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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • mqtmqt Posts: 2
    To follow up on my engine failure. . .

    After waiting for the dealer for 1 week they told me because the vehicle was out of warranty there was nothing they could do for me, and they suggested opening a case with Chrysler. On Oct 18th I opened a case, giving all of the information about the failure. I also noted that the vehicle had regular maintenance at my local Chrysler dealerships until they both closed about 2 years ago. I also noted that this was the 3rd new Chrysler vehicle I had bought from the dealership. I referenced the several similar cases listed on NHTSA website and this board.

    I had to call them a couple of times but they agreed that Chrysler should do *something*. After a week they asked that I authorize the dealer to tear down the vehicle so they could determine the cause and make sure it was not abuse. After doing this I waited 2 weeks. I called the dealer asking for status. They said they were waiting a call back from the case manager at Chrysler. I called Chrysler, and they said they were waiting to get back information from the dealer. This went on for 2 weeks, until I finally facilitated a conference call between the dealer and Chrysler.

    One more week went by and the Friday before Thanksgiving my case manager at Chysler called to let me know that they had received all of the information from the dealer but because of the cost that they would need to escalate my case. I was figuring on another week, but was pleasently supprised when she called back 10 minutes later saying that it was approved.

    Chrysler footed the bill less a $500 deductable. I got a used motor with a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty. It took another 10 days but I got my vehicle back last Tuesday.

    All in all I was out a vehicle for 51 days and it cost me $500. Because I have an extra commuter vehicle I was able to wait it out with Chrysler, and was not in such a hurry to get my Durango back. This saved me about $4000. It ended up being about the happiest $500 repair bill I ever ended up paying all things considered.
  • My 2004 just let go on Monday. Wife's car since new, all maintenance documented, but from what I see here the volume of failures is not enough for Dodge to acknowledge. Filed a report on the NHTSA but doubt it will help. Has anybody been able to find the Mopar part # for a complete OEM engine?
  • My 2004 Durango with the Hemi also blew a connecting rod causing two major cracks in the block. All the oil leaked out and now it sits in my dealer needing a new engine. It has 71,000 miles and the dealer tells me the powertrain warranty wouldnt even cover it, not to mention that I am 1800 miles past 7 yr/70K warranty period. After doing some research, I discovered all these similar complaints. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA and going to make a call to the corporate offices tomorrow. My Durango was in great shape too.
  • Well my problem was not as bad as I thought, I told the service manager where to look and was dead on it ,The number 5 cylinder broke a rocker arm , 480.00 and back on the road. I feel we got lucky. I did call corp. and told them if the engine was blown, I would expect help. The only thing that was on my side was the fact that I bought it new, and had all the service work done at the dealer. I do believe they would have helped me if it cost more or it was completely destroyed.
  • 2004 Dodge Durango 98,000 miles, had a ticking noise coming from the valve train and then let go completely. Working on tearing it down to see exactly where the problem is.
  • Well, finally got the motor out. Found out that the ticking noise was #7 cylinder connecting rod was bent and hitting the baffle above the crankshaft. It broke, as I was driving it onto the lift, and sent the rod through the side of the block. The weird part was that when i had a stethoscope on the motor it sounded louder from the top, which is why i thought it was a valve problem. Working on filing a complaint with NHTSA now don't expect anything to come of it though. :sick: :lemon:
  • I called Dodge corporate offices. They were very helpful. I had to show proof of oil changes which I did. I had to pay $1500 deductible and a new rebuild (whatever that means) will be installed in my Durango. They forgave the 1800 miles I am over the powertrain warranty. We will see how the new engine works out.
  • tcyrtcyr Posts: 1
    I have a 05 Dodge Durango with the 5.7 hemi and it is stalling on me, becoming more fequent. It happens when I'm at a low idle, and when I am turning Very dangerous when you are turning into uncomming traffic. It will start back up after I put it back into park and restart the egnition. I looked this up on line and found other dodge vehicles are doing the same thing and they put a factory recall on them. But when I went to the dealership they looked up my vin and said it was not part of the recall. Very unhappy, and hoping that nothing horrible happens to my family or myself..
  • Have your service station or dealer check the EGR sensor, even if no check engine lights have come on.
  • Wow, I had no idea so many had had the same problem I indured just before Christmas leaving my son's hockey game. we weren't even out of the parking lot before we heard that horrible sound, BANG! and then that constant very loud knocking. I knew right away the engine was gone. We did't even make it to the street light to leave the lot. I manage to hup it back in the lot at a crawl and then it stalled and died. Tried starting it again but nothing. I jumped out only to notice oil spilling from the buttom. I was in tears just about. I bought this truck second hand with 57 000 miles and had all the history from it from car proof. Turns out it was a lease return where previous owner made regular oil changes and maintenance done at dealership.
    I got the engine replaced with a 2005 5.7 hemi from a pick up truck with 39 000km on it but at a hefty price of $4000 installed and 90 day warranty. So far so good.
    Turns out my blown engine when mech"s took it out of the truck had a broken piston arm. which had the piston still in the cylinder and the reminder of the broken arm still connected to the crank which caused two large holes on both sides of the block from the arm swinging like mad around the crank.
    I asked how does this happen to the mechanic who himself drives a hemi and had no idea. I seen the damage with my own eyes and could not believe the size of both holes . 3 inchs in diameter and about 2" on the other side.

    Funny how I had just gave it an oil change the week prior. Engine was very clean, not sluge what so ever. Didnt bother with Chrysler due to it being a second hand car . Too bad.

    So now I have a just about new engine with a good looking truck again. it is a 2004 but still looks great, still turns heads. :sick:
  • We have a 2004 Dodge Durango with a Hemi engine. We have kept the maintenance up and it has about 100,000 miles. We just took a road trip last weekend without incident.

    Friday, my husband goes out, of course after cleaning the truck and making it shine, to go to the store and gets absolutely nothing except noise. No warning, no signs of a problem - absolutely nothing! The dang thing just died without warning. Our story is the same as most on this site - now we are debating whether or not to replace the engine because the exterior and interior of the truck is still in great condition. :cry:

    We are stumped! My husband found this site while searching for answers and we sure wish we had know this before making this purchase. :surprise:

    I understand that folks are thinking about a class action suit. If a suit is brought against chrysler (they don't deserve a capital letter), we are definitely in and will help lead the charge. :mad:
  • Any help available... My girlfriend parked her 2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi Friday after work, was running perfect, no noises no engine lights running great. Went out Tuesday morning to take her to dr and soon as hit the key BAM blown motor I am guessing, afraid to let run afraid the crank or rod will let go and ruin the block but I cant even find a rebuild kit. Help 83k miles and perfect body. Any help out there or from Dodge?
  • Sorry about the mess your in I was there last summer with the 06 hemi commander a few pages back, I repaired my hemi, the steel valve seat comes loose in the alum head gets under the valve then the piston breaks up the seat you might get lucky like me, for some reason its always the drivers side, I replaced 1# piston and rod assy, new head, gaskets and fluids about 700.00 doing the work myself becareful not to run the engine the rod could break the block and you will have to replace the engine also make sure who ever does the work to remove all the framents out of the plastic intake manifold or the same thing will happen again good luck
  • wow. SAME THING HERE.I came home from work on a thursday friday morning went to start the truck up. nothing we thought it was a starter husband changed it cranked it up heard banging.. and that was it the rod went through the oil sure what is gonna cost for a new motor but i love the truck.
  • I am looking at a 2004 Durango with 116,000 miles on it (for a second vehicle to tow a travel trailer). It is the limited edition with a Hemi in it. Is it worth the risk to buy this vehicle with this many miles on it? Thanks.
  • i got 5,000.00 from them for my 2004 i never gave up and a chrylser dealer never put the engin in for me i went to a privet place
  • kaykaywckaykaywc Posts: 6
    How did you get $5000.00? Was your truck still under warranty? How many miles did it have on it? Mine was out of warranty but it still should have lasted longer than it did. I ended up getting another motor and now I'm afraid the same thing will happen.
  • i have a 2004 88,000 miles out of warrenty the rod broke i belive in june and i finilly got the 5,000 from chrysler in dec if you want to talk e mail me at and i will give you my cell number
  • i had the same problem in 06. i called chrysler they did not help and had to get a new engine
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