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GMC Terrain



  • It's a possibility that these systems may need an update, although your dealership would know for sure. Were you planning on visiting them?
    GM Customer Service
  • Neither Sarah nor Christine from GM Customer Service have contacted me. The problem with my 2010 Terrain continues and the white vertical line could certainly obstruct my view of a child in the blind spot behind my vehicle.
    I am hopeful that other GM owners who have rear vision (back-up) cameras will post; hopefully offering solutions. I have had the camera replaced but the problem persists. Suppliers of after-market units indicate that there may be a CCD or CMOS sensor unit fault. I have experimented with tape on the chrome and a home-made lens hood -- not a solution.
    My vertical white line suddenly appeared after two years and my dealer tells me that I am the first vehicle they have seen with what GM's service bulletin calls a "normal condition" -- will all GM vehicles suffer this safety feature failure?
    Naturally, I want my Terrain fixed under warranty; I echo statements from Australia about how these cameras are saving the lives of children.
    Please, GM, let's get a fix. :)
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Best thing you can do is avoid ever buying this vehicle. I bought the 2011 Terrain with 4 cyl engine - "to get the best gas mileage." There should be a class action suit against GM for this vehicle. I have had lots of cars over the years (I am 62) and this is the worst situation to be in. If GM is working on a fix for the horrible gas mileage, I sure would like to know.
    I think it would be easy today to "tweet" and "facebook" customers who own this vehicle and pull a class action suit together.
  • I'm sorry about the lapse in communication on our end; would you try perhaps resending your email? We'd like to look into this with you!
    GM Customer Service
  • Yes, I have an appoinntment in a couple weeks.
  • Terrain owners should unite. Honda just lost a lawsuit where there car did not meet the sticker EPA mileage.
  • Very good! Please be sure to keep us updated, and let us know if we can be of any assistance.
    GM Customer Service
  • mseramsera Posts: 24
    4 cyl ecotec. Should I really wait till the computer says the oil life is done , Im at 5200 miles and at this rate it will be 9k miles when the car indicates its ready for a change. Really,Even for the 1st change I should wait till the computer tells me ? I know its synthetic oil but I am used to getting changed at 3k miles. Of course like others I just got the cold start tapping noise for three seonds....
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,185
    For the first change I would go now
  • Two things I would check now
    1. Ask your dealer to look at your vin # and see if it is covered by any recalls for camshaft position actuator solenoid valves and update PCM calibration per campagin recall 11195 (I had this done on mine and no more noise after 8000 miles additional).
    2. Get your oil changed immediately after #1 is done and if they don't do #1, change your oil anyhow and make sure you use Dexos spec oil as this is a blend of synthetic/dino oil or use full synthetic, your choice.

    Hope this helps and good luck. :shades:
  • mseramsera Posts: 24
    BTW. Does anyone know as fact if the factory fills with full synthetic oil or a synthetic blend. If I need to top off i want it to be the right stuff.
  • If you need to "top it off" you have a bigger problem then just needing to know what to top it off with. New cars do not need to be topped of unless you are leaking some or burning some off.
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Posts: 148
    Factory fill is most likely a blend. Can't see GM spending the extra on a full synthetic plus the specs are for a blend.

    FWIW I'll be using Pennzoil Platinum, a full synthetic in my 4cyl. 2012.

    Here's a list of GM approved oils.
  • mseramsera Posts: 24
    Dealer has performed the recall. They have done the PCM reprogram and the next course of action is the actuators if I encounter any more problems. Knowing I have 4.5 years and 95 K left on the Powertrain warranty, Im ok with that.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    wife and i are comparing the terrain and nox . we have notice if you compare a 2LT nox with a sle2 terrain with the same equipment the terrain is about $400 more. what does the terrain have on it that makes it $400 more?
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    edited March 2012
    Stay away from both of them. The gas mileage is horrible - check out the Honda CRV - better value, better gas mileage, better vehicle all the way around.

    I have the 2011 Terrain - suppose to get 32 mpg - not even close on the highway! Biggest mistake I made in a long time!
  • bwall2bwall2 Posts: 30
    Someone contacted (from some country?) me regarding my comments on gas mileage for the 2011 Terrain - could not understand the phone number or name that he left. If someone is monitoring this from GMC, let me know how to get in touch with someone - would enjoy talking about how poor this vehicle is on gas mileage. Best mileage I get with it is when I am towing it behind my motorhome....I think it does 32 mpg then!
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    we looked at a crv and didn't like it at all
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning,
    You can either contact us via the email addresses provided in my profile here on the forum or you can call the GMC Customer Assistance Center at 800-462-8782 (Hours: Mon to Sat, 8am to 9pm EST; Closed Sunday).
    GM Customer Service
  • flandrewflandrew Posts: 5

    Not sure if this is still proprietary at this point, but can find out if the Denali Trim is expected to add rear air vents? Considering a Terrain. Thanks.

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