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Ford Focus ZX3



  • Hello i have to say that my zx3 has been doing very good and i'm happy about that .I have a 2001 zx3 with all the toys on it and auto trans, with 25,000 miles on it now .The more miles i put on it the better it runs .
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    I thought some of you might find this interesting: Ford Focus Gets Primo Warranty.



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  • Regarding brake wear, as I stated, the service manager of my dealership stated the mileage on the pad replacement was about average for the foci's they see.
    My previous vehicle was a Toyota pickup 1989, and my first pad replacement was at 75k mi.
    I have a mileage Question though maybe someone can answer. Why does the city mi. jump 4 mpg from 22 city to 26 city on the later models?
    My 2000 usually averages the 22, for a 2 liter 4cyl./auto . My guess is they changed the chips in the engine cpu. or changed the shift points in the tranny.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    I, too, would be interested in knowing if ford has changed chips in the cpu or t/mission shift points. IYO, would the change of chip benefit older foci?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I had a 2000 and 2001, put about 7,000 miles on each, but sold each due to problems. Ford, by the way, is nice at the dealers, but doesn't really do much to fix problems, unlike Japanese dealers who think your complaints are legitimate and promptly fix them.

    Anyway, twice bitten, you'd think I'd learn, but maybe Ford is getting the bugs out, and the ZX3 was one of the best cars I'd ever driven - ride, handling, comfort, noise, acceleration, and spaciousness.

    So, talk me out of it or into it. A 2003, yeah or nay. I have time - I'd wait until the rebates are juicy again. $500 right now on 2003's doesn't cut it, but Ford has tons of 2002 they are still trying to clear out.

    FYI, the "warranty" is now significantly better, and supposedly the car is quiete, with either better mounts or more sound insulation. Opinions from anybody who has driven a 2003 would help, too.
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    "Ford, by the way, is nice at the dealers, but doesn't really do much to fix problems, unlike Japanese dealers who think your complaints are legitimate and promptly fix them."

    Were that the case, perhaps I'd still own a Toyota! I've been back in the Ford fold since 1987 and have found the exact opposite to be true.

    Think its very shaky to make blanket statements about any kind of dealer. I've had some good luck with Ford dealers and bad with Toyota...
  • I know what you mean about wanting to sell/keep your ZX3.
    I also find it to be fun and practical/ nerve racking and frustrating.
    But after replacing my windshield, auto tranny,rotors and pads and now my ignition switch, plus all the recalls, it is time to move on....Also, whenever I hit a moderate bump in the road my right front end thumps all the way down. It is a bad sign when you are on a first name basis with your repair man.
    How can you consider buying another ZX3 when you know the jury is still out for engine fires, air bags problems etc.
    When does it cease to be a bargin.

    I test drove lots of '03s and will change pretty soon. Looking very hard at a Forester. That extra 35 HP really makes a difference.
    The new Hyundai GT is very nicewith a 140 HP engine. All leather seats standard! Power everything. You could do worse. $14,000.

    On the other hand, I have had a great experience with one Ford dealer (Holman)and a horrible experience with another(Pacifico)in my area, Philadelphia.
    Depends on the dealer, not the company.
    Except for the rotors and drum, Ford replaced everything under warranty and did not blink an eye. I give them credit.
    Good luck.
  • Hi all,
    I haven't posted in awhile. I have been enjoying my 2001 focus. had a couple of recalls, one which they still cannot fix. Fixed the wheel bearings, Tried to fix the door unlocking and locking while driving (this is still happening)
    other than that the car has been fine. Today however as I pulled into my parking spot at home I tried to take the key out of the guys want to guess what happen next......the key is still there I am going to have to tow it to the dealer to get them to take it out. I know this is a problem with some Focuses and I was waiting to see when it would happen to me :) My wife and I are going to be buying a SUV next year. We thought about the Explorer but after my experience with the Focus and Hers with a Contour...NEVER NEVER NEVER again will i buy a ford. I love the focus and i will drive it till it wont go anymore, but Ford will never see a dime of my money again...
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    does anyone know if 2001 foci have "smart" air bags?
    Or, do they just have the regular kind. Thanks
  • rmsabcrmsabc Posts: 17
    i have a 2000 focus
    the am radio has to be replaced for second time
    key interlock has to be replaced, you can pull key out and alarm still goes off

    new problem is car does not take bumps well
    dealer drove on smooth pavement and says is ok

    when you drive on bumps you have to hold onto steering wheel,, car use to take bumps really well now it feels like a cougar does any one have this problem

    what should i do

    i have 6 year extended warranty that kicks in 60 days any thoughts
  • I have had the problems with the ignition and the suspension that you have. My car is out of warranty now. Every time I drive my car, I am afraid of it but can't really afford to get rid of it.
  • cobiecobie Posts: 108
    My 2001 w/ 10,000 miles on it has been trouble free and very solid. However, lately when driving over irregular surfaces the hatch seems to "jiggle". It's the only way i can describe it.
    Does anyone else have problems w/ loose hatches?
  • rmsabcrmsabc Posts: 17
    saw your posting on same problem

    on the suspension problem, what does the dealer say it it, i have 2 months on warranty then extended warranty.
  • The dealer told me that it was a bent alloy. Well I replaced the alloy out of my own pocket and it still acts up.
  • Just turned 10 grand on my black 2002 3. No problems to report.

    The good news is that my last 5 tanks of gas in city driving has averaged around 30 mpg. Highway seems to fluctuate between 32 - 36, with 32 occurring when I'm bucking a strong wind.

    Also, I haven't noticed any squeaking or anything with my brakes, so I'm not sure what all the fuss with the brakes is. Maybe I won't notice it until after 20,000?

    No squeaks, rattles or the like, either. I'd have to say that so far, it seems to be a phenomenal car for the money. I always find myself in amazement when I'm zipping around with the tunes blasting that this car only cost me 12 grand!
  • I am interested in either the golf or focus. After hearing all the horror stories and am leaning more towards the golf. Has the 2003 focus addressed the problems that has plagues the previous models.
  • But I've been very happy so far with my 2002. Most of the problems seem to have been taken care of from the earlier model years.

  • and I think it is a fantastic car for the money. I have a ZX3 with the S2 package. I think it rides and handles great and have had no fit and finish problems. One recall, but who cares, it took a half hour of my time to have it fixed. The only thing I wish is that it was a little faster. In spring I am thinking about getting something a little bigger and faster. Or I nay keep the ZX3 and turbo it. That would be fun. Anybody have any good info on putting a turbo on a focus? To bad we don't get the turbo Focus RS like in Europe - that would be fun! just my thoughts.
  • Look at the next all new Cavalier. Hatchbacks might reach the US a year later.
  • Hi, I'm interested in replacing my '88 escort gt
    with a zx3 w/ auto trans.Any owners out there with
    this setup?
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