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Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi Engine Failure



  • janap1janap1 Posts: 6
    I have been to the dealership 7 times to get my problem fixed with my Dodge Durango Hemi 2005. It bucks and sputter mostly at around 45mph, but since they have worked on it the problem is worse and does it at all speeds. According to the corporate headquarters quoted by my service advisor, "the hemi's are notorious for running like that and this is a normal condition to feel a surge at speeds between 45 and 60. Not a repair for this concern". Half the time it feels like it is going to cut out on me. I don't feel safe driving in it, or going any distance. I got a tune-up and fuel injection service, which made it worse. So took it back, they did the computer analysis, which turned up nothing. Took it back again as problem is continuing to get worse. They replaced two oxygen sensors and the computer module PO8035029. (at a cost of $400 to me and $1,000 to them as mine is still under warranty....purchased as a dealers demo, so still under the 70,000 mile will expire in 500 more miles) This "repair" only has made the car shift used to shift smoothly, now I have that plus the surging and bucking. Returned to the dealership, they replaced the EGR sensor, but it wasn't that so they say, they put the old one back on. Took it back another time and the service advisor forgot to put the truck in for service after I sat there 6 hours waiting for my truck. I was given a rental car and sent on my way. Next day, got a rude call from the service advisor telling my car cannot be fixed and that is how just how they run and I would have to deal with it.

    I then proceeded to the new car department at the dealership acting like I was interested in buyig a new Dodge Durango. I asked the salesman if the 2011 Hemi's problems were fixed. He assured me that the problems in the older models had been worked out on the 2011 models. Now, if Chrysler is aware of the PROBLEMS with the older models, then why are they letting us all continue to drive in them and put our lives at risk?? I wanted a letter stating that my car was safe to drive, which my service advisore promised me but I never got. The dealership actually makes you feel like you are in the wrong for wanting your car fixed. I have a case number with the main plant in Auborn Hills, MI. I have written to them again explaining my last fiasco with the dealership. Hopefully they will do something about this problem. Ironicly while all this is going on with my Durango, boyfriends Dodge 2003 truck siezed up; water got into the oil. He had to buy a new truck. Something is not right with Dodge. They need to take responsibility.
  • The main issue have here is a BAD DEALER!!!
    Automotive technicians range from outstanding to horrible and they all work at dealerships. Many dealerships are interested in quick fixes because they want to move a volume of vehicles through their service bays to keep profits up. Hard problems they will BLAME on the vehicle owners. Also many dealerships only hire cheap labor in their shop so hard problems don't get fixed.
    I recommend taking your Durango to another Dodge dealer. If it is under warranty they have to honor it and do the service.
  • File a complaint

    get involved!!! Do not let Dodge get away with this!!
  • janap1janap1 Posts: 6
    I took my Durango to a transmission place and had the transmission oil and filter changed, so far it has solved the problem. Why couldn't the Dodge dealership figure this out? After I spent 7 days at the dealership and $1,200 plus they replaced a $1,000 part under warranty.
  • I had the same issue. auto zone gave me the same plugs except 8 of platinum and 8 of the better ones. I didnt realize the difference. Read your post and had them replace spark plugs today. so at least they are correct now. Talked to the dealer said shouldn't cause any further problems....but still wont start right?? you have any luck finding the problem....ours sounds identical problem and same mileage. Ive had new starter, alternater, plugs,wires. now air bag light on....and still starting
  • The intermittent "dying" while driving is an issue covered in a service bulletin. Like I mentioned before many dealership DO NOT HIRE SKILLED MECHANICS. The hire 'shade tree' types that work cheap. They want to move a volume of easy fixes through their service department and avoid expensive repairs. Dealership owners are interested in MONEY; not taking care of their customers.
  • I can sympathize, but don’t expect Dodge to do anything about your problem. I just traded in a 2011 Durango Crew with similar problems that - after several visits to the dealer and a complaint filed with Dodge was deemed a "characteristic of the vehicle by design" leaving you little recourse. In fact, my story is much like yours right down to the service advisor making it seem like the problem is with you and not your car. Still mad as hell about the whole ordeal after paying $45,000 for the vehicle, but figured it would be cheaper in the long run and less stressful to trade the Durango in with only 6000 miles and take the loss up front. I am now the proud owner of a certified 2008 BMW X5 that I couldn't be happier with. The X5 runs like a dream and the level of customer appreciation and care at the dealership is unprecedented.
  • Much of the hype surrounding the new Hemis is because on paper the engine design is a winner in every aspect. But the execution was ridiculously poor. ">

    I found it very interesting that if you read up on any modern Hemi build ups in a car magazine the first thing you have to do is toss the stock rods and pistons and do replace much of the valve train to keep the engine from coming apart.
    I have been building MoPar engines for years. And that level of modification was necessary only in competitive drag racing engines where you were running really high compression, high RPM or supercharged. The stock internals of these "new" Hemis are cheap JUNK.
  • The same thing happened to me with my 04' Durango. I was fortunate to have purchased a used car warranty through the dealer. It still cost me 1500 but was well worth it. Now she has an 08 motor with a set of flow masters and a K&n cold air filter. I'm getting 22 mph on the hiway and it pulls my boat n trailer (7500lbs,) no problem. Man I'm hoping it doesn't blow a rod again. If anyone starts a class action suit, count me in!
  • angel121angel121 Posts: 9
    edited October 2011
    I am trying to. I have contacted Millberg Class action litigators in NY. They are looking into it. Find them on the web ( and give your support please. Dodge has to pay for what they have done to their customers. I can't justify a $6000 repair on an engine that does not even have 100k on it...and a car that is not even worth that much.
  • I hear that! My main car is a BMW 2001 X5. It has 174000 miles on it and still runs like a dream. Dodge could learn a lot from a quality auto maker. they just make junk.
  • We purchased our '04 Durango to replace our beloved 1995 Grand Cherokee. We wanted something with a bit more interior room and something with more towing capacity to pull a small camper.
    The ONLY reason we got rid of the Jeep was it had 200K miles on it and it would NOT run on gas with ethanol added; but ran fine on 100% gas. It was hard to find in my area so we decided to stop fighting the issue and upgrade to a newer vehicle. I found the Durango at a local dealer and the price was slashed because it was when gas prices spiked a few years ago and everyone was in a panic getting rid of big vehicles with V8s. Dealerships couldn't get rid of them so I was able to score a major deal and got it of 12K when it booked for nearly 17K.
    The Jeep had a 5.2L Magnum with was the modern MoPar 318; an engine that has been around since the 60s. At 200K miles it still ran great (on pure gas) but since this vehicle was pre-OBDII, it didn't have the newer technology (knock sensor) to deal with poor quality gasoline. So when you filled up with 10% ethanol gas, it knocked and pinged like crazy. We really, really regret selling the old Jeep now. I actually wanted a WJ (99-04 Grand Cherokee) but my wife wanted something bigger.
  • I have an 04 Durango with the HEMI. Everytime it rains or I run it through a car wash, it dies. It misses real bad, stalls then check engine light stays on for weeks. My mechanic said it is the o2 sensor but he has changed them all. The throttle body sensor was replaced and the crank positioning sensor was replaced. The damn thing keeps leaving me stranded. We are doing another car wash test on Friday. Take it to the car wash and hook the computer up to it and see if we get any error codes. The dealer was useless. They don't have a clue. I love my Durango but I hate being stranded. Time for a new car?
  • mjbuddmjbudd Posts: 9
    we had the same exact problem w/ our 04 durango for months. ideled really hight in the rain or after car wash and then started even stalling. check engine light would go on, no codes were coming up, nobody could figure it out, we once found a service bulletin saying it was the cowling, and we ordered a new one from dodge. 2 days later our engine blew. be careful i don't know if there is any connection but we replaced the engine w/ a jasper engine and it has never done it again.
  • My Durango was running ruff after a car wash or a good rain. My mechanic pulled the coils and found rust on the last two spark plugs on the right side of the engine. I think they are cylinders #7 and #8. Number 8 had thrown a code so I replaced the coil and my mechanic put silicon gel around the coil tube
    to keep water from the spark plug base. I did not replace the coil on #7 but we did gel the outside of the coil tube (coil tubes have a ribbed rubber ring to keep water out of plug port). These changes seem to have put an end to the ruff idle when the roads are wet. Coils were @ $45. I did the above repairs about 3 weeks ago. I do plan to check every coil and silicone each coil tube this coming week. This is a very easy task. There are 2 little set screws holding down each coil. Once screws are removed pull up on coil tube. Then silicone rubber ribs. Carefully push tube back on to spark plug. Of course, disconnect wire to coil and only do one coil at a time.
  • Today driving my just bought 2weeks ago as a as is no warranty Durango driving down the highway doing 72 mph then all of sudden bam clank and a whole bunch of smoke out the back. No signs of anything no lights no noise this truck ran great and very very clean. Thats why I bought it. So now I had it towed to the Dodge place to have them look at it. I do see the rod out the passager side of the engine block. I wish I would have looked at the problems with the 04 durangos with the hemi. So I guess If anyone has any answers I would love the help. And myself being a mech I looked this Durango over very good and did many test before I bought it.Funny everything checked out great. Thanks
  • Pull the cowl off and get some black adhesive from auto store. Run a bead along the windsheild (Bottom) And replace cowl. OR the dealer sells the new version cowl.Water is running into engine compartment and getting engine/coils/wires. wet..Causing the engine to stall and hard starts after rain or car wash...
  • bassmaster57bassmaster57 Posts: 13
    edited November 2011
    Keeter, I and the other Durango owners feel your pain and fustration. The Durango 5.7 is a great vehicle and now that I have replaced the motor with a low mileage 08' power plant I have not had another critical failure. As a mechanic (not professionally) we check the the rings, listen for knocking, etc. Unfortunately, piston rods don't make a noise until they totally fail. If you read through the other 04' Durango forum members whose motors have failed we all have the same comment "the motor was running great and then....). There is a forum member that wants to launch a class action suit against Chrysler. I replied to his blog that I would join the suit if it ever comes into play. You could do the same but at the end of the day, I got the most relief from knowing that my analysis of the truck was on spot as was our other Durango brother and sister owners. Cost of repairs were @ $6,000. I had a warranty luckily so my out of pocket was about $2,000. The truck has been generally great since the replacement.
  • Can I use a 08 engine for my 04 Durango? I do not want to reapir this car to have the same problem with a used motor. The 04 engine is made with garbage metal! Were the problems fixed with the 08 engine?
  • Unfortunately later Hemis are not a direct replacement.
    There are some difference in the electronics and some internal (for the better) differences. Not impossible, but a bit more than an easy swap.
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