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Ford Escort Wagon



  • trena1trena1 Posts: 1
    I am considering purchasing a 94 escort wagon with 47000 miles on it. It is an automatic and the brakes and tires are new as of 36000 miles. Is this unusual for an escort? What kind of mileage does this car get? Is $5200 a good deal for it. The car also has a cd player, a/c, and am alarm.
  • pbb98pbb98 Posts: 19
    In response to post #85.
    I have a '93 Escort wagon with 99,000 miles on it and it runs like it has at least another 99,000 left in it.
  • jarocjaroc Posts: 1
    I bought a 83 escort wagon at a sheriff auction for my grandson for $300.00 It runs good with 78000 miles on it. Is there any web sites that can give us some ideas to dress it up?
  • garyk2garyk2 Posts: 1
    My 91 wagon has 145m and is still going strong. Basic maintenance and tlc. Do you think escorts can make it to the big 200,000 mark? It's become something of an experiment now. Regardless, this has been an outstanding car. Next car....Ford Focus!
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    I am checking in again a month later(last entry 7/18). I found out the window problem I thought I had was something that is normal for the driver's side. I quick touch brings it all the way down, for it to lower to a specific place, I keep my finger on the button. The dealer spent over an hour trying to find out why my car stalled going into first gear and I was told everything was OK. The mechanic commented that the clutch is still in the "breaking in" phase, and this might be the reason. I have never had a clutch needing a breaking in phase, but the Escort's clutch is different from the Datsun, VW and Toyota clutches I have used. I find it I give it a bit more gas when going into first gear, I don't have the problem nearly as much. Maybe the mechanic was right. I am taking the car in tomorrow for the 5000 mile check and intend to ask about the cold air when on the foot/head position of the dial. I will report back.
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    To Trenal,
    If the owner of the 95 Escort can produce the service records and my own mechanic checked it over, I would buy the car. I bought a 91 Toyota Corolla with 80,000 for $6,500 a year ago for my daughter, I paid top Blue book price because I knew the owner and it had been pampered for the 7 years. Check out the handy guides on this website to find out if the price is reasonable.
  • My wife an I are purchasing a 99 Escort Wagon(new). It has the same 2.0 liter engine as our '91 probe which has performed flawlessly for
    90,000 miles. $300 a month for 3 years with a $2600 trade in can't be beat. Seems like a great car. We shall see.
  • a 1962 Rambler station wagon with the flat-6 and pushbutton automatic transmission, and a 1982 Nissan Sentra wagon. I now own a 1997 Escort 4 door LX. I've driven earlier Escorts (primarily from a car rental place in cities on business), and I've got to say that I thought they were rather asthmatic cars. In many instances the car couldn't even get out of it's own way. When I was considering a new car back in '97, I hadn't even thought of an Escort until I read the review in Edmund's and saw the dealers were offering rebates. What I didn't know until I got to the dealer was that the engine was now a Mazda 2.0 litre with split-port fuel injection. Peppy performance, decent handling, but a bit disappointing in the gas mileage I think. The wagon must be equally as good, although I would think the handling characteristics might be slightly different. I do like the car. Too bad they discontinue the model in favor of the Ford Focus in 2000 or 2001.
  • mflick3mflick3 Posts: 1
    Bought a new 99 wagon se with only 7 miles on it.
    Now have over 400 but was getting an oily fume smell out of vents. This smell only happened after car was warmed up and only when coming to a stop after driving. Dealer did a TSB with a deoderize a/c plenum. Still getting a slight smell but not as bad. Called dealer and he said need to drive a couple of weeks for deoderizer to work through ducts but may need to bring back in to do it again. Seems strange that smell only comes after coming to a stop. Anyone else have this type of problem and what was solution?
  • abc4abc4 Posts: 5
    I have a 1993 Escort wagon with 78,000 miles on it. It has been a really good car but in the last 3 months the check engine light has been coming on once in a while. The car seems to run fine and if I turn the car off if I am stopped and turn it back on the light stays off. I think it might just be a bad sensor but I was wondering if this happened to anybody else? Thanks
  • I have 44,000 on my '97 Escort, and about a month ago I started the car on my way home from work that evening. My airbag light started blinking. Then I noticed it was blinking out a pattern. 3-5-6. It would blink 3 times then stop, blink 5 times then stop, blink 6 times then stop. Then the whole process would repeat itself...3 break 5 break 6. Obviously that means something, but calling the dealer and speaking with their mechanics was fruitless. When I turned off the car at home (after 25 anxious minutes on the road), and then restarted it again, the blinking stopped. Personally, if the bag won't deploy in an accident, that's alright by me. I have this thing about stuff exploding in my face, matter how good the intentions are behind it.
  • abc4abc4 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply, I guess if my engine still works and your airbag is still intact things can't be that bad.
  • Hello! I bought '95 Escort week ago. I like this car. I am beginner in cars and I would like to ask experts. Yesterday I saw a puddle of liquid near the front right wheel. The liquid looked like water, but I am not sure. I have not found where it dropped from. I mean I didn't find the leak device. Before it the car was located a couple of hours on the sun and then I returned I turned on the air-conditioner on full power. Maybe it was condensate? Thank you in advance.
  • Can anyone tell me what a fair price would be for a 98 Escort wagon with 12,000 miles on it. The only options on the car are an automatic tranny and a/c. I was planning on starting with an offer of 7500.00. From reading all the responses the resale does not seem to be very high.
  • abc4abc4 Posts: 5
    I think that puddle is from the air conditioner, that happens to our 97 Mercury Villager and 93 Ford Escort Wagon.
  • Yes indeed - no worry - the puddle you see after using the air conditioner is the condensate (water) from your air conditioner.
  • 1. When is the time frame for this new Ford Focus? Is demand expected to drive up its price? Will it help drop the price of leftover '99 Escorts? Should I wait?

    2. It looks like I have narrowed my search to the Subaru Legacy, Subaru Impreza and the Escort/Focus. I don't care about performance too much. I just want minimal hassle, minimal noise and a little cargo space. Comments?

    3. Does anyone know how long the cargo area is from the rear hatch to the backs of the from seats (I need at least 56 inches)? Do the rear seats go down separately?
  • Earlier, someone said his '97 wagon had a Mazda engine. Sorry, its still a Ford made 2.0L. Its a rework of the base 1.9L used from '91-'96. (The basic design actually dates back to the '81!) They added more power, so its 107 HP. This same engine will in in the base Focus.It's the '91-'96 Escort GT's that had a 1.8L 16v Mazda engine

    For someone deciding between a '99 Escort or an '00 Focus wagon, the leftovers should be discounted heavily. (This is why resale is low too) However, check out the new car to compare old vs. new.
  • naudnaud Posts: 1
    Just bought a 1999 Escort Wagon - had to go with a demo. No more new "non-demo" ones were left in Ohio. Apparently they went out of production in March 1999 and what's out there is it. Could not find a Mercury Tracer Wagon either - hence the Escort. Runs well and still got the rebate, plus low cost Ford Credit financing.
  • brownbrown Posts: 10
    My '99 Escort wagon is 6 months old and has 6000 miles on it. I have a problem with it stalling sometimes in first gear. The dealership checked it twice. No problems found, but they said the clutch was still new, so it might be "tight". I have driven sticks for 25 years, with no problems stalling, but this is my first Ford stick shift. Can the dealership be right? It usually stalls when I am in stop and go traffic on the freeway. It starts right up again, but I don't understand why it would take me more than 6 months to adjust to a clutch. The rest of the car is great.
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