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Acura Integra - (All years/styles)



  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271

    I'm thinking of selling my Integra outright I paid about 12,500 for it in 1993 and I've been getting wholesale and retail pricing from 4000-8000 for it. Does anyone know if Edmunds used car prices are accurate. because when I see these cars for sale they get sold fast and at higher prices then edmunds says.

    I would recommend an Acura to anyone that is looking this car has been great, only problem I had was after 7 years the Ac crapped out. But the car has been very very very reliable.
    Wish I could afford the suv.
  • swynnswynn Posts: 5
    wiwang, I just found out the insurance on my GSR will be $498 for 6 months.
    sportycar, I used the $2000 rebate for my purchase. I would check the Edmunds TMV for the LS and GS. I got mine for about $500 below the TMV price, so the LS and GS should be at least that much below for a good deal.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    I 'm surprised the dealer sold you the car with no proof of insurance. Here in NY, they won't let you drive off the lot without them having a copy of your insurance card. It's also illegal to drive the car without insurance so I guess the dealers here could be held responsible.
    Yeah, I 'm pretty sure '01 is the first & last year they made the GSR in silver. I know many people that would rather have a silver GSR than red, black or blue, so you should have no problem selling it when the time comes. Do they still make the dark green GSR? I think that color was discontinued for the GSR in '98 or '99 and replaced by the supersonic blue which is another very rare color.
  • wiwangwiwang Posts: 17
    Im just learning to drive stick...I've been driving my GSR around the past weekend and it is pretty fun... My insurance is pretty high's about 780 per 6 months for minimal coverage...but i guess maybe it's because of where I live (suburbs of Philadelphia). I would have loved to have gotten a silver or white integra (is there a 2001 white color?), but the dealer only had a red and black and the black was sold. but the red is very nice...just too flashy and might draw unwanted police attention.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Wiwang: As long as you don't drive like a maniac, the cops won't care what color your GS-R is. I drive my red '98 1,500 miles a week and have never even been stopped. And I don't drive like a Grandma, either. Just use common sense, and learn where the cops like to hunt.

    Like you, however, I would have preferred a silver GS-R: my '96 LS was silver, and it still looks good.
  • swynnswynn Posts: 5
    I did have to prove for the dealership that I had insurance, they photocopied my insurance card. When I got to the insurance office, the dealer had phoned in the info on the new car, so they just had to print my temporary cards. At the dealer I had to sign something saying I had an existing insurance policy from my previous car and that I would have it switched within 30 days. My rate was for full coverage and $100 deductible, but I have multiple policies with them (State Farm) and I've never had an accident so I get discounts for those two things. Plus I'm a 32 yr. old female and my location is not a high crime area.
    Only1harry, I think they do still make the dark green GSR, they didn't have one at the dealership I went to. They do make the GSR in white as well. I thought the silver looked really sharp with the black interior and that it might be a little more valuable down the road when it comes time to sell it.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    depending on mileage and model and conditions and equipment, I have seen 1992-1993 Integras sell for anywhere from $1500 for repossessed beaters to $3000 for high mileage clean cars to $7500 for low mileage showroom perfect cars. If your car has average miles and is clean and decent, I would expect to get $4000-$5000. If you have the car detailed, or you do it yourself, get out all the little pockets of dust and make sure every surface is bright and clean, you'll get more for it. We're trying to sell my wife's '98 LS automatic, blue, 52K, trying to get $14,000 for it as it is near perfect. If she'd let me have it for a few hours to get sparkling clean, we'd have more people looking at it, I'm sure. CarMax offered $11,500 for the car, so we're trying to beat that and get her an older (94-96) GS or GS-R with a 5-speed, in green, blue, or black. I've found a few replacement cars but until we get that car detailed, I don't think it will sell except to CarMax for wholesale.

    Edmund's TMV can help, especially when starting out in your quest to sell and getting a ballpark value to start asking. A great idea is to check your local paper, used car magazine, and the local dealers, to see what the cars like yours are selling for. Not what the sellers are asking, but what they sell for. When I see a classified ad for a car close to mine, I call the guy to see what kind of response he's getting at his price for his car and use that information to better price and advertise mine.
  • sportycarsportycar Posts: 2
    Just test-drove 2001 LS.

    This will be my first new car purchase.
    I have some questions about the car. Hope someone can help me.

    1) I feel my celica (86 GT) is more stable and has better handling, especially on curvy roads (It is a larger car,longer/wider)
    My celica is still running great. I noticed that although it is lower than LS, but it has more headroom.
    When I sit in LS 2dr, my head almost touched the ceiling. (3/4 fingers away)
    Do you feel the same?

    2) Another thing I am not sure is the dealer ask me for extra 217$ (99 documentation fee, 33 running/process fee for title?, and 85 for title/plate)
    They said it is standard fee. Is that normal?

    3) I noticed that there is 2K rebate. Should dealer pass all of that to us?
    When there is no rebate, usually how much do you paid over the invoice (e.g. 17978 for LS)?

    4) The invoice the dealer gave to me is about 200$ more than edmunds', i.e. 18117. (Two dealer gave me this number) Is that right?

    5) Anyone has a LS 4dr with 5speed? Seems no dealer has this model in New England area.
    I tested a LS 4dr, but it is auto. I like the space very much, but don't like the auto at all.

    5) Do you find sunroof's visor/refector useful? ( They ask for 125$ for it).

    Sorry for so many questions, and thanks in advance.
  • wiwangwiwang Posts: 17
    you should be able to get an integra for invoice or maybe even less. I recently bought a 01 GSR for 18.6k which is right at the invoice price (after the 2k rebate), plus i got free lifetime inspection and every other oil change free. I think you will be able to get even better deals as the RSX arrives.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    (to swynn & others) was only available in '94-96. There was no white (called frost white) for '97+ GSR models.
    In Canada though they still make the white GSR. Go figure. Canada has also had the silver GSR since '99 or '00.

    The white is still available in LS & GS trims though.
  • swynnswynn Posts: 5
    Is it possible they just changed the name from Frost White to Taffeta White? if you go to the website and "build" an Integra online, Taffeta White is an option for the GSR. There is also a 2001 white GSR listed on the inventory for the dealership I bought my silver GSR from (
    I didn't know the silver was available on the GSR in Canada. It's interesting the little differences there are between the cars here and there, even if it doesn't always make sense.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    There were two GS-R's on the lot when I shopped-- one red, one white. Both '98 models.
  • surreal2surreal2 Posts: 7
    i need a late model, reliable, rasonably sporty car to replace my rusting and quieky crx si. i wanna get an integra, but i fear rust in the future. i am the kinda guy who likes old cars, but right now i wanna get a newish car and grow old with it, so i can keep my eye on stuff. am i going to be fighting a rust battle with a teg 10 years down the line? i live in nj, and i know that's a factor.

    basically, are late model integras cursed with the cappy sheet metal that most other hondacuras have been plagued by? i really like the teg, spec-wise, but i fear i'll buy something else if rust is likely to become a problem...

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    have a rust problem after 10yrs if it is not garaged? If you garage your Integra, wash it (the salt off) and wax it regulary, it should go 15-20yrs without any rust. If you leave it outside for 10yrs to bake in the sun in the summer and be covered by mounts of snow every winter, then I don't think you 'll get more than 10-11yrs out of it before it starts to rust. It is how you take care of your cars that 'll give you an idea of how the exterior will look 10yrs down the road. I 've seen '90-91 Integras that look really good and are in very good shape, and then I 've seen '95 GSRs that were faded and didn't look too hot. I 'm thinking of getting a car cover to protect the paint from the hot sun because my wife won't let me use the garage but instead stores junk in it. It 's up to you and how much TLC you put into the car that will decide it's rust fate. Otherwise the Integras rust just like any other car. My friend has an '87 Porsche 928 that's starting to rust now. So if a $60k (that's money then) german sports car can rust after 14yrs, then it would be perfectly normal for a $17-20k Integra to rust in less time than that. Of course the Porsche didn't have to rust. It was negligence that led to that.
  • surreal2surreal2 Posts: 7
    no cars round here rust like honda products. i wont have access to a garage for at least 2 years. (still a student.) anyway, i am seeing 92-95 civics and pre 1994 tegs rusting like mad, yet most cars of similar age by different carmakers arent showing the rust yet. i realllly want an integra, but im scared of the rust. i think its odd that i see early 80's vw rabbits with crappy old paint but little or no rust but mid 90's civics with LOTS of rust in the rear wheel well. i guess i can treat the interior side of the metal with a rustproofing substance, but that may prove to be a pain in the butt. right now, im up in the air between a 94+ teg or an impreza outback. i havent seen the 'preza's rusting, but theyre slower and heavier and get worse fuel economy. plus, tegs look nicer imho and i like honda reliabilty. it's the rust that frightens me. and ive not seen a 1990's car rusting more than hondacuras are, around here.

    does anyone know if theyre using better stuff to treat the finish of the third gen integras?

  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    This year, my '96 LS will be driven for its 5th winter on NY's INCREDIBLY salty roads (which are known for their ability to eat cars). The only trouble it has shown is a small (nickel-sized) surface rust spot on the rear hatch, right by the keyhole.

    The biggest trouble spot common to all Honda cars seems to center on the area in the rear wheel wells where the rear bumper attaches. Nearly all of the rusting Hondas I see have this trouble.

    Neither of my Acuras have this problem, however, because I use a power washer to carfully spay this area out whenever I wash the car. You have to pull down the wheel well liner to get to it, but it's worth the effort.

    As long as you take care of paint chips and other surface damage, G3 Integras are very resistant to corrosion. In my extensive travels, I have yet to see a '94 or later rust bucket.
  • surreal2surreal2 Posts: 7
    anyopne else wanna weigh in with their experience?

    if things go well, as far as my rust researh, i'll be looking for a used gsr soon.

  • I have had my 1992 Integra LS almost nine years, all except one or two WITHOUT a garage. I live in the midwest. It has endured wonderfully. I am just now getting small portions of surface rust that if I had caught them sooner a good waxing might have saved. They are behind the wheels on the rear. Less than one inch long.

    That being said, what is a fair asking price on a 1992 LS, one owner, 77xxx miles, 5 speed, in near immaculate condition?

    I am trying to sell and upgrade to a TL. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  • jgpjgp Posts: 7
    My 1990 Integra LS has began hesitating a bit when I let out the clutch and step on the gas in first and second gear. It won't do this after about 15 minutes of driving. Any suggestions on maintenance? I have already tried gas treatment and cleaning the spark plugs.
  • himilerhimiler Posts: 1,209
    Might be the Oxygen sensor making the mixture too rich when the engine's not fully warmed up. If you are still on the original sensor, it might be worth changing it, anyway.
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