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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part XIV



  • yeah, the upshift light is silly but you won't even notice it after a couple of days.

    Glad the old townhall boards are back.
  • My husband was driving the little ZX3 the other night and two girls, around 25ish he's 30ish, in a VW Beetle drove up and motioned to roll the window down. They asked what kind of car he was driving...and he told them...they replied Greta looking car. He felt great that two girls were looking at him and notice the car. It's boosted his ego for a little while. I thought it was cute...

    Hey what happened to the board from was different wasn't it?
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    Actually the dealer looked up and down the east coast and could not find a fully loaded ZX3. I had to order it and he quoted 6-8 weeks (another dealer said the same thing but 3-4 weeks). Knowing how sleazy all dealers are, I won't see it until Late december or early january.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    called around for these brake pads and the best price i could get was 89.00$ Is this reasonable?
  • Any suggestions as to a good place to put a garbage device (and device description)in the ZX3. My favorite spot between the rear seats on the floor is cup holder territory.
  • rwgreenberg - We got the $400 college rebate. After we made the deal on the car we told them we qualified for the college rebate. When we went in to sign the paperwork we had to bring a copy of my wife's diploma and that was it. They had a rebate certificate there that we had to sign.

    fdanna - We ordered our ZX3 on Aug. 14 and got it on Oct. 6. Not too bad.
  • I noticed that if you want AC on your 2001 ZX3, you have to add the Premium Group. This Group makes the wheels 16" and the tires P205/50R16. This tire is expensive if needed to be replaced. Does any body know how this tire performs on the highway or bumpy roads? Does it perform well in snow?
  • Hi. I recently picked up my 2001 with the 16 tires as part of the premium group. I really can't say how well they perform, but they sure look very cool.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    Check the site for The Tire Rack. They invite
    reviews for paricular tires. Fairly easy to use.
  • I really like driving the focus but the headlamps stink (like many american spec cars). Does anyone know of an aftermarket bulb to replace the OEM bulb which will provide superior lighting yet not damage the electrical system or the light unit itself? TIA
  • I like the low beams, but in my opinion, the high beams like many other US spec cars are lacking. Hella has a whole unit replacement which look nice. As far as aftermarket replacements go you have the problem of not heavy enough wiring and plastic lens. There are replacements wiring kits available, but the lens is not as far as I know. Have to be real careful with the lighting, as I just read a report on PIAA's not being as good as the OEM's on the Civic. Lot's of claims, as far as the marketing go, but the real world lighting seems dim. The ZX3 uses one of the better US spec bulbs, HB2. Really think the best way to go is with aftermarket driving lights. There are some very nice small units on the market today.
  • Think, but not sure, that its a wider tire than the stock, 195/60R15, tire. Wider is not better in the snow, depending on what you call snow. Get salesman to sit down and see if you can get around the "package" think. You should be able to order it the way you not, not by the package deal, where you end up with more than you want with a higher price to boot!
  • kkankkan Posts: 18
    I have been driving my ZX3 for a week now and have about a 1000 miles on it. So Here is my two cents on the 16" tires. I feel that they grip wonderfully, combined with the firm chassie of the ZX3 you can really put the power to the pavement and have fun in the curves. But this also leads to my only complant about the car. I commute 65 mi to work on country roads and never notice how boring the long stright stretches are. I want to be like the guys in that tire comercal were you pull up to the light and punch in for the nice curvey road and the the whole landscape in front of the car chages. The ZX3 is one of the few cars that just says drive me.
  • maikimaiki Posts: 27
    Regarding this discussion about advantages and disadvantages, when are they going to make a car with a hybird transmission, one which could be shifted manually or automatically?

    Then one could use manual shift most of the time, but when in heavy traffic and tired of shifting, switch to automatic.

    Anyone know if any automakers have experimented with such an idea?
  • maikimaiki Posts: 27
    Who has been driving yet a ZX3 with AdvanceTrac? How is that feature?

    Worth the high price? Do you feel it adds significantly to the safety of the car?

  • Traction on snow and ice with wide, 205/50R16, tires is a lot different than regular surface traction. The wide tire is going to give fantastic handling under normal conditions. But on a 2600# Focus ZX3 in winter conditions (well North of Mason Dixon Line) the wide footprint can be a hazard on snow and ice. Quick to hydroplane, float on top of the snow, instead of digging in and biting for traction. One can get in trouble real quick, even with a 4 w.d. Lots of people put up their summer cruisers up here for the winter, not only because winter is hard on them, but because they do not handle well. Think I'm going with a good quality "winter/ice" tire on my 15" shoe'd ZX3

    Posted in confidence with experience,
  • Did anyone get the Firestone Firehawk tires with the Premium package? If so, which model Firehawk? Any concerns about Firestone?
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    Check out the pics of the "Made in Detroit Focus" concept car. Looks WAY cool.

    Go to the following link, then click on:
    "10/31 Ford at SEMA 2000"
  • Have been mostly a lurker and an occasional poster in this forum...Was going to wait on the 2001 model, however, I notice that Ford is offering $500 back and 2.9% financing on 2000 models...Found a Dirt Kona with 5spd, A/C, Pwr locks, Pwr windows, Convenience Grp and ABS for $13, sorely tempted...any thoughts pro or con appreciated.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, join us in our 15th Ford Focus topic where we'll be helping out former lurker, guyindasky. See you there!

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