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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    your GTS auto goes from 0-60 in 10 seconds? that is a little slow. I think most people can manager a 8 second 0-60 in the auto GTS. You will need to torque brake and lauch the car at 2.5k rpm or 3k rpm..
  • I have 215/40/17 Yokohama Avid H's that are horrible. Whenever it rains I am sliding all over the road. I think the factory 15" Dunlops actually grip better.
  • Hi,

    I am an owner of 2000 GTS. It has 16K miles on it now. A few weeks ago I started noticing a chirping noise coming from the engine. I took the car to the dealership and they diagnosed the problem as loose drive belt and belt tensioners. After retensing the belt and lubricating it the problem seemed to go away, but then after about 30 mins of hard driving it came back. So the second time they went ahead and replaced the drive belt and belt tensioners and it is been a couple of days and no noise.

    They told me at the dealership that there were two other Celicas with similar problems and similar action to fix it which made the problem go away.

    I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this?

    Have a good day you'all,

  • I experience the same problem with my 215/50/16 Yokohama. They also seem to be wearing out fast. I only have 16K miles on it and the tires look like 30K.
  • Actually, I have had the same problem about 5,000 miles ago on my car. There was an abnormal sound coming from the engine at low rpm's, and they ended up replacing a tension belt and some kind of bolt. The problem is fixed. This was at capitol toyota in San Jose, Ca. But while we are talking about problems, my gts is making a funny sound at start-up only, and goes away after 15-20 seconds of warming up. I doubt it is the same problem.

    By the way, sergeis was the one who said that his auto Gt gets to 60 in 8.5 seconds (sorry guitarzan), which is flat out wrong because I have beaten auto Gt's in my auto GTS. My auto GTS makes it to 60 in 8-8.5 seconds. 8.5 might be an ideal time for the 5 speed, but not the auto, I have driven both myself.
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    When going to a wider size tire - even one that is designed for rain - the tires will always be more likely to break loose in the rain because the car is so light, and the wider the rubber the easier it will "float" or hydroplain.

    If you want tires to last long simply look at the treadwear rating. the numbers usually dont lie. personally, after 7000 miles in my 5sp GT i replaced the stock tires with 225/50 Nitto NT450's . the brand isnt on tirerack but you can look at it at im pretty happy with the tires so far. They are great in dry and decent in the wet. i dont have abs on my car so i think my next tires will be a smaller size to give beter braking in the rain.

    I dont know where you live but if you are in a warm climate with no snow i would recomend you get some sticky super wide z rated tires. that's what i would do. probaby some Pirellis, they are a decent price.

    Happy reving!
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    why does the toysport site still have nothing about the turboed corolla - 1zzfe at all?
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    What kind of PSI is everyone running in their GTS tires?
    I know the inside of the door recommends like 31-33 or something, but by 2000 GTS had highly visible wear marks down the center of each tire with only 8000k miles when I traded it off (hail damage, don't ask).
    So, in my 2001 I immediately started runnning less pressure. I currently have 27 in the front and 25 in the back. I know this is pretty low, but they seem to be wearing at an even rate with about 4500 miles so far. I tend to take curves pretty fast and drive fast (not 100mph everyday or anything, but daily Interstate).
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    a good way to tell if you are running decent pressure is to drive over some sand and get out and look at where the sand has stuck to the tire. it shouldnt be only in the middle or too much on the edge. also, on the front, the scuff marks from cornering really should not be more than half way down the side of the tread. and dont forget to rotate your tires.

    ---Has anyone replaced their clutch yet? how much did it cost? parts and labor.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 133
    I believe GTS should be faster, though marktest seem to have some problem with acceleration which Toyota does not recognize as being out of order. This is something you get in Corolla with 105 horses, I think. It is a pitty that dealer refuses to fix the GTS which obviously needs some extensive tune-up.
    I know that computer simulations are not reality, but they do show expected trends. I am using CarTest program which predicts numbers close to real for many cars. It takes into a account a bunch of parameters - such as starting method (rpm, dump), engine size, power, compression,torque, gear ratios, tire size, drag etc. Here are some numbers:
    auto manual
    0-30 3.0 2.9 2.5 2.5
    0-40 4.2 3.9 4.4 3.9
    0-50 6.6 5.8 5.9 5.2
    0-60 8.7 7.7 8.2 6.5
    0-80 14.7 11.7 13.9 11.0
    100 24.9 20.3 21.9 17.2
    top 123 131 131 137
    Since the cars are pretty similar in everything except engine and gears, the differences you see here must be close to reality. At least I have close numbers for GT, I even did 0-100 which was ~25sec., though I never did top speed test, max I had was 110. I certainly had <9s in 0-60, and that was before I reached current fuel economy (I had 26/35, and now I have 29/39 mpg).
    I found, hovewer, that you have to push your car to the limit for a while (like punching accelerator, brakes, i.e. driving as sporty as you can) before the car starts to perform, like its computer is adjusting fuel mixture or whatever it does depending on your style.
    I don't know about paying $11K for extra second (it is not 50 but 40 extra mph, and only at high rpm). I did not pay $4K for that. But then I really hate leather seats. And I don't punch it at every stop sign.
    It is not a muscle car. Its strength is in handling, and that is pretty much the same for all models.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Just wanted to add:
    I've gotten my manual GTS up to 142 mph.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 133
    Was it in 5th going slightly beyond red-line?
    Actually, at those speeds major factor is air friction (~80%). Going against 5 mph wind would take ~4 mph off your top speed and vice versa. I tried GT at 110 mph, but did not feel very comfortable, especially compared to Grand Marquis which seemed to be much more stable at this speed. Though Celica was not bad, I expected worse for such a small light car.
  • Grand Marquis stable at 110? Is you crazy? Just my opinion, but I don't think that car is safe at over 85. Were you driving a police mod? And the GM felt better than the Celica? Very strange!
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 133
    I is not crasy. It is interstate, remember, nothing to do with sharp turns, and no handling package there. It is just the mass (almost twice of Celica) which keeps it well grounded even at those speeds, plus it is much smoother and quiter, as you would expect from full size sedan. As to stopping and avoiding collisions Celica is obviously better, though I am lucky I never had to test it.
    GM unsafe at >85 mph??? You mean on an empty straight road? Are you kidding? It is not Colt which tends to take off at 75 mph. Though I agree that at ~90-100 mph the noise in GM starts to increase, and you may even start hearing engine, though it is far from the noise level in Celica. BTW, they are planning to make "sports" version of GM with ~300hp and handling package and some changes in look. For those who like size, safety, but still want fun and don't care about supplying Cheney with extra cash. On a straight road base GM has acceleration times very close to GT auto, though it feels much better in start times (0-10-20), rear wheel and 8 cyl have some advantage there.
    BTW, recenly I struck a long uncoiled truck tire while in my GM at ~85 mph, I ran over it with my left front wheel (and rear). No way I could avoid it in any car as the traffic was too dense, could not change lane or slow down anyway. The shock was very strong, the car kind of jumped as shock absorbers went all the way to the limit, and my left doors were scratched and dented as a side of the tire coiled up and struck it. But the car stood solidly in its lane. Luckily I just replaced front tires, the doors were fixed for $600, when I had similar level damage in Celica I spent $2400 to fix it.
    Anyway, these are just different cars and I like them both for different reasons.
  • kphokpho Posts: 2
    Thanks Guys! I love the celica but the GT is a bit sluggish. I am going to buy the base model and do several mods to get a few more HP. Hopefully i will have a car with more torque and will be able to enjoy my drive more.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Yep, that's exactly what it was - in 5th about 8k rpms or so.
    6th seems to dog....
  • Can u get a 2001 GT-S engine to fit into a 90 Celica gt-s? and do u know if its possible to go from a 5 speed to a 6 speed transmision? How much would da new gt-s engine cost me?
  • I'm not sure I'd make that kind of investment based on feedback here. I would doubt that a 90 Celica is worth it, I know the 01 GTS engine performance isn't. Hell, for that kind of radical change I'd try a better motor like the Honda S2000 engine.

    If the 90 celica is running - forget it. If not, consider a new car or a rebuilt 90 celica motor.
  • Mattlee, call or go to a Toyota dealer and ask. New engines are EXPENSIVE, in the thousands of dollars. Does your car run? Thought about adding a turbo charger?
  • It works and runs good but i want more power and the fact that there is 189k miles doesnt really please me that well. i was thinkin about gettin either a new car or just doing a complete overhaul on my car right now.
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