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Post Your Van Gas Mileage Here



  • ken23ken23 Posts: 3
    I have an SE and my wife does most of the driving here in Fla. After my wife told me about the poor mileage I decided to drive it for a week to see if the mileage would change and it turned out to be the same MPG.I know the dealers answer would be that their is nothing they can do about it .I guess maybe I just got stuck with another gas hog.
  • ken23ken23 Posts: 3
    What were you getting in the beginning and what are you getting now for gas mileage. I have 1200 miles on mine and the mileage is staying the same.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    I wouldn't get too upset. Your engine is still pretty new. If you are concerned, get a notebook and keep track of mileage for each gas tank. Very easy to do and you can see how your minivan responds to weather change, traffic, speed, etc.

    Like I said it took to around 8,000 miles for me to see an improvement in gas mileage.
  • famof3kidsfamof3kids Posts: 160
    We get an average of 19.8 on our 2004 Quest SE (according to the trip computer). That is entirely around town driving. We have 12,000 on the van now.

    Heading to WDW in FL this summer, so, can't wait to see what MPG for all interstate driving is going to be. But, coming from a 1999 Chevrolet Astro, which got 20 MPG on the interstate, we are completely satisfied! Better MPG and an extra 50 HP over the Chevy. :)
  • cindy4cindy4 Posts: 19
    We purchased a 05 EX-L Odyssey two weeks so we have only filled the gas tank only once. The Odyssey was topped off at the dealer when we took delivery of the vehicle so last week, I filled it up for the first time. It took 17.3 gallons after driving 385 miles of about 75% mixed (highway and city) and 25% highway at 65 MPH which equals 22.3 MPG. So far, I’m pleased with this result and look forward to a longer trip to check the highway MPG.

    With a new Odyssey, my driving so far has been very gentle but since I’m easy on the gas anywhere, I don’t believe future MPG results will change much. I will post in another couple of fillips when I have more information.
  • lxbuyerlxbuyer Posts: 5
    got 24 and 27 mpg on recent highway trip--55-65 mph w/no A/C on. Seems good for such a heavy vehicle.
  • dansgirldansgirl Posts: 14
    I've gotten 20.0 mpg and 21.7 mpg on my first two full tanks (800 total miles on the vehicle). Almost all of my driving has been non-highway driving. I am pleased so far, but will put it to the test on our trip to Charlotte at the end of the month, which will be mostly highway miles.
  • dan bitmandan bitman Posts: 158
    C'mon guys,
    where in the Hell is that HIGHWAY where you find cars ( and DRIVERS!!) running with ONLY 65mph ( even on 1-st lane)???
    Don't base your argumentation on this topic with "out of the realm" figures!!!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    If you drive in the outside lane, you can drive at 65 MPH almost anytime on I-25 in Wyoming; I-80 in Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada; I-70 in Kansas, Colorado or Utah; and I-15 in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and long as you are not in or near an urban area. ;)
  • lxbuyerlxbuyer Posts: 5
    Crowded and rough Northeast highways often require these speeds. And I do not think a minivan is a good vehicle for higher-than-posted speeds. Finally, the only highway I frequently use which has even a 65 MPH speed limit is the NJ turnpike. I have heard they use the time elapsed between turnpike entry and exit to measure speed and cite if the speed estimated is excessive.
  • garandmangarandman Posts: 524
    I have heard they use the time elapsed between turnpike entry and exit to measure speed and cite if the speed estimated is excessive.

    Any state using the EZPass technology could do this. In fact, any toll highway could have done it for many years. They don't, for many reasons but the most practical consideration is that no one would use it. there would be endless challenges over the accuracy of the system and all kinds of other protest.

    Own a firearm in many Northeastern states and you'll see what it's like to be treated like a criminal even though you are not. Then you'll understand why it won't happen.
  • mtbiker1mtbiker1 Posts: 17
    Since you "improved" the site I can't go to the various topic boards. And, when I try to click on feedback to ask what's going on, I get an error message. This is like what my local newspaper does on Sunday, when the normal order of the various sections is totally scrambled. Why, you ask, is this post here? Simple, really: I can't readily figure out or get to anyplace where it makes sense!

    If this is your idea of "user friendly" I'm going somewhere else.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi mtbiker1. I'm so sorry you're having difficulties!

    You can drop by the Forums Software discussion and report your difficulties. Try to be a little more specific because it's not clear exactly what is happening to you. Explain what links or drop downs you are using that aren't taking you where you want and if you are getting errors, report them as exactly as possible.

    Hope you'll follow through with this suggestion - we'll get everything worked out for you!
  • oneconsumeroneconsumer Posts: 41
    It is now well-known that there is a major defect in the new 2005 Odyssey, especislly with automatic climate control. The heated engine air gets into the vent pipe or air intake, as a result one gets 110 degree hot air from the vent if he or she chooses not to use the air conditioning but only the fresh air from outside. This is more apparent when the vehicle is stopped or in slow speed. In order to combat with the hot air in the vent the AC has to work excessively at all time, resulting in a very poor fuel efficiency. That is why many new Odyssey drivers are complaining that theyt got much lower fuel efficiency than the manufacture claims. It is likely that people reporting good fuel efficiency were driving during the winter or cool spring months; this problem was not obvious to them. Once the hot season comes, it is expected that more complaints will surface. Honda should have a recall to fix this major defect.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    My wife and I have owned a new Odyssey EX-L since February and we frequently use the automatic climate control in a fully manual mode without the AC on. We've been enjoying some rather cool (for us) springtime weather here in central Texas and we have NOT noticed any excess heat coming from the vents in the fresh air mode. And I'm fairly cetain that if the air from the fresh air vents was at 110 degrees, my wife would notice.
  • marine2marine2 Posts: 1,155
    Well I finally gor my 2005 DGC 3.8, out on the highway for a full tank of gas. Only about 25 miles of city driving and I got a little over 25mpg. I am sure I could have gotten 26mpg if I could have eliminated those 25 miles. Half of my trip, I used the a/c. This is the best I've got yet. :D
  • oneconsumeroneconsumer Posts: 41
    Try driving the car for 45 minutes without AC, and stop the car but leave the engine on. Turn the fan to high speed to see if you feel hot air from the vent.
  • oneconsumeroneconsumer Posts: 41
    The hot air problem becomes more apparent when the car has been driven for more than 30 minutes and when the car is stopped but engine leaved on. Turn the fan to high speed and see if you feel the hot air from the vent. The service advisor from my dealer admitted that the under hood insulation seal has gaps near the air intake areas on the bottom of the windshield. The hot air from engine may leak into vent duct through those gaps. But I think this is not the only place that hot air leaks into the vent duct. Honda needs to find out the causes of this hot air problem.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    So, in other words, the problem only presents itself when the van is stopped? That explains why my wife hasn't noticed a problem; when she is in stop'n'go traffic (or in a drive-thru lane), she puts the system on recirc and AC to avoid traffic fumes. She only runs the system on fresh air/no AC when the car is moving.

    Just curious; how do you know this is endemic to all of the new Odyssey's rather than just your example?
  • oneconsumeroneconsumer Posts: 41
    The service advisor admitted the there are gaps in the insulation seal under hood near the air intake areas in the 2005 model. But this may not be the only place that engine's heated air gets into the vent duct. Since 2005 Odyssey is a redesigned model, it may takes some time for the manufacture to figure out the problem and its cause or causes. I encourage you to try what I suggested. If you have similar problem, contact your dealer. The dealer would not issue a recall, unless there are more complaints coming in.
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