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Infiniti FX35 Transmission Problems



  • cbr_dudecbr_dude Posts: 5
    I came from a 12 year old Suburban with a 4Spd Auto trans. Basically a pick up truck with two more rows of seats! At the end nothing worked on it. Typical american built piece of crap! It was paid for so I was really not complaining too much. It did the job up til the end. When the A/C went it was time for it to go! I'm susprised at what I got for it. The Infiniti is a whole different class of vehicle! Not that I have buyers remorse, but the FX has too much stuff on it. I'm at the totally different end of the spectrum now. From real basic truck ride to ultra plush everything. When I bought the Chevy nobody worried about the cost of a gallon of fuel. I was not I can tell you that much. The 2011 Infiniti had less than 5K on it when I bought it. Someone took a serious hit on the cost or a very short, short lease any way you look at it someone took a hit. I had the service records pulled and nothing came up except an oil change at 3800 miles at the selling dealer. I'm told the records can be scrubed very easy. Almost all the new vehicles out have more gears than Carter has liver pills to get the numbers up and increase economy without harming performance, maybe? With that comes issues that have to worked through. I do agree that it does shift through the gears pretty fast and not at the right time either. My commute is a whopping 8 miles one way so I'm not really wrapped around the axle totally on the deal. I can live with it. I may end up giving the FX to my wife and getting something bigger with less frills on it.
  • cbr_dudecbr_dude Posts: 5
    Well I think I'm going to take the FX in to Infiniti. Something is very wrong. Several times already the transmission has made a horrible sound when it down shifts. The other day was the worst. It lagged so bad I thought someone had hit me from behind when it caught. Most of the time it does it when I take my foot off the pedal and coast and apply the pedal again. I get that lag then the thunk noise. Almost like it slips and catches.
  • mikedemikede Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    i posted about my transmission problem in post #40 - well, last month i'm driving on the freeway and go to take the next exit when i heard a loud boom in my rear end (not gas, not that rear end). it was so loud that i thought i had been hit. looked around and nobody was acting suspicious. called the dealer and they said bring it in again. well, i got lucky because it registered on the car's computer and they were able to diagnose it as transmission valve body failure. after years of having a problem and having the dealer look at me like i'm loco - it is fixed. the reason for this post is #47 cbr dude - have the dealer look at the transmission valve body as the culprit
  • 2much2much2much2much Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    Does anyone know of a year make of the FX that doesn't have a problem? I am doing homework on this SUV and ran across these posts about the transmissions. Any Good results anyone? Thanks.
  • jbaby79jbaby79 Posts: 25
    It really is hit or miss with the transmission issue with model years 2009-2010. My 2010 has been smooth for the 60K miles we have driven it. I think in 2011 and up the programming has been fixed.

    You can check out infinitscene (FX owners forum). Good group of people who will let you know their experience with the FX.
  • Thanks for info. It's so tempting thus SUV. So beautiful but is it worth the risk.. Ugh. I've always owned Honda & Toyota & they where good, all of them. But I don't care for the look if the CRV or Rav. I will check out Infinitescene, thanks a bunch.
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