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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • I’m the original owner of a 04’ Durango 5.7 Hemi. With less than 80K miles driving 35 MPH.... BAAM, a rod puts a hole through the engine block. Oil that looks like liquid gold is weeping to the ground.

    I paid over 35K for this car, never towed anything, just drove it like a normal car. And yes, I changed the oil!! I wanted this vehicle to last another 75K being a V-8 and all, is that asking too much?????? My dad’s 1981 K-Car with a 2.2 engine lasted longer than my HEMI!!!

    Why is Chrysler in denial? I’m still waiting for my agent at Chrysler to call me but based on what I read, it looks very depressing. Didn’t Toyota give 15K for vehicles with over 200K miles due to rust on the frame?

    Do I keep the car for a year or two in hopes there is a forced recall? SHAME SHAME SHAME on Chrysler. Why is not Motor Trend or the Attorney Generals of all the states doing something/ How about using facebook? I feel like crying now, no family car, tough economy, no help from Chrysler as I type.....
  • There are so many of of with the same story of our $35- 40K vechicles becoming lawn ornaments just out of warranty. Please file a complaint on web site, Hopefully they will take notice. I sold mine to a junkyard....I will NEVER buy and American vechicle again.
  • My brother has a 2003 Saturn, 4 cylinder that has over 200K miles. My sister got 23OK out of her 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Not all are bad but I understand your point. Will NHTSA really do something? Thank goodness I was not on a highway when the engine blew.
  • Why don't we all load facebook or twitter with complaints like people did when verizon tried to charge $2.00 to pay their bill online? There has got to be something we can do about these lemon hemis.
  • I have submitted two to the NHTSA, but they said that they will look into it I paid 15K for a used hemi which is not good. I have had it maintenced and just placed new tires and I even had a tire that was rubber half off before the indicater light didnt even come on until after it was to late. I am refusing to pay anymore on this truck as they can have it back I am going to file bankruptcy.
  • Ok, so i think i figured out why we are all having or will have problems with the Hemi breaking rods in our Durangos and i think Dodge should admit its a manufacturers defect!. Have you noticed the engine wants to stall when its raining or when in a car wash? How many of us are saying, hey my Durango was fine till i cranked it up in the morning.. well do you remember if it rained that nite? Hmmmmm...... The durango does not have to be in motion for water to get into the engine bay, you will see in this video that tons of water is making its way into and on top of the motor/ intake causing it to get sucked in or simply work its way into the intake and into the cylinder causing the hydrolocking and eventually a broken rod! Hmmm... come on Dodge!

    By the way the water is seeping in via the cowl cover that rests on top of the lower part of the front winshield. Dont believe me? open your hood and spray your windshield.. =)
  • My Case Manager said I need to bring the Durango to a Dodge Dealer and pay them to conduct a diagnosis, to see if the engine was abused or neglected. What are they, social services? I abused a 76,000 mile engine???? What is abuse and how is it determined?

    So even if I pay for a new motor, the water is still going to weep into the engine compartment and ruin the motor? My engine failed when it was sunny and dry, if that matters anything.
  • There is a technical service bulletin out for that. Funny though that Dodge says they are not related when my He I blew a year ago.
  • The 2 are unrelated.
    The water problem is a poor design of the plastic cowl cover. There is a service bulletin on it and there is an updated replacement cover. Normally the stalling and rough running issue is simply the ignition getting wet. Sometimes it is accompanied with a check engine light because of a cylinder misfire code.
    Getting water INTO the engine (not on) would have to be a severe breech in the air cleaner assembly or a severe leak in the intake manifold and a huge volume of water, more than the cowl leak will produce. In either one of these events there would be a check engine light. The factory air box/air cleaner system is designed to be water proof under normal circumstances. If someone is driving the vehicle with NONE of the air intake parts installed there would be a risk of hydro-lock because there would be nothing protecting the engines air intake tract. To hydro-lock an engine it has to ingest a significant amount of water all at once.

    For an engine to hydro-lock it has to ingest a lot of water equivalent to the air box or air filter being partially submerged.
    I have seen this a few times when someone drives a 4x4 across a deep water hole or stream and enough water splashed up the engine gets a "big gulp".
    What happens is there is standing water in the cylinder and when the rod moves up for the compression stroke it can't compress it; the weak link is the rod and piston.
  • Well said dr.righteous! My wires get really wet during a rainstorm or car wash. The plastic cowl cover leaks around the wiper shafts and there is a plastic gromet in the middle that allows water through to engine wires. I installed the K&N cold intake on my vehicle which meant removing the OEM intake box. The box offered some protection but now the wires are fully exposed. So, thank you for infomation on the service bulletin!
  • My Hemi dropped dead in April last year. I cannot remember if it was raining or not but I am just now getting the POS fixed .Took time to get the $$ together. I got an 05 motor hoping the problem wont be like th 04. My mechanic in taking out the old engine asked me if the car spent time under water. 2 cylinders on the old engine were completely filled with water. They could not understand how this could be. Wow, this is the first I heard of it and now you all are saying the same thing. Does this defective junk ever stop? Will Dodge ever fess up?? Dont think so guys...remember, this is pre bankruptcy Dodge. So they take our bail out money and we get nothing but their garbage in return.. Don't ever buy their products again. NO matter what. Thats all we can do.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    I didn't see your engine block of course but if you threw a rod like is typical in the 5.7 failure then having coolant in the adjacent (or actually, any) cylinders wouldn't surprise me much. The broken rod flailing around causes all kind of damage besides possibly punching through the side of the block. I really doubt if water leaking into the engine bay during rainstorms is any cause of these failures. The intake is designed to keep it out unless it gets all the way under water.
  • Saturday I went out to start my 04 durango and it sounded like a bunch of stones were thrown in my engine. I took it to my mechanic and the same problem as everyone else the rods went. I have also experienced the hesitation like it is going to stall when it rains. I can't believe Chrysler is not recalling this I will never buy a dodge again. We should all get together and file a class action suit.
  • kris64kris64 Posts: 2
    Went out to start it on Saturday..made that awful noise. Left til it could be towed to the mechanic today.

    Just got the call that most likely this the rod is gone. The engine is shot. They have to tear into to see. They said they had one that did this last year.

    I was hoping to seek out information that Dodge has stepped up to the plate on this defect.

    Ours did start doing the stalling thing in car washes or when it was really raining out it would hesitate.
  • kris64kris64 Posts: 2
    Just had this happen with us on Saturday..same thing..and it is 2005
  • durangoshotdurangoshot Posts: 7
    edited January 2012
    MY issue is very similar to others posted. We purchased our car new in May 04. We drove our car 2 days before the engine failure and all was fine. We have had no major issues with the vehicle. I got in the car the other morning and tried to start it and it made this loud noise like rocks or marbles in the engine. Then it would not start. After a few attempts to start, the engine started but has a very loud knocking noise. Had it towed to a Dodge dealership. They said the camshaft and pistons need to be replaced. But haven't really torn the engine apart to diagnose everything. They said this is not a known problem....Right! Total cost to rebuild the bottom half is $5,000.00. The service guy told me it was one of the cleanest engines he has seen too. I told them that was too much and they went down to $4,100.00. But we found another licensed shop to rebuild for $2,700.00 with tax. The shop doing the work has 3 other Durangos at his shop with the same problem. The Dodge dealership also charged us $90.00 for diagnostics and $13.00 plus change for supplies. ? Our receipt just shows charge for diagnostics. We asked they also add to record the cause but they handwritten the possible problem on our paperwork. Is it because they don't want that in the system? I'm curious. We have purchased many Chrysler/Dodge products but no more especially if Chrysler will not come clean about this KNOWN problem with the engine. This engine should have lasted a lot longer than 90,900 miles. It's not the 70's anymore. And the Dealership said that they sold over a million and a half of these vehicles and this is a fluke that it happened to a few of them.
  • I just had my Durango towed off as I voluntary had them repo it as I gave it back to many issues and alot of money to fork out when these things should be recalled and fixed but they won't. I won't get a durango even if I do love it.. I will by a Ford it seems to out last the durango by a long shot
  • We are discussing the same about purchasing new vehicles. Ford is the only car company of the big 3 that didn't get bailed out. And I don't think Chrysler/Dodge is going to bail me out of this known engine problem.
  • If you have your car repoed, it will impact FICO score and ability to obtain credit. You are allowed to put comments on your credit file, best put something like bad auto credit due to Chrysler not recalling defective engine, repair costs over $8,000.

    Won't guarantee this will help but good luck.
  • Hate to hear that you had to -default- on your loan that way. It may be a :lemon: but this does not clear you of the responsibility to stand behind your promise to pay back your loan.
    The problem may be you purchased the vehicle in good faith that it would provide good service for the life of the vehicle and it didn't. But nowhere will you find such wording in the loan agreement. It is all on your back once you sign.
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