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Ford Focus ZX3



  • Sorry to hear that how much trouble you are having. I have a 2001 and have some issues, but have been pretty lucky so far I guess. As far as Ford service departments, I too have found that they are not only useless but some of them are crooks as well. I would take the car to the best local mechanic you can find....or sell it I guess.
  • Wow!

    I'm thinking about buying this 2000 Focus-with the miles on it this high do you think I'm asking for trouble? title
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,591
    I'm thinking about buying this 2000 Focus-with the miles on it this high do you think I'm asking for trouble?

    Well, let's see, its a 6 year old Focus with 154k miles on it and they want over $3k for it. Probably way too much money considering the miles.

    I had an 04 Focus ZX3 that I bought new for $11k (US) and drove for 2 years/54k miles trouble free. I loved the car, only sold it because I didn't need it anymore.

    I think you can find a MUCH better Focus with less miles on it for that kind of $$$. Even though the Focus can be a great car, MY2000 wasn't a stellar year and the miles on that car are up there. I'd pass if I were you. The Focus got good around MY2004-2005 and up.
  • ukbbukbb Posts: 11
    According to the picture that's an SVT, not a ZX3. May be a mistake on the sellers part using stock photos instead of actual.
  • ukbbukbb Posts: 11
    The pictures of the interior show an automatic transmission which rules out an SVT. I would be real leery of them using a false picture of the exterior and would have a good look at it in person.
  • haulthault Posts: 122
    Gauge problem. Did you ever find out what caused the gauges pegging and returning to zero problem ?
  • I have a 01 zx3 and recently i have had the fuel filter, intake valve, exhaust hose,and timing belt and tenionser replaced! my car is still having problems and i was wondering if anyone could please help. My car is jumping it feels like. If i push too hard on my gas pedal it starts jumping and my speedometer jumps and my radio will either get really loud or just shut off all together. I am just wondering if anyone else has had a problem like this or has any ideas to what it might be if so let me know!
  • egutinegutin Posts: 2

    I used to read these boards back in 2000 when I decided to buy my ZX3 - the advice was priceless.

    I am now at 128K miles, and still going strong. Ive had a few repairs along the way, but nothing that convinced me to look elsewhere. Knock-on-wood a lot of the non-recall issues affecting this first MY have not affected me.

    I am having two weird things going on which may or may not be related:

    1 - In higher gears I have to depress the gas more than usual in order for anything to happen (higher RMPs, more power). It makes it hard to maintain a regular speed. There is a slight jump when the gas kicks in.

    2 - Sometimes when sitting at a stop sign or red light after downshifting to neutral the engine races up to 3K before settling down to a normal idle.

    Any ideas? Any questions?

    Thanks in advance

    - E
  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    sounds like your throttle body is sticky. you might try taking the intake of the TB and giving it a quick visual check and jiggling the throttle. there is supposed to be lubricant in the TB. after 128K miles though it may be all gone. WD-40 is probably not the solution here, but you could try some on the outside spring and stuff. to be sure you could run the engine and rev it with the open TB and see if any sticking corresponds with what you're experiencing, just make sure to keep it clear of debris. the throttle line could be catching somewhere too.
  • slinkzx3slinkzx3 Posts: 6
    just to clarify: don't put lube in your TB. don't risk gunking up your engine or making the problem worse. you should consult your dealership or a technician on what lubricant to use and how to apply it.

    good luck fixing whatevers wrong
  • fpannofpanno Posts: 8
    Need help on two issues:

    #1: Is it true that the ZX3 Air filter does not need to be changed until 100K?

    #2: I would like to change it with a K & N now...How do I get to the Air Filter to change it? :confuse:
  • rwgreenbergrwgreenberg Posts: 154
    Hi all. It looks lile I'll be needed new tires soon on my 2001 ZX3. The tires that came with the car are P205/50/R16's. I think the car handles really nice with these tires, so I'm hoping to replace them with something similar (as long as they don't cost too much). Any recommendations for replacements would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    There are not many choices in this Size. However, they would certainly be available from major Distributors like Tire Rack. This is what I did: After about 2 winter seasons on my Pirelli P6's which were standard issue on my ZTS, I ordered (4)Dunlop snow tires with Rims from Tire Rack. They will recommend for the Winter season that you convert to a 195-60x15. This is an intelligent thing to do as real winter tires are better a little bit narrower. They are better also for the pot holed streets in the winter (more sidewall before rim gets nicked) . My Original tires were retired in two phases. Last year I bought 2 Kuhmo tires on a close out from Tire Rack at a great price. They seem to be wearing fairly rapidly. :cry: I replaced the final 2 just last month again from "TR" These were BFG g-force a few bucks more but still a good price.
    Converting allowed me to get more aggressive performance tires than the "all seasons" supplied by Ford on the car.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,459
    i have a zts, too. mine has 15's with goodyear rsa's.
    they will need to be replaced before next winter.
    i like the gas mileage i am getting. they can be somewhat greasy. i don't drive fast on the straightaways, but i don't slow down in the curves.
    how are the bfg's treating you?
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    I just got my car back from the dealer after a clutch replacement and it did the same thing. It even died in the middle lane of the expressway! I had to have it towed tonight, with less than 10 miles after the repair.
    Did you get any useful info?
  • kramnosamkramnosam Posts: 1
    My wife has a 2006 Focus 3dr hatchback and it makes a clicking noise when I'm slowing down and a squeeky noise when I start braking.
    Any idea what this might be, as CARMAX relined the brakes and replaced a bent tire rim?
    Thank you for any information that you can give to me regarding this.
  • Don't know if you bought tires yet, but I put BF Goodrich TA Tractions on my 2002 ZX3 in size 205 50 16. They grip great-even in the snow. You can also try Falkens. I believe they come in 205 50 16 also.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    It is interesting (coincidental) that this should come up again. When I changed to my summer tires a few months ago I followed TIRE RACKS' recommendation placing the newest set in the back. This did not work out because an irritating tire noise presented it self immediately from the Kuhmo Exta tires which only had about 10,000 miles on them. I reversed them and the NEW BFG G- force went to front. The Noise problem was substantially eliminated in this way.
    As I explained in my last post here, The Kuhmos were extremely inexpensive they give greater grip than the all-season p-6's, but are wearing fast and are definitely noisier. This seems to be especially true at speed on wet roads.
    An independent Tire dealer here mentioned that Focuses, although they are a light car without huge tire spinning power, tend to wear tires down more than one would generally expect. I don't have any explanation for this. Has anybody else experinced less than expected tire life with their Focus?
  • Fuzion HR1 - I like em on my 03 Zx3! Quiet! Replaced the factory Firestones(205/50/16) with same sized Fuzions at 37K. The fuzions are MUCH quieter and maybe a bit softer ride... HAve had very good luck with my Zx3 - No problems! Front brake pads and a tail light bulb only! (yea, theyre known to eat front pads so change em b4 ya have scrape up disks with a good after market pad)
    Great little town run around - would buy again!
    Could get better milage, have never got better than 32, ususlly ~25 city. But very comfortable, positive to drive - Extremely Tight - 40K+ and it still doesnt have a rattle or creak in it!
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