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  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    WOW! I'm floored... I'm pulling down a TERRIBLE 9-12mpg with 2 babies, my wife and myself. City and Hwy, conservative A/C at various speeds. This vehicle is BRAND NEW. I just dropped it off to the dealer on Tues to investigate the problem.... They called me and said, they ran some diagnostics and test and everything said OK. They were going to drive it around to validate my claim.. validate what? The display clearly shows 12mpg
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    Ateixeira Thanks. I'm in the correct gear. I took it back to the dealer on Tues, still there, they are looking into it.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    What vehicle?

    What is your average speed?

    When we idle through drive-throughs or sit idling waiting for a table...we average a speed around 19-20mph...that turns into 16-17mpg.

    Taking a few longer trips (over 10 mins) will take it 18-20mpg.

    A recent highway trip (all highway) returned 26mpg.

    and...for some reason my wife ALWAYS gets really bad mileage...I'll be averaging 21mpg and she'll go out for the afternoon and return it showing an average of 16mpg (maybe secret auto-crossing :) )
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Well, when I got mine the readout was 13mpg. Before delivery, they sit around idling a lot. It crept up slowly, but it broke 20mpg before the first tank was empty.

    You should reset the trip computer once you get it back from the dealer, if you haven't already, that is.

    One thing that scared me off on a Kia Sedona was that the Trip Computer was reporting 7mpg. Even during my test drive, we drove for a while, it still didn't break 10mpg. I saw that as a bad sign.
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    When I got mine it was ~12mpg+ but it NEVER went above 13...

    But I just got it back from the dealer, I was told a bunch a crock, but I'm not 100% sure. Dealer told me, the car is still new, at the time only 500 miles on it and the cylinders, engine, blah, blah still needs to be broken in. Told me after about 1,500 miles I should see significant increases. Computer read out is showing 12.9 to be EXACT! Just filled up again, the 3rd time. Once by the dealer, on delivery. My wife is taking a nice road trip tomorrow, to Va, told her to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the gas outlay. I set the Trip O to Zero and the tank is Full or thereabouts due to I had to drive home from the gas station. I've also been reading the manual and I rest the Computer AVG. ie Hold the Mode and EM together. When she returns, the vehicle should be @ 1,300-1,500 miles. Then I'll have something substantial to complain to the dealer, if they are wrong "although I'm not sure what they can do"
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    I have an 07 XLE AWD... even at 16-17, "I'll take it because I'm not getting over 13. Idle, hmmmmm we've been doing some local city driving and I guess we idle when we stop at lights but even so, isn't this a big drop from 18 (MSRG suggested) to 12/13? Also, doesn't everyone pretty much have idle time when they are driving in their local towns?

    My wife is about to go to Virginia (highway) so I'll be checking on the Highways MPG.
  • newtovansnewtovans Posts: 3
    Joe131's warning may have merit. When mpg increases without reason, this could be an indicator of decreased internal resistance in the engine due to a low oil level or a viscosity breakdown of the oil. If either of these two happened, you would feel your engine turning more freely temporarily but at the expense of your engine parts grinding away. I would check your oil level and condition right away.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    Interesting theory...I have to think about that one for a bit ;)

    I did get an oil change right after the "increase" and it still seems the same...took a similar trip (Austin to DFW) and I got 24.5 mpg (I was going a little faster than last time...80+ or so...then stopped for construction...then 80+ etc.).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    bobistheoilguy used to hang out in these forums and can do an oil analysts. Several Subaru Crew members have done them, and they're relatively cheap.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Was getting 21.7 mpg around town.

    Trip to the beach, all highway, got 30.6mpg. My personal best for a complete trip.

    Driving in town at the beach, and then back, we averaged 27.3mpg.

    Notes: 07 Sienna LE, light throttle, speeds mostly below 65mph.
  • dancarnedancarne Posts: 2
    averaged 24MPG on a 2600 mile trip, 5 people in car with A/C going most of the time. Around town is a different story average is about 17-18MPG
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    What model? Does yours have VCM, is why I'm asking.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 14,145
    the '04 doesn't have VCM. That came along with the '05 redesign. For '04, all the trim lines have the same engine and tranny combo.

    On our '05, we are now getting our summer mileage. About 16.5-17 around town (real short hop local, now highway other than an occasional 3 mile stretch of local interstate). We still get ~25 when we travel, mixed driving (rarely a steady speed, some hills, local roads mixed in), plus I have no idea what cruising at 65 feels like. Around here, on the turnpike, Mopeds and school buses will run you off the road at that speed.

    So 17/25 on the beast ('05 Odyssey EX-L) is about all I expect, although we have had legs that pushed 27.

    I really need to take a trip south (downhill, less traffic!) with all open highway running to see what it can do under optimal conditions.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Thanks for the clarification.

    Hard to keep track of when these were all redesigned; it was the Sienna that came out in 04.
  • I routinely get an average of 24 mpg and I have quite a lead foot, and use the A/C whenever I get a tad warm. We are quite happy with this number.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    In this forum I haven't seen many recent posts by Quest owners beside ivan_99 so I thought to put in a few words. We have a Nissan Quest 05 SE. We just returned from a 1-week trip from Potomac, MD to Outer Banks, NC (~685 miles). The van was fully loaded (3 adults, 2 kids, bagages, beach canopy, toys including an 'exersaucer"!). The MPG for highway driving was ~26 from MD to NC, and slightly improved to ~27.8 on the return trip. I made an effort to maintain the speed around 65 mph and never stayed at 70 mph for too long except for passing. As many of you previously said, that seemed to give the best MPG for minivans. The MPG for mixed city/highway driving is ~23. We didn't drive around too much once we get there. Besides, the speed limit on highway 12 there is 50 mph, and everyone drives ~60 so it's hardly "city driving". In comparison, my usual MPG around Potomac/Washington area hovers around 16-17 (75% city/25% highway). We've had this van for over 2 years and never experienced any kind of problems. I once sat and drove my sister Honda Odyssey 06 LX. For some strange reason, its interior seems more cramped than my Quest. They layout doesn't give you that "airy" feeling IMO.
    Another sidebar issue, the husband of my sister-in-law drives a Lexus LX470 which costs `$70K (according to what he said). Every time I see this SUV, I can't help but think,"This must be the biggest piece of junk on the road". Perhaps only the Hummer H3 is above it! Boy, for that money, I can buy 2 Quest SE and have twice everything from utility to fun. I sat in the 1st row and couldn't believe how cramped this thing is. When I backed the seat, well I just crushed whoever sits behind in the 2nd row. Their 3rd row is a total (very expensive) joke! I wouldn't even put my 6-month old daughter back there. Lexus must have gone to the junkyard, collected the biggest piece of metal crap, slapped on their logo, and a few simili-wood trim and some kind of engine and voilà! I guess if you're an SUV lover and swears by Lexus and nothing else, well this can be your toy! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I guess some of us may need a thorough eye exam!!! :P
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The LX is basically a very old Land Cruiser design in a tuxedo.

    This will kill you, though. My dad worked in a bank in Central America and operated fleets of Land Cruisers. He'd order them with diesel engines, manual transmissions, vinyl seats, steel wheels, knobby tires, etc.

    This is the fun part - spec'd out like that, and without taxes for diplomatic missions, it cost them about $22,000 US dollars!

    That means the guy that pays $70 grand for the Lexus is getting almost $50 grand worth of that tuxedo.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,662
    I've been doing just city driving...up and down on the interstate & service roads 15.8mpg (I only do the comp reading now...don't wanna take the effort to do it manually)

    The 05 Quest SE moves pretty good when you want it to...and the tranny kicks down nice...but it really sucks the gas down quickly when you lay on the accelerator

    I agree with the 65mph limit for mileage. Once you start hitting the 75-80+ the mileage drops off considerably; probably the huge drag coming into play.

    GX470 :) a co-worker of mine owns one...I had the same take on it..POS
  • hause7hause7 Posts: 153
    The GX470 i not a P.O.S my aunts Black on Black is awesome, has 50,000 mile without a single problem and gets better gas mileage than her 99 town&country. Nissan's are garbage, my uncle's 03 altima 3.5SE has had 3 transmisions at only 69,000 miles.
  • vinhphucvinhphuc Posts: 44
    Oh please! My post referred to LX470, not the GX. Second, the GX although redesigned is even smaller thus more cramped inside than LX. So what I said about the LX interior space still applies to GX. Hard to imagine any otherwise! Third, what year is your aunt's GX? If you compare the GX 06 or 07 to Town&Country 99, is that a fair comparison? Hardly! Finally, "Nissan is garbage" is based on your only experience with your uncle's Altima?! I bet if you go on Altima's forum, you'll see otherwise. My brother's Murano 03, my father's Maxima 05, and my own Quest 05 have never required anything else the regular maintenace as suggested by the owner's manual. Nothing else, nothing less! I never said my sister-in-law's LX had any problems! God forbids, they'll kill themselves since they just got it 5 months ago! Anyway, my view is you don't have to shell out ~70K for this SUV. People do it since it makes them feel more "manly", want to use "off-road", or transport more stuff and people? Oh please, get any eye exam!
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