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Ford Focus ZX3



  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Posts: 249
    Please note that the ZX5 and ZX3 come with Sport Seats which in my experience are far more comfortable than the SE sedan.

    My experience with Focus is split. I had a 2000 with a 5 spd and didn't like it much (problem with the 5 spd). I replaced it with a 2001 ZX3 equipped with an automatic and love the car. I have 34K miles and other than minor problems....I have been pleased.

    Try the zx5 and see if you could live with the seats. Try asking to borrow one overnite!
  • retiredguyretiredguy Posts: 67
    When I first realized how miserable the lumbar seat is in my ZTW.. I tried other models Foci to see if the seats were any better. The distance from the stitches in the ZTW is 12" while the distance in the sportier models is 11". The 11 inch seats felt much better to me, however, to my wife, they were way too tight at the butt.
  • hauschildhauschild Posts: 62
    Just got back from an oil change at a nearby Ford dealership and noticed a black SVT, but much different than I had ever seen. I asked a salesman and he said it was a new option for the SVT. I mean it really rocks!

    The package is called something like European Appearance, but it is somewhat pricey at 3500 bucks. The total for the SVT was 22,500. Great Scott..that is 10 grand more than I paid for my current ZX3!

    But wait....the following link will bring up the sticker from the dealership. If anyone saw pictures of the Focus R years ago, this is what it looks like. rchinventory/windowsticker.asp?orgid=1599&vin=3FAHP39533R1563- 81&year=2003&model=FOCUS
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,209
    They have an orange one at a dealer near me. I'm not a big fan of the bright boy-racer colors myself, but something about that particular car makes me smile every time I see it. :)

    On the other hand, the wheels have many spokes and look like a real pain to keep clean.
  • lvmlvm Posts: 6
    post #2498 said a dealer is offering up to $5500 off with incentives, including $1000 bonus cash and $3000 rebate. but reading the ford website, you either get the rebate OR $1000 & lower apr, not both. the rebate for my area is $2K, not $3k (not sure why), so overall it would be $3500 in rebates. not bad, but not $5500 either.

    also, does anyone know when the 2004 fords will be available?

    esto May 27, 2003 1:04am
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    saw a yellow and orange EAP Foci at the local dealer here....keep in mind the wheels are even nicer and i think HID is part of the deal.....also, note the much nicer leather bolstered seats.

    Hey Ford, how bout making a turbocharged PZEV motor for the SVT focus and not some low torque Zetec rehash like u have now....
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    My PZEV ZX3 is a stick (fast, fast, fast); I wonder what the performance is like with an automatic, and how readily the automatic will downshift on the freeway to help you pass?
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    has anyone seen any testing numbers for the PZEV Focus yet?
  • trevatreva Posts: 39
    Just wanted to chip in with the other guys, that my 2000 zx3 is still going strong, that I got in June 2000. I've 'only' done 31500 miles (that's what just a 2 mile commute does for you). I did just have my 30k service done, which was a shocker. The auto tranny made the service $640, but then they noticed the front rotors were shot (which explained the recent grinding noises, despite there being >5mm on the pads). So that took the cost to $1100 total.
    They also mentioned two recalls that were needed doing: one involved replacing the rear-wheel bearings with updated ones, the other one I can't remember at the moment.
    Also, all four tires need replacing. I know I liked driving fast, but I expected the RSA's to last a little longer than this. Two of the tires were bald on the inner threads, suggesting an alignment issue - I'll be getting an all-4-wheel alignment performed when the tires come in tomorrow. By the way, I've decided on Yokohama Avid Touring's from Tire rack, being drop-shipped directly from Nevada to the local Just-Tires store. I did contemplate the Dunlop Sport A2's but the survey results / reviews on the tire-rack & discounttires websites swayed me over to the yoko's.
    Other than that, I'm so keeping this car. Even though I've been attracted to the 2.3L engine, the recent house-purchase is putting all's things automotive on hold. Even so, I'm still loving the car's handling, sound system, and performance that I'll hold on to my z for a couple more years. Yeah I know the blue-book value ain't much, which is probably more reason to keep these keys as long as poss.
    FYI, my local dealer in Sunnyvale had 2 SVT's with the Euro package. I noticed their very nice new front lights and grill.

  • perthosperthos Posts: 3

    My 2001 ZX3 just turned 2 yrs old and I'm still happy with it. I took it in for service at 59,000 kilometers and they replaced the fuel pump for free. I've had no problems with the car and it's been Ford serviced. All the recall work has been done as well. I'm very happy with Ford service at the moment. My only questions has to do with tire replacement. My original Goodyear RSA tires are worn out at 60,000 kilometers. My driving is mostly highway but I'm wondering if that's normal wear. I see new tires advertised as being good for 130,000 kilometers, including Goodyears. Any suggestions on which tires I should consider. We do get a lot of snow up this way but the all-seasons radials seemed OK the past two winters.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I seem to get a lot of miles out of "low mileage rated" tires while my friends get low miles out of anything. I think it has to do with whether you do a lot of freeway or city driving, and whether you visually "drive ahead" so you can coast down your speed instead of using the brakes a lot. (Acceleration isn't nearly as severe as deceleration.) For example, I have 20,000 miles on Dunlop Sport A2's on another car, and they barely show any wear, despite complaints I have heard from other users.

    Anyway, if you didn't get great miles from RSA's you aren't likely to get great miles from any tire, except maybe a tire that is sacrificing handling for mileage (thicker, harder tread).
  • Did all you guys dump your ZX3's, or what?

    Someone start talking!

    25,000 miles on my 2002 and still running like the day I drove it off the lot. What a car!

    When will the new 2.3 engine be available in all states?
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    I just ordered a Egg yoke yellow ZX3 with the 2.3 engine, loaded with power everything, ABS, and automatic. This engine is available in the whole country starting with the 2004 cars. This will be my first ZX3 and I hope that all of the reliability issues and recalls are done with for this new iteration. Have you ever had any problems with your ZX3? Please tell me everything you have experienced with your car if you have time. A friend of mine works for the Ford dealer and has ordered this car for me with the understanding that if I do not like it or something is wrong with it, I am under no obligation to take delivery. An OK deal if ever I heard one. I did not have to make a deposit or sign anything so I am not married to this deal.
  • redzx3redzx3 Posts: 16
    I had a 2001 Red ZX3 and had to take it back in all the time . They had to put in a new Auto trans, a new water pump,a new power ster pump,and new brake's and it only had 20.000 mil, on it .But it was a fun car to drive when it was not at the ford car lot being worked on . It had all the toy's on it and it looked good .Ford put me in a new 2002 ford truck it was yellow looked great ran good i had better luck with my truck. I just got a new 2003 Sonata GLS now that is a nice car for the money .
  • You ordered a dandy, for sure!

    I've got a 2002, manual trans, with premium package. I haven't had any problems so far, and I doubt I'll have any. I have put on nearly 26,000 miles to date; tire wear seems normal, no brake problems.

    Gas mileage could be better, I guess, but it really isn't a small car, nor does it drive or ride like one. I get 27 in commuting and around 33-36 on the highway. I can't speak for the auto tranny.

    Really, it's a bargain considering all aspects from the smooth ride (not on choppy pavement) to the responsive handling. You'll learn to definitely appreciate the hatch; downright cavernous with the seats folded down. Also, the seats are pretty decent.

  • I still have my Focus... it's hit the 52,000 mile mark. The engine drives just like it's new, and nothing in the interior was fallen off. The only problem I have is that the suspension is still completely misaligned and has been since I bought it new. I plan on getting new everything on the underside to fix it. Also, I need a new tire. But that's about it.

    This is the quietest 10,000 miles I've spent on the car... just a year ago my car had broken down 3 times!
  • snakerbillsnakerbill Posts: 272
    Thanks for the info. I hope my 2.3 with auto trans will get as good mileage as your 2.0 stick, but I doubt it, and I will be happy if I have as few problems as you did. I would not mind a little bit less fuel mileage for a little better performance with the 2.3, however the auto will probably offset any extra performance the larger engine will give, but the convenience is worth it to me.
  • They say time flys when you're havin' fun, that's been true with my 2001 ZX3! After almost 3 years and 32,000 miles, absolutely no problems and nothing but smiles everytime I get to drive somewhere. MPG has improved to 33 overall (5 speed, mostly two lane hwy). Rear wheel bearing recall and regular oil/filter changes only times its been back to dealership. OE Firestone tires still in surprisingly good shape, maybe another 10,000 miles left. I guess you could say I'm very satisfied with my ZX3 and can't understand what all the early negative fuss was about. What a great car! Will be looking seriously at buying a SVT this spring.
  • I am happy for you with your 2001 ZX3 . My 2001 Red ZX3 was not a very good car at all i had to trade it in with just 20,000 miles on it . Ford had it more then i did so they put me in a new Ford truck and that was a great truck ford makes good trucks i just wish that there cars were better .Good luck ...
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