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2010 Toyota Highlander



  • luckysevenluckyseven Posts: 134
    edited August 2011
    There are very few people who's not happy with Highlander seats and even than it is easy to understand that it is impossible to design a seat to please every single person. If you happy with the rest of the vehicle you might want to explore a possibility to customize the seat(s) to your liking. Also see if your tires inflated to the factory recommended pressure, I believe it is 30 PSI. What HL model do you have? Is it leather or fabric? I'm sure you'll have no trouble selling a HL but explore your options first.
  • Our extreme dislike for our 2010 Ltd Highlander also rests with its seats. Otherwise, not a bad vehicle but the seats are killers after about an hour. You cannot customize the seats without changing the safety parameters (we checked on this). Tire inflation is to the 30 psi spec and has no bearing on the seat comfort. We cannot justify trading it off and we take longer trips in our Ford F350 truck which has great seats but cost far more to drive. That's the price we pay for owning the HL. Too bad for all that find this out after a longer trip than the test drive that typically is not long enough for the misery to begin.
  • fun4mefun4me Posts: 2
    I don't know if what I've done is a safety issue, but in my last several cars/trucks/suv's, I made a seat cushion (s) from foam rubber as ALL of these last vehicles had seats that felt like wooden planks. After cutting and fitting it to my seat, my wife created a cover and I've never had issue with hard seats again. I also have back problems, and some of the vehicles have had issues with the lumbar support sticking out too far, even fully retracted. I have had to use foam pieces to "even out" the back of the seat on those that I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. If what I've suggested creates a safety problem with the seat, please disregard this message...LOL
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