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Acura Integra - (All years/styles)



  • I have a 1996 Integra LSS, and sometime last year received a notice from Acura involving a settlement with the EPA about some emissions equipment not functioning properly. As part of the settlement, some services would be given free by Acura dealers. I think I lost this paper, but I assume if you make the dealer aware, they would have to still offer the services. Can someone else who got this notice tell me the exact details?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    You will find several problems and probably the "emissions" (I assume it's an emissions problem since you mentioned EPA) one at this link:

    This is the National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration. Click on the recalls and also the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB). The TSBs are tricky. If your car is over the warranty they may not do the work for free. But sometimes yelling and screaming works, especially if you tell them the car had this particular problem before the warranty expired. Always call the Acura helpline/customer service too. They would have the information you 're looking for and they can send someone to resolve problems between you and a dealership.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Edmund's (as well as many other sites) have pictures and a brief article on the '02 Integra called the Acura RSX from the Detroit Auto show on Jan. 8th.
    Check it out. has a few more pictures of it where you can see the front of the car. It has a 2.0L i-VTEC with approximately 200hp. This displacement increase also means more torque. I would imagine around 140-150. Looks a little funky but the interior is cool with Recaro seats. This is a concept car though with 18" wheels and it's probably what the Type-R will get/look like. The article off also said that the RSX's sticker will range between $15-20K! They probably plan to release a base model with much less than 200hp I would imagine. There 's no way they could offer a 200hp sports car for $15K, I can't imagine the new base model RSX having less than 150hp. It would also directly compete with the Civic EX. Why would anyone buy an EX coupe with less HP for $16K when they can get a base RSX/Integra? I 'm very skeptical about that price range that was mentioned.. It's possible the base RSX will be a stripper like the base Celica and once you 're done adding A/C, ABS, alloys, moonroof, CD, whatever, it 'd be up to $18K or more like the Celica. The base Celica starts at $17K and I 'm pretty sure that's where Acura has their cross hairs on..
  • jnncrpjnncrp Posts: 1
    I have a 91 acura rs when it rains water leaks onto the floor on the right side. I had the cowl panel replaced but it still leaks. the water is coming thou the heater blower and the seal between the a/c core and the blower. any suggestions
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    You guys/gals know what kind of equipment i need to interface the G2 computer with a normal PC ? I want to be able to set the gas-cutoff etc.

    I am interested in something i can get myself ... i don't want to go to Acura or Honda to do this ...

  • Actually, I found the document in my glove box. This one is a little hard to find info on. On the EPA site, they mention it, but without details. A website called Lemon-Aid mentions it in their "secret warranties" section. It covers all Integras from 96-97 (except Type-R). In case anyone isn't aware of this, or didn't get Acura's notification, here's a link to the details:
  • I recently had my '96 GS-R stolen from my driveway, and I will be purchasing a new GS-R from my dealer with a nice State Farm check. I have thought about helping my new GS-R breath better, and have considered a CAI and possibly exhaust mods. I want to keep the external appearance of the car almost completely intact, since some people obviously feel they need my cars more than I do.

    Can anyone help me with the pros and cons of these mods, b/c I have been somewhat concerned with the engine H20 aspiration problems of CAI's?

    Also, I think I plan on driving this car only until the RSX or whatever they plan to call it comes out. Does anyone else have the same ideas?
  • I wanted to ask someone what the difference is between cat back systems and rear sections. I assume that rear sections are just that, the end of an entire cat back system. But I think I may be overlooking something. Anyway, if someone can help set me straight I would appreciate it.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Don't get a '01 GSR now if you plan on buying the new RSX!! You will loose a lot of money. You 'll probably pay $20K + tax for the '01 GSR and in a year or less when the RSX is out you will probably get about $18K if you sell it on your own or about $16-17K from the dealer trade-in
    The RSX is supposed to be out this year. The production model will be introduced at the New York auto show in April according to Acura. This definitely means the RSX will be out as a '02 model and some say it may even be realeased in late spring/early summer as an early '02. It just doesn't make sense buying a new car now, put mods on it and selling it within a year for the RSX.. You will loose at least $5K if you take in consideration the mods and tax that you would have paid..
    BTW, how much did the insurance company give you for your '96 GSR? and how many miles did it have?
  • I actually attempted to post you a response when I first saw your message but I accidentally erased it. My dad worked for a Ford dealership and one day I stopped in to visit. While driving on the lot I heard this awful ticking or scrubbing noise. I just knew it was one of those CRAPPY Fords but when I opened the door I was surprised to c that it was my beloved Integra. It did make a ticking noise but I don't remember if the battery lite came on because I shut the car off immediately and left the car over nite. I believe it mite be the same problem. If you call Honda/Acura cust serv and give them the VIN they might be able to tell you if they have records of your car being serviced. Good luck!!!!
  • The only reason I am buying an '01 GS-R is I don't have the option of buying a used GS-R, due to the lack of supply. It is simply impossible to find them anywhere near here, especially in good condition. In response to your question, my '96 GS-R had less than 60K mi. and my insurance company paid me NADA book value which was just over $14K less my $500 deductable. So I think I am going to transfer about $10K in equity to the '01 and utilize a balloon payment schedule for the rest, which will make my payments virtually non-existant. This is not the optimum financial situation, however it is not that big of a deal. I'm not strapped for cash and I don't want to drive anything other than an Acura, I just love them.
  • Has Anyone seen it at the Car Show, I have a 93 Hatchback , and have been looking for a new car but Like Hatchbacks. Is the New RSX a Hatchback ? any other info would be great
  • The RSX is the replacement for the integra, and will be a hatchback. Check out the concept pics @ It will not be out until Summer '01 at the earliest.
  • rsdasrsdas Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 GSR coupe, It's got about 16000 mi. Recently I observed that the gas mileage I get for city driving is about 21 MPG, it used to be aroung 25 MPG afew months ago. Is this expected? or is something wrong? Any suggestion/help is appreciated.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    Just like the 2001 Honda Civic, the upcoming Acura RSX will lose the much-loved double wishbone suspension. I, for one, am very disappointed. The wishbones are Honda's trump card when in comes to smaller cars. Why is Honda decontenting their cars?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Check the tire pressure. I don't know where you live but when it's cold out the tire pressure drops dramatically. It's about 1-2 psi for every 10 degrees! So if you were running lets say 35F/33R (factory settings) in the summer, and you live in the North East like me, your tires could now be around 25F/23R psi which will affect your gas mileage. Your car also takes longer to warm up in the cold weather which also affects mileage.
    I set my tires in early November for 33F/32R when it was around 50 deg. out. I checked them again before Christmas when it was around 20 deg. and they were 28/27 psi! I had also noticed a less than normal gas mileage. You must keep them over 30 to get decent mileage.. Too bad you do a lot of city driving. I do mostly highway driving (80mi. commute each way!) probably 95% of the time and average 29-30mpg crusing at 75-80mph. The lowest I ever got with 50-50 city/hway driving was 26 mpg. You may also want to check your air filter if it's too dusty or have a lot of dirt on the roads where you live. Did you switch to another gas brand? When you go to the pump to fill up, make sure you pull up to the same pump over and over to get a more accurate calculation of your gas mileage. No pump is the same. With some pumps, you can put as much as 1 gallon or more in your tank than with other pumps. I have a suspicion that this is what's happening with you. You fill up at one gas station and then at another and calculate the mileage. You must go to the same station and use the same exact pump. If you drive around at the other side of the pump is no good. The pavement is uneven and you will get a different amount of fuel in your tank..
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    where did you guys hear about the lack of wishbone suspension in the RSX? None of the articles I read mentioned anything about that. I just can't believe the suspension could be worse because the RSX will be competing with the Celica which has great handling. It also doesn't mean that if the double-wishbone suspension is gone, the car won't handle as good. It 's very possible Honda has come up with a new patented suspension like Honda racing does all the time with their race cars. A race shop (Honda/Acura specialist performance shop) in NYC where I get my mods done, has a Civic drag racer (560hp at the wheels with a GSR motor!) that has an all new suspension on it that was made by some company that is patenting it now as we speak. I saw the car in the shop but I couldn't take a good look underneath.. It ran the 1/4 in 10.1 sec. and with crappy slicks that melted at the end of the 1st run!
    Anyway, did this come from a reliable source?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,038
    See for Shawn Church's impressions on the new RSX. The wishbones are gone. Every car magazine is belly-aching for its loss in the 2001 Honda Civic, which made the Civic just a run-of-the-mill type of compact car in the same league as the Corolla. Quoted directly from Shawn's post:

    "First, this car is definitely based on the 7th gen Civic chassis. The rear suspension setup is identical, except that the RS-X has a nice beefy swaybar back there where the Civic's I've seen have none. Additionally, the front end retains the Macpherson strut setup with the high mounted steering rack."

    "The big question is the suspension. The new Civic hasn't been great in that area, but this car should be tuned more aggressively. If the aluminum lower control arm is a true production piece, then maybe Honda has taken a serious look at the McStrut setup for the RS-X."

    I'm not saying that the RS-X is not a good car. I'm saying that it would have been a better car if the wishbones were left on the car.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,136
    Ok, I read the article. I had been on that web page last week but only had looked at the pics.. Anyway, yes, it looks like the wishbone susp. is gone but only in the front! The Civic still has it in the rear and so does the RSX. The shiny silver bar the author saw underneath the car was a performance lower tie bar which is usually added when people modify their cars. It connects the 2 lower control arms together for rigidity and less movement, thus better sharper handling.
    Seems the author doesn't know much about suspensions. He keeps saying "lower control arm". Every car has 2 LCA's (lower cont. arms). There is always the left LCA and the right LCA. So if he keeps using singular, and it's silver polished or aluminum as he thinks, it's definitely a lower tie bar because 99% of the time they are aluminum. The Type-R is the only Integra that comes with lower tie bars and they are aluminum and silver in color.
    If the RSX has a front lower tie bar then it most likely has a rear lower one - I hope. I like the sound of a thick sway bar which is the problem with the GSR today. The LS/GS/GSRs only have a 14mm rear sway bar compared to Type-R's 22mm one. Upgrading that sway bar (to like a 19mm like I did or 22mm) reduces body roll by like 95% and the car handles better because you have more tire contact with the pavement. Thicker sway bars also provide slight oversteer instead of severe understeer that stock Integras and most FWD cars suffer from.
    The author also says that the Honda rep told him that the RSX will go into production in April. That's also good news because I can't wait to test drive this baby to see what it can do. I just hope I don't have a salesman in the car with me..
  • rbraverrbraver Posts: 13
    Hi there everyone.

    I just bought a '95 Integra RS 4-door with 57k miles. No problems. I just had the oil changed at a Jiffy Lube, and noticed that I now get the "Maintenance Required" light flashing for about 5 seconds every time I start the car. Is this just a timed interval thing that I can ignore--or is something really wrong? Thanks for your help.
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