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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • Thanks coupe for the info. Did you get the universal or custom fit? Pros or cons?

    Do you remove the antenna?
  • I got the custom fit cover. The universal ones I looked at were just as expense or more. The universal ones will beat the hell out of your car if exposed to wind and they just don't look as nice.

    The covers don't come with a cutout for the antennae. That is up to the consumer, but coverking does send a patch kit to make the cover conform to the antennae. Another option, would be to take your Celica to a Auto accessories shop and get a power antennae installed. Alot of Celica owners are putting Honda's S2000 rubber antennae on. They run about 20 bucks, install easily, and they are short and sporty looking.

    I'm still waiting for my Celica and cover so I don't know what I'm gonna do about the antennae.
  • How does a power antenna work?

  • The antenna is connected to your stereo. If your stereo is on, then the antenna goes up. vice versa.
  • I ordered a custom "stormshield" cover from today for $170. A little more than I wanted to pay, but the material is what they recommend for our climate up here in the "frozen tundra". Thanks for your tip.

    Good luck with your Celica. It's a great little car. I have 7000 mi on my 2000 GTS. If I figure out the antenna issue, I'll let you know. I think the mast just unscrews with a crescent wrench.
  • cool! yeah, the stormshield is heavy duty. I didn't mention that material because you said you had a garage. I wanted something lightweight so I could toss it into the cargo net.

    Yeah, the antenna unscrews easily with a wrench.
  • Oooh, a power antennae does sound cool.

    And! The story of my search for a Celica is in the latest issue of BUSINESS WEEK magazine! It's the Nov. 27th issue, on page 190. The article is about how custom-ordering cars on the Internet has not panned out the way manufacturers might have liked.

  • I am sorry but who would get the Celica. It is overstyled and underpowered. You say wait it has 180 hp. I say wait its at 8000 rpms. I would like to see you bring your engine up to that speed without backing out. I would also like to see you do that repeatedly while racing a camaro and breaking you engine due to the high rev torture due to lack of torque.
  • 00gts00gts Posts: 42
    Who would get the Celica? From the amount I see on the road every day, I'd say a hell of a lot of people!

    Max hp comes at redline, 7600 RPM. The GT-S's engine was created by Toyota AND Yamaha. Yamaha took the Celica GT's engine and enhanced it with their expertise in high revving engines. They added a second cam profile which switches over at 6000 RPMs, increasing piston travel, resulting in more air coming into the engine. This engine was made for high RPMs.

    If I was racing a V6 Camaro, I'd be able to smoke him every time. If it was a V8, he'd smoke me every time. I wouldn't have to race repeatedly because I'd know the outcome already. Two races would be enough (just to be fair).

    As for underpowered, can you name another mass production, FWD, NA 4 cylinder car for under $25k that can outperform the GT-S?
  • I am sorry but who would get the V6 camaro. GM thinks so much of that they are stopping production of it. NOBODY is buying it! It is a freaking dinosoar...reminds me of the Dodge Daytona that hung around forever.

    Obviosly, you haven't driven a Celica, or you would be in line with the rest of us to get one.

    Actually the Celica and the Camaro are not the same class of vehicle.

    The camaro is a gas sucking american musclecar that spends a good part of it's life in the GM service center.

    The Celica is quick, reliable, compact sports car designed by some of the finest automotive engineers in the world.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    blah, another one of those muscle car heads from the camaro thread. This is like saying why we should get a civic instead of a neon.. same argument. If the camaro is such a hot seller, why are they discontinuing it a year from now?
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Am I the only (soon-to-be, it's on order...) Celica owner, who doesn't give a crap about racing, and how fast the car goes?

    One reason I got the Celica GT 5-spd was because of it's gas mileage 28/34 EPA. I'm not a racer, but neither am I slow driver, and I think the car has plenty of quickness. Not too mention how great it looks, and the Toyota reputation (I'll be passing my '93 Camry with 121K+ miles on it to my daughter).

    So who cares if the Celica can beat the Eclipse, or the Camaro, or what. If you like the Celica, buy it, drive it, enjoy it. Otherwise, get something else.

    Just one man's humble opinion....
  • I rarely exceed the speed limit, and I'm quite happy with my Celica. The traffic in my area, it's not really possible to be a speed demon anyway.

  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Just got the word today, that my Celica GT which I special ordered on 8/30, is officially built in Japan!

    I asked the dealer if she thought I might get it as a Christmas present... she thought more like New Years! Oh well....

    I'm sure she'll call me when there's some major blizzard or something too!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'm glad you've got the word! It's hard to wait and I know it will be worth it!!

  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    they are making you wait for 4 months? why the long wait?
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Long story. Short version -- I ordered the car built they way I wanted it. Celica's are still made in Japan. Contacted several dealers, all but one didn't even want to bother with it.

    That's just how long it takes, that's all. The dealers say something about they get together before the model year, and decide how they want the cars configured to be delivered to them in their region (mid-atlantic, in my case).

    For the GTs, they all came with spoilers, we didn't want that. None came with ABS, we wanted that. Also didn't want the security system, most came with that. So we got the all-weather pkg, sunroof, alloy wheels, power package, ABS, mats.

    I've been trying not to think about it too much these last few months....
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 133
    Anyone has automatic? I am somewhat frustrated by the so called engine braking which they mention in the manual as a plus. Most of the time it really sux, on a road where I don't have to push accelerator at all with my mercury, the Celica slows down if you release accelerator pedal. Recently I noticed that if I simply switch to neutral it rolls for a mile without slowing down (there is slight slope). Why should I burn gas to go down??? Yes, I know that for a couple of days when it is icy that helps, but I have done without that and never noticed. Anyone knows if constant switching to neutral is bad for transmission?
  • If it's still sitting in Japan then ya got about another month to go.
    Surprised though, cause you ordered yours a week after mine, and my salesman just called me this morning to say that it was now on his allocation sheet, which means it's now in the U.S. (1 more week to go)

    Maybe your car got slowed down due to the sunroof.
    (I need the extra headroom so I left out the hole in the roof)

    Anyways I know how you feel. After so much time goes by without hearing anything you start wondering if the order even went through. Then when your dealer calls you feel like you won a battle or something.

    I got my TRD exhaust Friday, and got that feeling all over again. Only waited 3 months for it.

    BTW, what color did you get hbark?
  • I just got the front end mask for my 2000 Celica, this really improves the appearance of the front end, a bear to put on but worth the effort. I don't want to jinx the car, but 8800 miles and no mechanical problems so far. The recent cold weather in town has brought on an interesting development. It take a while to get used to the fact that the autotrans does not go into overdrive until the motor has warmed up. Anyone else out there experienced the same thing or do I have something wrong? Still love to drive the car. I hit the speed limit going up and as I slow down. Best thing I bought was a Cobra (around $120.00) radar detector. It has saved my but a couple of times.
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