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How To Remove 2010 RX350 Roof Rack Cross Rails



  • ggcampggcamp Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 RX 350 and had an easier time getting the rear rail caps off. I used a small piece (3x5 inches) of corrugated cardboard laying down on the inside of the caps for protecting the metal, and used a thin, but strong little 1/4 inch wide screw driver to pry underneath at the roof on the inside of the cap about an inch down from the front of the cap. With a slight turn, and I heard a small pop, then gently worked the inside and back until it came all the way off.

    There is a tab at the front of the rear cap that fits under the top of the rail, so don't attack it there.

    I had no trouble getting the cross rails to slide inside the side rails.
  • Yea, you don't need tools to remove the end caps! Just use both hands to grab the entire cap and squeeze and lift the rear end of the cap up. Not more than an inch and then, slide the cap aft or to the rear of the RX. There's a Christmas tree plastic keeper (One on each side). You will need tools to remove this tree. I used a needle nose pliers and a large screw driver. Grasp the tree with the pliers and use the screw driver between the pliers and metal rack mount. Twist the screw driver gently and lift the tree out. Take your time, let it come out slowly almost by it self. You will have to reinsert the tree in the plastic cover before you install it. There is a 8 mm bolt/screw that needs to be removed before you can slid the racks out. Remember to reinstall it before you install the caps. Now find a spot in the garage to put yet another piece of unneeded something. Oh, don't forget to bring them down to the dealer when you trade RX in. That way I can put them in my garage!
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