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Ford Escort Wagon



  • river2river2 Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem with my fuel pump switch popping up when I hit one of those famous Missouri Pot Holes. I found the stall out switch in the back end of the wagon it is on the right side over the rear tire; remove the little door plate and check it out. Sometimes it will just pop off after hitting a bump or running over some RR tracks to hard.
  • i just bought a 93 escort wagon and it runs great idels ok but when i am makin fast stops when it is almost stoped it shakes a few times is that the trans downshiftin from overdrive or what?? let me kno

  • the operation idle on my 93 escort wagon is way to high it idles great in park and a when its in drive its a little rough it idles at 25mph how to i lower the idle i hope somone can help me

  • I checked the O2 sensor with a voltmeter and found the output to be above the 0.2-0.8 range that is specified for this sensor. The check engine light has not come on since replacing this sensor.
  • dhogydhogy Posts: 1
    I acualy have two escorts with problems. The firs is a 94 that suddenly has no power you might get to 20 mph in first and don't pull out in front of anybody. The car ran fine a week ago then it started this. Any help would be apreciated. The second is a 92 that ran great then sat for a while. I took it out to charge the battery and put gas in it. It ran great unitl I took a 15 mph corner then it died. It will turn over but will not fire. I checked fuel and spark and both are there. Help please...
  • Hello All,

    I'm a proud owner of a '95 5-sp Escort Wagon. I can honestly say that it's been the most reliable car that I've ever owned. I was just wondering if anyone could provide a performance comparison between the 95 and earlier model Escorts vs. the 97-99 years. Does the increased HP and torque really make a difference?

  • I have a 94 Ford escort and has been great to me. :) I purchased it with 64K on it and I have driven it from NJ to Texas. I now have 84K on it and it's doing something strange. Now, when I start it and push the clutch in and the starter engages without the key even being in. This isn't the worst of it; each time you push the clutch it engages the starter thus grinding. I unplugged an electronic plug to a white box beside the base of the clutch and after it starts but the fuel cutout and brake lights stays on. Has this happened to anyone else? :sick:
  • i have an 89 escort wagon 1.9 automatic car has started cutting out, running rough with 1/2 tank of fuel. I have replaced fuel filter, car seemed to run better. Filled up tank, drove, problem returned at 1/2 tank, added fuel additive, filled up again. went driving problem reappeared at 1/2 tank, this car tries to cut out under 65 mph. If pushed from 65 to 70 seems to run ok. i did notice once when car was cutting out the fuel guage was fluctuating towards empty, i continued driving car anyway. After guage started showing under 1/2 tank now runs properly. any ideas??? Is the guage sending unit bad? Is the pump bad? Is this a ground problem?
  • I bought this car with 7,000 miles, now has 67,000, it has been a pretty good car and our roads are terrible and rough. I did replace the left front wheel bearing assembly, and in the last month a fuel leak has developed where the rubber fill tube conects to the tank, one other problem is developing, when the temperature is in the teens the temperature guage barely rises above the cold line although there is some heat, but not real hot, outside temp in the 20's and the guage is in the normal position with plenty of heat. I was wondering if the car is getting ready to nickle and dime me. what does any one think. thanks Bob
  • My daughter has a 97 escort wagon, which we purchased a year ago, and the "service engine soon" light came on recently. The code symbols are for the EGR and/or the the automatic transmission. The tranny shifts fine, but the fluid is very dark (no odor, no water). Is it wise to flush the tranny with 140,000 miles, and would this cause a "service engine soon" code? Should the filter be changed as well? Most places do not change the filter with a flush, but we have found a reputable garage which will do this. I need to clear the code to pass Vehicle Emissions Inspection. Thanks
  • My car get a wobble in the speedometer - shows a 5-35 mph wobble in the car once it gets over 50mph = hELP Need to fix it - had the speedo cable sprayed with wd 40 and it worked for a couple of months - now it does it almost every time i go over 50 mph :cry: HELP
  • rhigginsrhiggins Posts: 2
    hey could use some help i have a coolant leak that seems to drip from underneath theengine on the passenger side,could this be the water pump if so where is it located thanks
  • I have just replaced the H2O pump, Timing Belt & Tensioner and I was careful when puttin the Timing belt back on and now I am getting a Pre-ignition back-fire when trying to start car back up. . . . Could the timing have changed or was I not careful enough when replacing the Timing belt? any help would be apprecited

  • if it is the water pump it is under the plastic cover where the timing belt is
  • rhigginsrhiggins Posts: 2
    i will take a look thanks
  • martyn1martyn1 Posts: 5
    I have managed to strip the head off the sump oil drain plug and it looks loke drastic action to remove it. Anyone know the bolt/thread size so I can have a replacement to hand? Can't just go down the motor store for a ford replacement cos I live in the UK. :mad:
  • suszeksuszek Posts: 1
    I got a '94 1.9L that had front end damage... needed a radiator and cooling fan. I got a new fan from a GT, so the motor was different. I took the motor out of the old fan, and attempted to take the motor out of the new shroud. But after trying and trying, I cannot get the motor out of the fan! It is stuck in there really well. What can I do to get that motor out of there to put my old motor in there?
  • I have a 1995 Ford Escort 1.9L with a 4 speed automatic (E). I have been having shifting problems for a couple of months. After it has warmed up it will not shift from 2nd to 3rd when leaving a stop sign, or more problematic, entering a freeway via the on ramp. It does not do it all the time and no codes come up at the shop. the car has 158K miles and I just had the transmission serviced. The problem came about before the service and still exists. I have tried manually shifting with no luck. The fluid levels are all good and there seems to be no other problems.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • jescortjescort Posts: 1
    Looking for ideas on solving a water leak in the passenger compartment. Water is leaking from the housing for the ventilation fan which sits below the glove box on a 1997 Ford Escort Station Wagon. I found the drain for the Windshield wipers was clogged and cleaned it out but water is still gathering after a rain storm and pours out of the housing when I turn corners. I pulled the housing off and have emptied it twice. Anybody ever have to deal with this?
    thanks for your suggestions
  • t558t558 Posts: 2
    Hi I was wondering if you had found a solution for this problem you posted in Dec 17, 2005. I have a 93 Escort 1.9L and it experienced the same problem (while my mom was driving it)not good. Anyhow, I don't think it's the Fuel Pump since I can hear it hum when I try to start the car, or Fuel Cutoff switch which is in the correct position (not triggered). I was thinking maybe the Ignition Module since the spark plugs/wires are new and the battery is only 2 months old. Thank you.
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