made.
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