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Subaru Impreza: inconsistent idle, runs good then bad

phillys14phillys14 Posts: 1
1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Wagon, will start up and idle just fine, run fine, after 5-10 min., will start to idle slow and fast, eventually dying, if giving gas, sounds like it is being starved or not running smooth and then die, the exhaust also seems to smell a little different when it does this (only when running strange). Can't say that the exhaust smells liek fuel, but maybe. If I shut off and let cool down, will start up and run fine again for a while. If driving, can only go about 5 miles from cold start, then it dies, try to restart a couple times, then runs fine for a few more mile before repeating. Mechanic check fuel pressure and was fine. Check engine lite codes for knock sensor, but multiple mechanics have said this will not affect much. Code is cleared and comes back to same code. Stuck in very remote location, possible oxygen sensor, ignitions module, maybe? Any help greatly appreciated.


  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I don't know about subaru...but my old isuzu trooper had an issue with the intake manifold gasket...the gasket would develop a leak...and this cause the exact same symptoms once the truck warmed was a loss of vacuum from what I understood.

    Perhaps it is something like that. It took 5 trips to the dealer to resolve...they couldn't find it in the 2 sec drive from the parking lot to the garage...I told the service guy to take it to stalled on him in the burger king drive through...then they were able to fix it.
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