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2010 Lexus RX 350 USB iPod Aux Problems



  • hdieters,
    i have a 2010 awd rx350 with nav. I have synced 4 iphones two of which were the 3g phones and now have synced 2 newer 4g models. I could only speak of how to sync with bt on the iphone. I did this by first by turning on car then click on phone icon and selecting one of the 4 slots. Make sure your bt is on on you phone. on the iphone select general then bluetooth then on. The screen should ask to connect phone and also gives you a code to enter on you iphone. You should see on your iphone "multicar" or something like that click on that and it should ask for the code that your car screen shows. after they connect it will ask if you want to transfer all your contacts. hopes that help
  • lpearsonlpearson Posts: 1
    Thank you for documenting this. I, too, recently traded up my Rx 2001 to a 2010 and am having the same difficulty with listening to an audiobook - I can stop trying new things thanks to you.
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