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Acura Integra - (All years/styles)



  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Any of you SCCA guys know anything about Sparco or Corbeau seats? I am looking at the Sparco Sprint and Speed seats and at the Corbeau Forza. Has anyone sat in these? Really, I'm just looking to save a little weight, give my beat up seats a proper burial, actually stay in my seat during hard drifts, and I guess look good in the process. Any input is welcomed : )
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Do the Kosei K1 wheels come with a center cap or not? I did not get them with mine and was wondering...
  • sionsion Posts: 14
    I have 2 stock wheels (rims) with wheel covers, genuine acura, off a 93 RS ...
    I am leaving the bay area now and don't want to take them back.
    They are for free in Sunnyvale, CA.

    send email if interested. i am leaving around the 14th of august so you have to do it by then.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    unfortunately don't come with center caps. I was disappointed they didn't but what do you expect for $139 ea.? I may have to look for some center caps because I think the spindles (hub) will start rusting sooner without them.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    Got a good deal on it worth $40 or not?
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    get the Neuspeed front upper strut bar. It's one of the best in the market and it mounts on 2 different places on each side, at least I think it mounts the same as the Integra.
    I was lookign at that groupbuy for ractive & some other crap for $39.99.. It's crap. You get what you pay for. You should be able to pick up the Neuspeed for $75-85. It's a good deal and very solid with very good mounting hardware. It's up to you. If you don't feel a difference with the ractive, you can always sell it to someone. What about the '99-00 Si front upper bar? I think it's about $40 from Check it out.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    I was also thinking my money would be better spent on a rear sway instead. I am going to go ahead with a B&M Edge short shifter with bushings. Two q's about that: Will I have to grease up the bushings to keep them from squeeking (I have heard they have a tendency to do so)? Will I have to change the mounting of the exhaust (sometimes the shift linkage bangs against the piping)? Thanks guys.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    As I am steadily building up my car step by step, I have come to the stage that I think a performance clutch and flywheel would help quite a bit. I have already researched Comptech, Exedy, and ACT and found no flywheels made for my car.

    My big question is whether an ITR or Si OEM clutch and flywheel will work with my car.

    Otherwise, I think I will hold off on the clutch as I would rather do both (clutch and flywheel) at the same time. Any help is appreciated.
  • fjm1fjm1 Posts: 137
    Check Got a good price on a great clutch for my Teg.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    What disc did you get and how long have you had it? How different is it from stock? I am glad I have quite a bit of time to think about what clutch I want to get as there are so many out there. I am still skeptical about getting an aluminum flywheel (which is what I would do if I went with a CM clutch and get a CM flywheel). Any other thoughts on this?
  • fjm1fjm1 Posts: 137
    I got the stage 1 about 4 months ago. Took me the better part of the day to install and has worked flawlessly. My OEM clutch was slipping so this was a great improvement. No noticable difference in pedal effort.

    I almost got the Stage 0 because it was so cheap!

    Flywheels: Lighter spins up faster but robs torque. It's a tradeoff.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    chem: Yep, as long as the bushings are polyurethane they 'll squeak (squeek? chk spelling), but not right away. It takes them about 5-6mos to start squeaking. They also don't squeak as much in the summer time or in warm weather and they 're not that bad. The squeak a lot more in colder weather (like 55 & below). My sway bar bushings were squaking up until the middle of May. Haven't heard them squeak all summer.. I think Energy suspension makes some new bushings that have a small hole in them so you can grease them up. Don't know if they make the re-greasable one for the shifter, but if they do, it would be for the stock shifter.
    Don't know if you have to move the exhaust out of the way for the B&M shifter. I never modded my Civic HB. But if you have to do anything like that I wouldn't buy that shifter. Get another one. I don't imagine the exhaust would be in the way. I mean what kind of product is that, that you 'd have to reposition your exhaust just to put in a shifter and some linkage? I can see if you were installing a racing tranny or Type-R tranny or something.. But a shifter? I wouldn't buy it.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    I'm going to get an Autometer tach (3 3/4" white face) for by hb soon. I realize this is an Integra forum, but I guess since one member can relate to my experiences, it's okay. I've joined recently and its not too bad. The frequency of knowledgeable people may not be as great as a but it is a young site. Thanks for the thoughts about squeaking (squaking? better check spelling :)). After I install the ss and the strut bar, it will be time to order the tach and rear sway. Then to call it a day :).
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Hi all,

    My girlfriend was in an accident, and is currently selling her Integra. Does anybody know what the fair price might be?

    It's a '90 hatchback GS, 218,000. Runs great, regular service (last time the timing belt was changed was at 180K miles), oil changes every 3K miles, etc.

    The only problem is the damage from the accident - the rear left side is pretty damaged, but doesn't appear to affect the susspension. Looks pretty ugly though. Front left is also somewhat damaged - the headlight is brocken, and the bumber misaligned.

    Any idea? Any help will be appreciated!

  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    you should also check out Edmunds' Used Vehicle Appraiser to see what other people are selling a 1990 Integra for in your region.

    Also, here's a direct link to Edmunds'Used Power shopper, where you'll be directed to some sources where you can place a free online ad. Good luck. ;-)

    Hatchbacks / Station Wagons / Women's Auto Center Boards

  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137 (kelly blue book). That will give you an idea what a '90 GS goes for with the exact mileage you have. Then unfortunately you 'd have to subtract several hundred $$ or a thousand or more for the damage. At this point it looks like you wouldn't get too much for it because of the body damage.
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    pocahontas HOST, only1harry,

    Thanks for your reponse. Your info helped. My girlfriend sold the car yesterday.

  • Hi,
    My car is GSR-01. I have purchased and installed a apexi V-AFC controller for my car as suggestion from the performance shop. I wonder that you guy in here can give to me some suggestion of correction adjusting for this unit. I see no different at horse power after the installation. Any body in here is using this unit? Please help me to know how to use this unit.
    Thank you so much for your help....
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137

    You 'll get all the technical info you need there from many people who have the same exact unit.
    I don't have a VAFC so I couldn't help you. But I do know this: the only way you 'll notice a little more power is if you lower the VTEC crossover point to like 5K or 4500 RPM instead of 6K which is the factory setting. The Apexi V-AFC should allow you to do this. I believe it also allows for fuel pressure adjustment. Again, you will only see power gains if you have an aftermarket Fuel Pump (and/or a bigger throttle body. The V-AFC only really helps if you have mods on the car. In order to see any type of "significant gains" with the V-AFC you must have at least bolt-on mods, like header, exhaust, cold air intake and some minor engine mods, like aftermarket (Type-R will do too) CAM gears and/or cams. If everything is stock on your '01 GSR, the most you 'll get is about 1-2hp out of a VAFC and you won't really notice that, but again the VAFC can help give you the power earlier by getting VTEC to kick in at lower RPM. If you do this you will experience a little better acceleration. I wouldn't go below 4500RPM. Most people set it for 5K and 5500.
  • roc2roc2 Posts: 2
    I would like to hear/read horror stories about broken timing belt. I bought my '95 integra used. Now it has about 76K miles, and I wonder if it is time to replace it. Manual says, this belt is good for 90K miles, and if a car is driven in severe conditions only for 60K miles. But I don't think that previous owner was driving this car in severe conditios (she lived and titled this car in Chicago area, and put about 12K miles per year). Has anyone experienced this problem, and after how many miles? Any input in this matter will be appreciated. Thank you.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    You don't know how the previous owner drove the car. He may 've driven it extremely hard with a lead foot and going to redline regularly. You should change it soon. I 'd change it by 80k if I were you. I know one guys whose timing belt snapped at 85k so you never know. Doesn't hurt to do it a little earlier. The 60k they mention in the manual is their insurance policy or release of liability if it breaks before 90k. Get it done especially since you don't know HOW the previous owner drove the car.
  • roc2roc2 Posts: 2
    to: only1harry
    Thank you for your input in this matter. I'll keep this in mind. The friend of mine replaced timing belt in his honda civic around 90K miles. I think that your suggestion to replace it at 80K sounds good. roc2.
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    yep...80K is a good bet. Good luck
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    I replaced the timing belt on my '97 Civic at 91k mi. I have to admit though, I was pretty nervous when the car hit 90K and the dealer gave me an appointmet that was a week later..
  • tellerteller Posts: 14
    I have a '94 Integra LS with 120,000 miles and still going strong. In fact, aside from (faithful) maintenance, I have never really had to repair the car, and it runs (almost) like new. Can I hear a few "real world" stories about high mileage Integras? Thanks...
  • chem123chem123 Posts: 272
    There is a guy on this board that passed the quarter-century mark a couple of months back. Congratulations and good luck with your Teg.
  • only1harryonly1harry Posts: 1,137
    there were 2 of them here a couple of months ago. One of them has a g2 Integra, '91 or 92 I think with over 200k mi.
    The other guy buys a new Integra like every 2yrs because he travels a lot for his job. His first one a '98 or '99 LS went to 210k before the valves needed to be repaired. Now I think he has a '00 or '01 GSR.
    How often do you get a valve clearance adjustment teller? I tried to make an appt. with the dealer because my '99 GSR has 27k hard miles on it (a lot of racing, official racing..) and they refused! They said to give them a call when the car is close to 60k. Now I can't tell them the car is raced 7mos out of the year.. I could insist and bring it in to make them do it, but I 'm afraid that they may not even touch it, and tell me they did it. The problem is that the car has to be really cold when they do it, so they tell you to drop it off the night before, or bring it in really early and come back at the end of the day. You can tell I don't trust dealers..
  • tellerteller Posts: 14
    The first couple of times, I took it in every 15k, as recommended, but each time, I was told that after measurement, no adjustments were needed. Then I started to bring it in at every 30k, but again, the same story. I use a very good private mechanic (same guy since the car was new), and the valves have been checked regularly, but no adjustment needed in 120,000 miles.
  • brekkebrekke Posts: 304
    I have an '87 with 221K miles. I just paid $300 to replace both sides of the front axle. My brother gave me the car a year ago, at the time I paid for new tires, tune up, new struts f+r and a rear bushing for $1500. It's only used as a second car now but it runs great. I don't know what that valve clearance adjustment teller is, I really don't want to put any more money into this car. I forgot about the timing belt - arg!
  • My 1994 black acura integra is showing large white spots on the roof and hatchback. Is this a known problem with the paint? Does anyone know if this is covered by a company bulletin? Any help on this is apperciatd before I approach the dealer.
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