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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • jorgesajorgesa Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    I called the customer service number for Chrysler posted on its website. I was told by the person on the other end that this was not a problem and that no recall existed for that engine. I told the person that there would not be until there was a statistical significance and the government got involved. I mentioned that I had seen a half dozen or so other issues posted on this Edmunds site and that all were at approximately 65K to 85K miles. This I would assume to be a design issue. With that I was transferred to a case manager and assigned a case number. I currently have the car at dealer where it is being looked at.

    Tonight I thought let me look at the February posting I did. I was surprised to see a number of other complaints logged since that February posting. I would suggest to all that they give Chrysler a call. With today's technology and metallurgy there should not be a catastrophic failure such as this occurring at this mileage level - in warrantee or not.
  • I have a 2003 Ram 2500 that developed a "miss" a week ago while moving at 5 mph. It felt like a bad coil pack, but ended up being spark plugs with the bottoms smashed flat from the piston slamming the valve into the bottom of them. The truck has just under 76k (6k out of warranty) and was bought new by me and maintained regularly. I called Chrysler last week and was told that they know of "no known issues with the Hemi".
  • jbarnett7580jbarnett7580 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I have a 04 dodge durango with the 5.7 Hemi in it. It is starting to stall or miss. It seems like it only does it when at a low RPM. But it could be doing it at a higher RPM also, just not able to tell. I am going to pull the spark plugs tomorrow. It has 85k miles on it, and after reading all of the post, that seems to be when stuff goes wrong. I have had the computer scanned but the only error that is present is that the EGR valve is stuck open. Is there anything that Crysler is doing about this?? Or do i just have to hold my breath and hope that a rod doesn't come out the side of the engine?? If a ignition coil was bad would the computer log an error code??? Any help on this would help out alot. Thanks in advance. It is only missing / stalling some of the time.
  • Chrysler told me that mine was out of warranty so there was nothing they could do. While mine was in the shop, a 2004 dodge 2500 with the 5.7 came in with a broken valve spring (exact same spring broke as mine). After seeing the aftermath of my 5.7, if it starts to miss again, I plan to take it to get all the valve springs inspected/replaced. I thought it was a coil-pack so I didn't turn it off. Now I'm left with a broken valve spring, broken valve, broken valve guide, broken piston......heap of scrap metal.
  • my 2004 durango limited hemi blew the same way, 7 months ago , i have 110k on the engine. always mantained at a dodge dealership. i went to start it in the morning, hit the key, and boom, 2 rods snapped, when i called dodge they told me it was the 1st hemi that has happened to, this is BS, any ideas on how to go at dodge would be great. Liars, and i also sent a report to ntsb, about a year ago, that seemed like a waste of time, about it just stalling, sometimes at idle, once at 90 mph on the highway, with no brakes, steering, lights,nothing. then starts right back up????????
  • smleistsmleist Posts: 2
    I think I may be having the same problem. My wife went out to the Durango sunday afternoon and said it wouldn't start. I went out and tried a few times and got it to start. Then I noticed there was a knocking sound coming from the engine. First thought, was that the starter was hanging up. Removed starter and found no problem there. Have listened very closely to engine from all sides and beneath. Knock is louder from underneath towards the rear of the oil pan. I live on a very tight budget and pray that this is not what it seems like it is. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Clearly, there is a trend. Yesterday, my wife's Chrysler stopped running at 65K. No pressure on #1. Calling Chrysler in the morning.
  • speedtrapspeedtrap Posts: 10
    Luckily mine was covered under warranty, but it seems many of you are being screwed and something needs to be done. What can be done?
  • I personally have been keeping a record of all of these posts and I have also spoke with several people, via friends on facebook, who have also had similar problems in the Dodge Ram's with 5.7L Hemi's....THERE IS DEFINATELY a problem, so keep posting on here and encourage all who you talk to, to post problems...I am not sure what we can do at this point...
    Also after my engine was replaced, it makes a funny knocking sound. It did not make this sound in the old engine, and when I questioned the dealer who installed the engine, I was told "the sound was normal and that is the way all Hemi engines sound"....
  • bklynwenbklynwen Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Durango with Hemi. It is 5 years old with just under 55,000 miles and has been well maintained. About a year ago I had similar loss of power issues (check engine light came on). A local mechanic diagnosed a faulty sensor and replaced it and all was fine. A couple of months ago we took the vehicle in for the instrument cluster and fuel gauge recalls and, while it was at the dealer, we had additional routine maintenance done to the tune of nearly $3000. This past weekend, the car stalled out (no check engine light). It started right back up. I took it to my mechanic again. They ran a diagnostic scan and drove it and nothing unusual came up. I however am fearful about driving since it gave no warning. I am going to contact Chrysler. I can't imagine in light of all that has happened with Toyota that they are willing to overlook this.
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    Apparently I'm having the same problem that a lot of durango owners are having. First the vehicle was stalling out at low speeds and then I'd have all sorts of warning lights coming on. I had it in to my mechanic who could not figure it out and he sent it over to the Dodge dealer to see if they could figure it out. The dealer said that they had no idea and they would have to tear the engine down at an hourly rate. The engine has 146K on it with all of the scheduled maintenance having been done. My mechanic (who i've been with for 20+ yrs) finally got the vehicle to work w/o any error codes when without warning the engine locked up. He suspects a valve spring sheared off and something else catastrophic. He thinks that the it will need a used or rebuilt engine. Right now i have an immobile wheeled piece of scrap metal. I'm thinking of having a used engine w/ 60K dropped in so that i can just trade it in for something non-dodge. Do i have to put another 5.7 hemi in? From the forum, it seems like this is a not unusual issue with the 5.7 and if i put another hemi in, who knows how long that will last. Chrylser clearly wont admit that there's a problem despite what seems like numerous complaints. If this was happening to Toyota's SUV, the government would be all over the manufacturer for answers, but hey, at least Chrysler got a government bailout. I bought this thing for $32K with 24 miles on it; it should last for more than 5 yrs. That's the last Dodge that I'll ever buy.
  • If you find anything out please let me no, this is killing me, just paid 11k,cash, and don't have a vechile to drive , with work and 4 kids its killing me. thxs
  • did dodge do anything for you, there are alot of us with the same problem, need help!!!
  • if you hear anything, let me no, this sucks, and im sure they are hiding it, because im sure its killed poeple!!!
  • keep me informed buddy, sitting in the same boat. 2004 limited 5.7
  • if you hear anything please let me know, my 2004 limited hemi did the exact thing
  • 03pos03pos Posts: 1
    Yep my '03 ram just seized up at 120k miles. Pulled the plugs and a valve on #3 cylinder on passenger side snapped and flattend the plugs. Would really like to get a recall or class action going, no way am I paying $5k for a new motor. I bought it used last year so don't know much history but I've only put 3k miles on it.
  • evw1959evw1959 Posts: 11
    Well, I had no choice but to replace my 2004 engine because otherwise I'd own a piece of scrap metal. $3,843.00 total for a used 2005 engine, new water pump, master seals, miscellaneous. As my trusted mechanic told me, the problem is not unique to the Durango but occurs with any of the Chrysler/Dodge engines with a .7 in it (such as the 5.7 liter that I have) Everyone suggests a class action lawsuit but you'd need to find a professional class action lawyer whose willing to front the costs. For the time being, I would suggest that everyone who has this problem file a complaint online with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, Office of Defects Investigations. The website is There are 507 formal complaints re the '04 durango if you don't specify a specific component problem although just sifting thru these indicates that the majority of the complaints pertain to catastrophic engine failures preceeded by stalling out and flashing dash lights. Of course, I suspect that there are probably hundreds of more similar incidents that were never reported to NHTSA. The '05 and later models do not show anywhere near a similar amount of engine failure complaints. I'm guessing that the government won't do anything because (1) I can't see where there has been any accidents with injuries/fatalities and (2) it doesnt involve Toyota. (The gvmt was all over Toyota for a supposed floor mat maybe sticking on an accelerator. I would suggest that if you do file a complaint, point out whether you were moving at the time of failure since once the engine cuts out you immediately lose power steering and brakes. At high speeds, I surprised that there has not been any injuries when this occurred. I'll be persistant in pestering NHTSB and hope you will as well. In the meantime, if you can, trade-in that '04 durango as soon as possible. Good luck to everyone!
  • I have a 2005 Durango with the Hemi engine. Yes it did the stalling once in a while. But last Monday we were on our way back to Florida coming down a steep Mountain in Tennessee (highway 24) when our engine seized. No you don't have power steering and brakes!! I was very lucky that my husband was driving since we were driving at a high rate of speed. We coasted down the mountain and to safety. We were very lucky!!!
    The tow truck company said that this had happened less than two weeks before ours to a lady with a 2004 Durango (hemi).
    We were towed to Dodge where they tried to talk me into trading it in. Of course my car isn't worth much without an engine. So I couldn't afford to trade it in.
    It is costing me $6400 + tax to replace my engine. I had 156,000 miles on my car. We shouldn't have had to replace it!
    I am a Real Estate Agent, I need my car to make a living. And of course they want their payments even though my Durango is in the shop!
    Dodge needs to step up to the problems with these engines. I will be more than happy to join any law suit!!!
  • dgolfdgolf Posts: 1
    2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi, well maintained, about 89,000 miles. Mostly used for highway driving, has never towed or been off-roading. Last drove it Saturday 06/12 and was running fine, no warning lights, no funny noises. Stayed home the following day, Sunday. Monday morning went to start it up to go to work, turned the ignition, heard a loud thump then would not turn over. Had it towed to shop, was told that a piston had gone through the side of the block. Would like to hear back from others who have had this problem and contacted Chrysler. Has anyone actually gotten any assistance in replacing engine if it out of warranty?
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