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Ford Escort Wagon



  • We have both these wagons; the 95 with 55k miles the 97 with 10k.They were both trouble free and both had 2 drivers--regular oil changes help but after Honda's and VWs their reliability was better than expected.We paid $11600. for the 95 (new) and $13475.for the 97 in Sept 97.The latter included a $1000.Ford rebate.The 97 has a much more power than the 95 but both are Ok on the highway and great in the city stop and go, where speed and acceleration are less important.
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47

    If you are going to or have paid $ 17,500 for
    a 1998 Escort Wagon, that's way!!!! too much.
    I'd only pay about $ 15,000 Max. with all the options you can think of. With the rebates that
    Ford has going just about all the time and about
    $ 100 - $ 200 over invoice for the
    Escort you should be out the door. The salesmen
    should've only had to spend about 1-2 hrs.
    deciding on color, etc. Fast and efficient for you. Quick money for the dealership. Check out
    any and all avenues for cheaper pricing before
    purchasing. When I had my 1993 Escort wagon, I
    was out the door within two (2) hours at the
    dealership. Pretty painless overall. Good luck.

    I'd pay an extra $ 1,000 extra if Ford could
    develop a comparable, efficient, reliable AWD
    system for the Escort Wagon to compete with
    Subaru AWD systems. Imagine leaving the Ford
    dealership in an AWD Escort Wagon w/Duratec
    engine (125 H.P.) and Sport Pkg.., etc. for about
    $ 17,000. I believe the market share to be there.
    I'll bet, Ford, if desired could have this out in
    18 mos. and sell as many of those as regular FWD
  • ejwalshejwalsh Posts: 1
    $200 over invoice for a new Escort--I don't think so. I just bought my new 97 Escort wagon for $2,600 UNDER invoice. The deals are out there, especially if you are willing to talk to a lot of sales folks at several dealerships.
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    I agree wholeheartedly. Under invoice good....
    Over invoice bad. Speaking from experience on
    the recently traded 93' Escort: $ 100.00 over
    invoice with a $ 300.00 rebate to boot. Kind'uv
    redundant, but turned out to be a good deal at
    the time.
    The deals are out there, just look. Particularly
    with slower selling models.
  • kmboothkmbooth Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm new to this thing and am considering buying a 1998 Escort wagon. I want manual trans--anybody got one and want to comment on how it's working out? Also, any real reason to buy a 1998 over a 1997 that is also new? I'd like anti-lock brakes but I'm not sure if a 97 has such a thing.
  • sullisulli Posts: 1
    I'd like to hear from owners of 93 escort LX wagon. How's it doing? Any trouble? rust, mechanical, etc.? asap, please!
  • nrcotenrcote Posts: 2
    To: kmbooth (message 25) especially

    Hi. I bought a 98 wagon with manual transmission last December. It now has about 11,000 kilometers (about 7,000 miles) and runs fine. The only problem I got, and still have, is the variable intermittent wipers (the delay changes by itself). This is my third Escort (a 91 wagon, a 95 hatchback GT, this 98 wagon). The 95 GT was more fun to drive but the ABS brakes stopped working after 18 months and the dealer wasn't able to fix them after almost a year of repeated visits. My new 98 is loaded, _without_ the optional ABS brakes... Differences between the 1997 and 1998? As far as I know, the choice of colors and the unavailability of a tachometer. I didn't like the idea of getting a manual transmission without the tach, but I got used to it. Would I buy it again? Yes. Good luck.
  • kmboothkmbooth Posts: 2
    To nrcote: thanks for your info. Can I ask how much you paid for a "loaded" 98 in December?
    Do you have any idea if this is a typical problem with ABS on Fords? Anybody else know? I don't want to spend the dough on them if they are sure to break!
    thanks again.
  • nrcotenrcote Posts: 2
    To Karen (kmbooth; message 28)

    I paid $16,500 Canadian before taxes but including dealer prep, in December 97. The car has all the options _except_ automatic transmission, mags, baby seat (built in the rear seat), premium stereo and, of course, ABS. It has the regular AM-FM Cassette with 4 speakers, air, power group (mirrors, windows, locks), remote lock/unlock, alarm system, wagon group (roof rack and rear window wiper), tilt, cruise, cargo cover, carpets, smoker pack (an ashtray and a lighter!) and light group.

    The price I paid is low (at least in Canada) because Ford agreed to sell me the car at dealer's cost when they couldn't fix the ABS on my 95 GT. Ford bought my car back for a little over $10,000 Canadian.

    When I checked with the CAA (the Canadian AAA), before accepting Ford's offer, I was told the price of the new 98 was very close to the dealer's cost (a difference of $50) and the price of the old 95 was fair (the 95 cost me $17,000 and I got $10,000, or almost 60%, for a 40% depreciation in 3 years.) In the end, I feel I was treated fairly. Going to court would have been costly and painful (yes, I spoke to a lawyer).

    Regarding ABS problems on the Escort, it seemed so few of them were equipped with it that it made the problem worse (in 95, only the GT could be ordered with ABS). And it's not because Ford didn't try to fix them. Sensors were replaced, master pump was replaced, central module was replaced, in some cases more than once. Even the wiring was checked and replaced: I saw my car stripped of all its inside (seats, dashboard, carpets, etc.) and parts of the engine (air conditioning, braking system, etc.) twice! To think it takes you 4 years to pay for it and to see it on blocks with half the parts missing isn't something I will remember with great pleasure!

    A last good word for Ford: all the time my car was in the shop (once for two months), I got a loaner for free. I got to drive a Taurus (with which I was rear ended on the freeway: solid car), a few Escorts (of course) and a Windstar (for more than a month; I just loved that van).

    That's about it. Sorry for the long message. NRC.
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    Don't apologize for the long message! Thanks for taking the time to tell about your experience. It's nice to hear something good came out of a painful situation.

    KarenS/SW Host

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • michaellmichaell Posts: 4,300
    Well, I've got a post about a '97 Escort with manual transmission, except mine is a sedan, not a wagon. But, since the engine and trans are the same, I figured I'd post it anyway.

    Bought '97 Escort LX with 5-speed in Feb 97 for wife - she commutes 40 miles a day to work and back. She prefers a stick - before the Escort she owned an '86 Tempo LX with stick that had 98K miles on it.

    So far, we've put 18,000 miles on the car, with no problems at all - just oil changes. No, it's not a hot rod (not with 110HP), but it's satisfactory for us. As mentioned above, I wouldn't own a stick w/o a tach - fortunately, the one we decided on had a tach as an option.

    We've been talking about an Escort Wagon when the lease on my car comes due (Feb 99), but I've heard that the Escort is being replaced with the Focus in Aug 99 - no wagon planned ! What does anyone know about this? Not sure I want to purchase a car that is being discontinued 6 months later.
  • restiforestifo Posts: 2
    this is for sulli (message #26):

    i bought a 93 LX wagon in sept. of 93. it went from florida to upstate new york to michigan to pittsburgh and then to bloomington, IN. my wife and I have put about 65K miles on it, and it worked in 100 degree orlando days. it's also started in new york at 25 below. the only thing i have ever had done to it was to replace the alternator (and that was under warranty). (well, i did have some body work done because of an accident, but that doesn't count.)

    i have noticed some minor rust near the back doors, but given the winters it's been through and the road salt it has seen, it's done pretty well.

    i've been fairly religious about changing the oil, but i've let other maintenance items slip. we can still get 40 to 42 mpg on the freeway (max was 46). the only thing i've noticed is the stick is little stiff, but that's probably due to the fact that my personal car has a much easier stick.

    overall, i'd say it's held up great. heck, it beats out my piece of crap 95 dodge neon sport coupe. if you're looking to buy one and can find a good one at a good price, i'd say it's worth it. on the other hand, the 94's had airbags and the CFC-free a/c systems, which is something you might want to consider.

  • medioblancmedioblanc Posts: 1
    Own a 93 escort station wagon with 85 thousand miles. Live in upstate NY. No problems except brake rotors and drums go out of true and round prematurely it seemed to me, however ford took care of that problem when the car was under warranty. No rust, always starts, good mileage. I am looking to buy a 98 if anyone knows of good deals
  • tgallustgallus Posts: 1

    I live in Toronto, Canada and am thinking of buying a Ford Escort wagon with an automatic transmission. I would appreciate any advice as to what the best price is for this car (not including rebates, taxes and delivery charges).
  • DaiveDaive Posts: 1
  • emathisemathis Posts: 3
    Hi. I am looking for a wagon. Looking at '97 Escort w/ 12,000 miles and a new Saturn SW1. Any thoughts on which one might be the better buy? The Escort I am looking at is a program car and they are asking 12,400 for it with auto, air, and stereo cassette. I haven't started negotiating yet? Does this seem like a good price?

  • shelleykshelleyk Posts: 1
    I have shifted from considering a 1994 Subaru Legacy to searching for a 1995-1997 Ford Escort. I wasn't impressed with the Legacy after driving a VW Passat. Since I can't afford the Passat, I decided to go for the efficient Escort. However, I am worried about safety in a lighter, smaller wagon. Does anyone have any recent information on how the newer Escorts hold up in crashes? Thanks
  • Karen@EdmundsKaren@Edmunds Posts: 5,024
    <<Does anyone have any recent information on
    how the newer Escorts hold up in crashes?>>

    Below are two links that may help you find this information.

    Insurance Institute of Highway Safety

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    KarenS/SW Host

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47

    Was in two (2) accidents in a 93' Escort wagon.
    Repaired twice and driven for an additional
    75,000 miles and four years. No noticable problems. 'No' light vehicle will fair too good in
    accidents. However, I came out of both, albeit not
    serious, accidents with only minor injuries.
    I would venture to guess that 95'-97' Escort wgns.
    are even safer d/t airbags and stronger, more
    rigid bodies.
    However, if you'd like a larger wagon, consider
    a used Subaru Legacy or Honda Accord wgn. Both
    seem to hold value and reliability well.
  • goldbergergoldberger Posts: 58
    Although it's being a "program" car with low miles helps, all should note that the '97 model year Escort was produced for something like 20 months. In other words, a '97 could already be pushing 3 years old!

    As for it's being a "program" car, remember the difference between a used car and a rental. The rental has been ruined by being driven by dozens of different drivers, while the used car has been ruined by only one or two drivers ;-).
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