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Bikes in Infiniti FX35

22332233 Posts: 65
Will the new FX 35 hold 2 bicycles in the back of the vehicle with the rear seats down?

Does the new FX have more rear cargo room than the older version?


  • dj18dj18 Posts: 1
    I need feedback from current FX35 owners. I am looking to purhcase one, but live in Denver and an avid mtn lover/skier/biker. does the AWD system work in snow (light OR heavy - yes looking at the 18' inch wheels and all around tire). Realistically i will not swap winter or summer tires out...too HM. also, can it hold gear and up to 3 people? I have no kids and if passengers are complaining about leg room, they can drive :) any ADVICE is appreciated. Looking at 2011 Jeep to but hear horror maintenance stories. 2011 x3 too expensive and Volvo but think id prefer infiniti. help!
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