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Ford Focus ZX3



  • :confuse: Im trying to get the stock radio out, but cannot. I'm afraid of breaking it, but can anybody help me with some instructions? thanks

    By the way, can you hook up a system to the stock radio? :confuse:
  • My key won't turn and the steering wheel seems locked. I can't take it out of gear. I bought the car from a friend. the steering casing or what ever you call it was replaced about six months ago. Any help???? thanks
  • kps07kps07 Posts: 1
    I had this problem on my 2000 as well. You may need to replace the key tumbler and/or possibly have a new key cut. I replaced the tumbler in mine, and never had another problem with it.
  • I called a ford dealer today. They said it would cost me around $350.00 . $140.00 for the part. And $210.00 for labor. I read on here if you tap the key tumbler then turn your key it will work. It did. I guess what I'm asking is is $350.00 to much? My key has a chip in it. Can I do this myself. I'm lost when it comes to working on cars thanks
  • allanaallana Posts: 1
    Okay i bought a ford focus ZX3 bout a year ago and it came with a set of ICW Racing rims and i need new ones and i've alwayz had my uncle rotate them, so im not sure what tool i need to take the tires off with, there not equipt with a key. any suggestions? thanks LaNa
  • pidelpidel Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced Alot of problems with their Focus ZX3
    I have a 2006, and had only a year, and it's been in the shop more than driven. I think it's just this paticular car, due to the fact no one else has the issues that I have had.

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,592
    Has anyone experienced Alot of problems with their Focus ZX3

    I had an 04 ZX3 for two years and put 54k miles on it with no issues. Great little car. Sorry to hear about your problems.
  • Dear Phyllis,
    Yes. A lot, with my ZX3 '00 i bought new from the dealer. The first two years were the worst as I spent much time in dealer waiting areas. So many problems, recalls and non-recalls, that I'm considering not buying another Ford. It sits at the dealer as I type this for a broken motor mount bolt. Luckily i was parking when the engine dropped. Oh yeah, there's a recall on motor mounts in some models, but I already replaced the passenger side mount on mine.
    I think the problem that bothered me the most is the poor paint quality and the three times I've taken it back to repaint the hood. Sorry for the late post.
  • fdannafdanna Posts: 263
    I'm going to chime with my experiences on my 01 Focus ZX3. I'd have to say, my 7 year relationship with my Focus has been love/hate. I love to drive it and whip around town in it. Handles unbelievably well and is peppy enough. Gas mileage is so-so 26 to 30mpg. I now have 117k miles and here is my list of problem since I bought the car in no particular order:

    1. replaced rack and pinion
    2. replaced CV joint because of leaking boot
    3. replaced radio
    4. replaced clutch (yep, under warranty)
    5. replaced clutch spring
    6. replaced two alternators
    7. replaced DPFE sensor (3 times)
    8. replaced thermostat after overheating
    9. replaced a/c compressor
    10. replaced a/c switch
    11. replaced transmission seal
    12. replaced rusted out manifold shield
    13. performed 5 recall services
    14. two valve cover gaskets
    15. replaced thermostat housing
    16. replaced collapsed suspension spring
    17. replaced front brake calipers
    18. replaced Front sway bar end links (4 times)

    As I type the timing belt and water pump are being replaced (but this is actually scheduled maintenance).

    That is, in my opinion, a large amount of failed and replaced items. To add insult to injury, I've had to fight Ford tooth and nail on just about every problem. It's no wonder why they are sinking faster than the Titanic. Their new products are consistently rated very low in quality and often in performance.

    Aw well... my first and last American car.
  • ...has had the battery die after 4 years.

    That is it. So far, so good.

    And yes, it handles like it's on a hot rail to hell!
  • tjystjys Posts: 3
    I paid $9403 for a brand new yellow 2003 ZX3 in March 2004 because no one wanted it. I had a Mustang and was looking for a daily driver. Boy did I hit the jackpot! This car has been absolutely wonderful to the extent that I'm looking at buying an additional 2008 Focus for my wife to drive. I've had zero problems with the 2003 but I follow all the federal maintenance schedules and use synthetic oil. I am disappointed that a Focus hatchback isn't offered this year. I've been looking around for new 2007 ZX3's but the price is still high ... and all of them are loaded. All I want is automatic, AC, and cruise. :shades: :shades:
  • tjystjys Posts: 3
    Has anyone used H&R or Eibach springs to lower their Focus? Is it easy to do? What problems if any were encountered?
  • breisterbreister Posts: 5
    With my2003 FF ZX3 I had occasionally a problem with starting. When that happened I would take the key out and start again and then it worked. This car got totaled 2 weeks ago on a very icy road but I was lucky enough to find a 2005FF ZX3 and this one has the same problem with starting but worse :cry: . I hsve this car 10 days and it has refused to start several times already (13.000 miles on it). Is this a problem inherent to this type of car. Do I do anything wrong? The manual is useless.
  • rapidrickrapidrick Posts: 70
    Sorry 2 hear about your problem. I've got an 03 ZTW that has NEVER failed to start. Always first time, every time. You don't apply throttle when you start, do you?
  • breisterbreister Posts: 5
    I hold the clutch and the brake pedals down.
  • tkleetklee Posts: 1
    :sick: i have a 2003 zx3 with the weirdest heater problem. when it is warmed up with the temp gague needle pointing straight up, i turned on the defroster the first time and the floor and vents the second time, and i could actually watch the needle droptill it was just above the cold mark and the heat "ran out" and started blowing almost cold air, but far from warm. the car hasnt been drove much this winter due to BOTH of the outer door handles being broke. good thing the gilfriend took care of the hatch wih the top of the garage door frame. yes she tried to back out of the garage with the hatch open. so know it wont latch without the use of the ratchet strap. almost forgot to mention the windshield wipers broke. the ball joint actually poped apart. built ford tough my [non-permissible content removed]
  • 124,000 miles. I'm pretty sure I got a good one.

    A/C resistor blown (warranty)
    Recalls (two visits, great service)
    Head gasket (warranty)
    Passenger side rear-seat access lever (twice!)
    Windshield seal separation, bottom by wipers (warranty)
    Uncomfortable seats!
    Broken mount for hood latch (interior). I shove it under the dash.

    Brakes changed at 74,000
    Gas mileage still between 27-30mpg
    I bought this cause it was cheap (13,000) and it reminded me of the European cars I drove (I was in Germany for 5 years and drove an Audi and Ford Mondeo alot).

    It broke a spring and is in the shop as I type. SVT suspensions are a surplus right now, so I picked one up for $295 plus new strut bearings ($70) and $300 labor. I'm just waiting for the exhaust to fall off and the clutch to blow. Otherwise, I'm pretty damn happy with this thing. It's a great looking car, really. I'm so glad I don't have one of the new flat-dash models. And I think someone is on acid at Ford. There's a new 2008 ZX4 (or whatever they're called now) across the street and is sits super high and the styling is taking a baaaad turn. We have a 2005 Freestyle and I love that it's controls are almost identical to my Focus. It's a good car too, but it's only an 18mpg car and I'm waiting for that CVT to explode...after warranty....
  • tjystjys Posts: 3
    Has anyone done business with Northcoast Performance? They have Roush lowering springs and a SVT damper kit that I would like to install on my 2003 ZX3. The prices seem reasonable but I, nor anyone I do business with, have not heard fo them. I've tried to call them but all I get is a busy signal until after thier business hours. I've left messages but I get no return calls. I get the impression they aren't concerned with my patronage and that speaks volumes to me about their customer service and quality of parts. Help please.
  • im going to turbo my focus with a 70mm turbo and i was wondering how big injectors to go with and also im looking for any turbo parts for a focus or other motor parts
  • razz44razz44 Posts: 7
    I am having problems with the idle speed does anyone have any ideas of what to do to fix it i had the test done all it said was lean bank one
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