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Ford Escort Wagon



  • Carsten,

    If you haven't checked the ignition coil, it might be something else to consider.

    Coils that are failing tend to work better when cold, then fade out. :surprise:
  • Thanks for the tip but the three I have found and tried all come back to "" which are asking $129 for the mirror and $115 for postage.
    That really is expensive just to see who is coming up behind you. :(
  • biggy1biggy1 Posts: 1
    does anyone know what size the stock front speakers are on the 1994 escort wagon
  • Hi, everyone. I just picked up a 1999 Escort Wagon as my commuter car (70 mi/day round trip). Nice car, in generally good condition, with one issue I'd like to resolve. The car idles a bit roughly at full stop, at street lights. It only does this in "drive" - if I shift into neutral, it quiets down. I do plan on getting a tune-up, and I know it needs a new air filter, but don't know if either of these will affect the idle issue. Any insights?

  • i have a 94 escort lx & the thing will not turn over when i turn the key one of two relay switches on the firewall pass. side makes a snap sound but that is the only noise i replaced the starter if i directly run power to the starter it fires up nothing but a single click from one of the relays when i turn the key please help
  • kurekure Posts: 1

    My 93 escort wagon could not pass the smog check because of the "check engine" light keeps on. Mechanic did computer test and found two problems: one is the EGR whatever and another is the mass air flow sensor. They replaced the EGR.. and fixed the code. However when they replaced the mass air flow sensor, the code was still there. They said that the wires and connection seem worked. They don't know why. They suggested to replace the computer on my car.

    Any comments and suggestion? Very appreciative, :cry:
  • I have a similar problem. My 1995 Escort (auto trans) actually started out acting that way. Now, it's like my car is solar powered. Once the sun sets or the humidity is high she won't perform. In the city - she takes off doing like 3-5mph for 10 sec then kicks in and on the highway - she gets stuck in like 3rd gear. As long as the sun is up and the air is dry she's fine. Took her for diagnostic testing - Nothing! They can't find anything wrong. And they are usually closed when she's acting this way. I think it's a breather problem. She's got over 225,00 miles so I really can't complain. But she's still got a lot left in her. This is her only problem!
  • The check engine light comes on 8 to 9 minutes after starting from a cold start(outside temp 30 - 40). With the light on and car rolling, I can turn the ignition off and immediately restart. The light will be off but relight after a shorter time period. Finally, the light will not come on if I can get on the highway before the 8-9 minutes and maintain 60+ mph.

    Any suggestions?
  • Hi,
    I am very intrigued by how your problem worked out, as I am experiencing the SAME PROBLEM :mad: . What has worked for me so far (fingers crossed) is to wiggle the relays, thier corresponding wires, and the plastic piece that they go into. Sometimes I'll have to do this repeatedly (10 - 30 times) before it will work. Did you ever fix/diagnose your problem, and if so - what was it???
    Thanks and take care,
  • i have a 95 escort automatic. i didn't drive it for a month and was happy that it started right up in the cold. it failed however to want to move from park. i tried the over-ride cap and screwdriver trick.nothing. next i removed the console panels and could see that indeed the shift lock mechanism was working and the shifter was able to move unobstructed. could there be something with the fluid in the transaxle sitting too long? maybe too much fluid? how much "elbow grease" should i give it? i don't want to force it and don't want to pay to have it towed. any suggestions? thanks, adam ny
    ps. it's maroon not pink, contrary to want my friends say.
  • przehoprzeho Posts: 10
    My classic 94 wagon is doing the same thing. I searched the forum and it seems the solution is to replace the oxygen sensor (02 sensor). I'll do that this weekend and hopefully that will solve the problem. I'll keep you posted.
  • I'd let it come on and try to find a local parts store that will read the computer code. From there you can often figure out the best source of action.

    There are lots of things that will set a code so to try and diagnose a problem without that piece of info wouldn't be wise.
  • I've heard of this problem before. I have a standard so I'm not familiar with the solution but everytime I walk into the dealer and ask a question at the parts counter I get lots of advice. You might try there.

    sounds like something has frozen up with sitting. How is the shifter hooked up to the transmission? Cable?

    Perhaps you've got some rust along there?

    Gotta love the colours Ford picked. I've got a choice green colour 98 that ford no longer matches with touch up paint. does that indicate how long they expect their cars to last?
  • Did changing the O2 sensor fix your wagon? I found a web site that gives easy to follow instructions to check the O2 sensor ( I just have not had the time yet to do it.
  • przehoprzeho Posts: 10
    I didn't change it yet. If fact, the light hasn't come back on for the past week. I kind of wonder if I should replace it. It came on two days in a row and now nothing for the past week. I'll check out the website and be ready in case it comes back on. Now I have another little problem to research. The automatic seat belts don't work all the time. Must be a loose or cracked wire somewhere. Bang on the door track and they work, but that's getting old. Thanks for the website and I'll keep you posted if and when I change it.
  • I have a 1994 ford escort 1.9L. The car stalled on the highway recently and went totally dead. Mechanic said it was the battery and not the alternator. Changed it out, and ran well for a month. THen same thing on highway, was hitting preset button on radio and the car staleld out going 70 mph on highway. Won't start now, but have all the electrical features. Dashboard lights say "Check Engine" and "Fuel Cutoff". Is this the fuel filter ro fuel pump... :confuse:
  • I have a 1992 Escort Wagon with relative low mileage (89k) and in quite good condition.

    However, lately it has one annoying ``feature'': I often have trouble starting it. I turn the ignition key, all lights go on as expected but nothing else happens, i.e., no noise/action from the engine/starter. I repeat that and eventually, after a few minutes/attempt, the crank kicks in and the engine starts right away. The battery should be fine, i replaced it only about 8 months ago. I assume it is a problem related to colder temperature as it happens only on a cold engine, mostly in the morning and only since it got colder (below zero celsius?) outside. Any idea about why and what to do about it? thanks!
  • My 92 ford escort wagon, stalled yesterday, with going about 20mph,it also has the same led chk engn, batt and oil then once you turn it over and it dosen't start the fuel cut off led is present. car was warm its not below 32' would take a jump charge. What resolved your problem? A buddy of mine says there is a cut off button someware with in the car?
  • I to have similar problem. led fuel cut off lite it cranks but doesn't start. It died while i was driving and it was warm and all very odd. Did you ever find a resolution for this? Is it the pump/ a switch? arelay?
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