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Ford Escort Wagon



  • When I turn off the ignition, only the radio is turned off and the engine continues to run, please help, it may not be the ignition switch, has to be something else.
  • I have a Ford Escort that has motorized seat belts. The passengers side will not always work properly. When the engine is off and the door opens, the seatbelt should retract. Sometimes it will retract and sometimes it won't. At times as you are getting out of the seat and duck under the belt, then it will decide to retract, hitting your head with the seat belt. It seems to always go into the locked position without failure when door closed and ignition on.

    Any suggestions? Not sure if there is a sensor that is failing or perhaps just a switch sensing when the door is open / closed.


  • You will have to replace the seatbelt retraction motor assembly. This requires removing the sid pillar and windshield pillar trims. The motor is located at the base of the door strike pillar base. The assembly extends from the motor to the windshield. Not a hard job, but time consuming. Be careful removing the trims. I bought one at a junk yard, and it failed within about a year. I don't know the cost of a new one.
    Good luck.
  • I don't remember on the Escorts, but typically you have to pull the dash loose at the bottom, disconnect it at the top, and rol it up and to the rear of the car some. Then you have to pull out the entire heater case. Remember where all the hoses and plugs go. Also, make sure to get a REALLY good mental image of how it came apart, so you can put it back. I used to do these a lot on GMs and its a lot of work, but not so bad with the right tools. Small ratchets and screwdrivers. Ratchets need to have 60 teeth or more so that they have a very short throw. (Angle you have to move the handle to make it catch again)
  • my 93 ford escort lx wagon trans slips in second gear its an auto trans i have to put it in N then D untill i reach 45 to 50 mph then when a come to a light or a complete stop my gears work fine when i continue to drive ! is it time to replace my trans ? ? ?
  • hey man...i was having the same problem a few weeks ago....i used the fat-end of a butterknife and ran it all the way through the track, that will open up and of the track that may have been sqeezed together causing and tight spots. also make sure it has grease in the track to make it a little bit easier to slide.

  • Oh yeah - I've done it twice on my Tracer Wagon. First time core was old, second was a freak failure at six months - or it may have been, I did it putting hoses on. Anyhow... you've got to drop steering column remove instrument cluster, heater/a/c controls... and remove ENTIRE DASH PANEL, and then yank out the blower to get to the core, which is right up against the firewall. When you've got it all out, you're looking at back side of firewall from one side of the car to the other. The book says 5 hours, I think; I spent three days the first time, about half a day the 2nd time. It's a [non-permissible content removed], but doable. I think I could prob do it in four hours, now. The part is cheap; more if you buy factory. TIP: smear some silicone sealer around where the two pipes go into the core; that way, if you're a little rough putting the hoses on, it won't ruin it.
  • neeseneese Posts: 1
    I hope someone can give me some good advice or instructions.?
    Unfortunately the drivers side mirror on my 98 escort wagon SE
    was vandalized and I need to replace it.I think I can do the job myself but not sure
    if I need to take the door panel off or what?also electrical connection locations would be helpful!
    Any advice would be helpful!!!!!!!
  • meech1meech1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a 93 escort wagon LS, 5 speed with 62000 miles for 1000 bucks... half the miles are towing miles, it was towed behind an RV. I love the gas mileage even though i"ve only had it a week... I previously owned a 94 escort hatchback that finally blew up with 185000 miles on it. If i had had a brain then i wouldv'e replaced the engine.. i'm happy to have a "second chance" and really thrilled to find this support group!
  • woodie4woodie4 Posts: 1
    do you know were the thermostat is
  • kc2keokc2keo Posts: 1
    Car is a 1995 Ford Escort LX 5-speed manual.Got this car from my mother with 182000 miles on it. Now I am still using it wishing I had a new car and considering the resale value. Car is currently reliable and engine seems to be running good (at least for now). Car currently has 189100 miles on it.

    Going down the list of what I paid on it... at least during the time I own the car (spread costs among 5 year span)

    -timing belt + water pump = $560
    -muffler = $500
    -back right spring $800
    -brakes = $500
    -brakes = $300

    I am looking at some used cars and looking to sell it sometime... Tight on money and going to college.
  • meech1meech1 Posts: 2
    Hey! I have a 92 escort L S wagon ... i need to replace the oil pan gasket. Does the motor have to jacked up on this model to do this? thanks.
  • what's a good price for an allignment ?.....thanks for your help
  • I have a 92 Escort wagon and for the life of me I cant find a fuse box diagram anywhere!! Any suggestions????
  • I have a 98 Ford Escort Wagon and recently the panic alarm will go off by itself while I am home, or at work. Nothing is touching the key ring to trigger the panic alarm. Also, for the first time last night, I locked the door with the remote and a THEFT red light appeared on the dash. Any ideas what is going on? There is NO theft devise in the car, only the panic alarm.
  • 95 ford Escort turns over but wont start. I checked the fuel and replaced the filter, gas is flowing and i pulled the spark pluggs and there is spark. But wont start..
    Also as i was driving home the car just died and only turns over or start. The past month or so sometimes it would turn over for a few sec before starting and others it would fire right up.. Anyone have ideas??
  • i have a escort with the same shifting problems. cant frigure out whats causing. this shifting. just want to ask did you if you found out what the problem is. thanks
  • I have a 97 Escort Wagon, a few weeks ago it got really cold and there was very little gas in the tank. Car wouldn't start. Put lots of gas in in, still no start. Checked for spark, new fuel pump, can feel the relay clicking, checked the inertia (sp) switch and all the fuses are fine. Can hear the new fuel pump sometimes, then the next time I try to jump it, no sound from the new pump. Any ideas??
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    How recently was it replaced? Perhaps the connector was not fully secured and it came loose?
  • i have the same thing going on with my car. i was wondering if you fixed the problem? i so can you tell me what it was please? thank you much.
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