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2010 Ford Flex With EcoBoost First Drive



  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited July 2010
    Does it use 87 octane?

    I still blame GM for public misperception of a diesel. Back when they tried to turn that disastrous V8 gas engine block into a diesel engine. Were they for real? When i think of the **** they have tried to pull on the unsuspecting buyer. Remember the 8-6-4 in the Cadillac's? Or let's go back to the self-destructing Vega engine in less than 20000 mi.

    You could put a 3.5 litre turbo diesel in all these vehicles you mention and it would pull their 4 to 6 litre gas job counterparts inside out. When I hear someone say "they stink, i don't want no stinky diesel" I have to resist [non-permissible content removed] slapping them (not serious of course but said for dramatics cuz it really does irritate me so much) I want to ask them: "stink? What are you doing with your muff stuffed up your exhaust pipe?" Or when they say, they're so noisy. Has anyone heard the MB V6 dsl idling in their ML's which they also sold in the Jeep Grand Cherokee up until last year? You would swear it was a gas job. And I'm not exaggerating. And talk about torque!
    :roll eyes:

    Furthermore we as N Americans need to get back to CONTROLLING our vehicles. Which INCLUDES manually changing your own gears! And if deceleration creates unwanted FWD oversteer, a person can easily slip the clutch in, and then you don't need all that other fancy rev-up circuitry and ****. Linked to ABS etc etc etc.

    Anyway, wwest, I hear a fair bit of what you are saying. Problem is, your knowledge is above the masses of your audience.

    As for the Flex's new engine, are they all this so-called Eco boost? So what if it works amazing, if the dash grounds screw up and the rear back up lights stay on along with the fuel light and a few other asst idiot lights. Or the tranny starts surging. Or the A/C compressor gives it up prematurely. Or the system design is such that it freezes the evaporator on extra hot humid days. - Yes, I just came from reading for the last 3 hours on the Ford Five Hundred forum.

    Just give me SIMPLE! AWD car that rides quietly, with cold A/C that lasts at least 10 years, and a fast HOT heater, with a design that actually blows the hot air WHERE the ENTIRE wiper swing area is, with decent supportive seats, with wind up windows and a manual 5 speed tranny, with reasonable fuel economy and car longevity. And don't make me have to pay over FORTY!!!!!!! DOLLARS for a special windshield wiper blade. ppfffffttttttt
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