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Toyota Sequoia Window Problems



  • Hi,

    I seem to be suffering the same problem that is being addressed in this thread but it appears that sgoodson's website at is not accessible; I keep getting a 404 error.

    Is this information still available?

    If not, from what I am reading, it appears that I do not necessarily need to do what the toyota tsb says, namely replacing the ECU; is this true?

    In the absence of any data from sgoodson's website, does anyone have any other hints?

    Thank you!
  • Sorry, but the link for the repair photos has changed as follows:

    Hopes this helps.

  • Thank you SO much for your advice!! Me, being female, and not too mechanically inclined, would have spent the $1k fixing this through the dealer. Thanks to your super handy tips, my boyfriend was able to fix this, and all we're out is $10 for the part to pop off the interior frame! Everything works like a champ, again.

    One tip - I quickly realized the window was working again, but without putting the window all the way down, the other two systems weren't working. Be sure to roll your back window all the way down, then your defroster and wiper should work!
  • toyobobtoyobob Posts: 1
    I read your post and resent the unit. Thanks!!! All but the window now work. I'll take the brake out when I get home. I called Toyota and was told it was the computer or the motor, both of which are expensive repairs. Resetting the unit was NEVER mentioned. Thanks!!!!!
  • jebojebo Posts: 1
    Steve....add me to the list of people you've helped. My story is exactly like most others. I reset the ECU, wipers work, window heat works and then I removed the brake and the window now works. Unbelievable!!! Thank you for taking time out of your life to help your fellow Americans. Your Awesome!!!!!

    Keep it real!!
  • I am dealing with the same issue. I fixed it once...than it stopped again. I will invest the time to replace the motor looks pretty simple. I replaced the rear latch today...not bad..about an hour total. There is a YouTube video on this...I watched it once...and fixed it. I got the metal latch from eBay for $30...I plan to fix my rear window this week...I will update you with my could be the break, motor or ECU...
  • ki5320ki5320 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    thank you, everything work like a champ, my wife is very happy, I have this problem for year,
  • muisemuise Posts: 1
    never had a problem with back window till last weekend it had a mind of its own.It would go down while driving and the locks kept clicking the window is down and it wont go up.anyone else have this happen?
  • Thank you so much for this post! I own a 2007 Sequoia and rear washer, defroster and power window quit working. I took it to Toyota dealership and they advised me that I needed rear window motor @ cost of approx. $600. While visiting Indianapolis, I took to another Toyota dealership. They too advised me that I needed rear window motor @ cost of $580.77. When I returned to pick up vehicle from that dealership, THEIR technician had hit a fence in my vehicle and demolished the passenger rear fender, side running board, and scraped the rear door handle. Initially tried to claim that my vehicle was already like that. They finally owned up to doing it, got me rental vehicle and repaired damage. Kept my vehicle for 8 days! After all of this, they refused to throw in repair to rear window (pictures forthcoming). After researching, I ran across this site and tried it. The windshield wiper and defroster works great! Window still not working but will finish repairs using your information. Had I seen this first, could have saved myself lots of headache. Thanks so much!!
  • Thanks for the post. I recently purchased a 2005 Sequoia. I followed your instructions to discover that the "brake" has been removed and the problem still exists. Here is where i am confused... When I reset the ECU by holding down the rear window button, it does turn the wiper and defrost option back on. But the window is still not operative. Plus, when I push the rear window button (after the reset) I hear a click in the back and that then causes the defrost and wiper functions to stop working. So, does the motor or ECU need to be replaced? Or both, please help. Thanks. :confuse:
  • sgoodsonsgoodson Posts: 10
    edited October 2011
    Well, you now know that your ECU is working and not burned out because the wiper and defrost start working again after a reset. You said that after the ECU reset when pushing the rear window down button, you can hear the ECU unit "click" and everything stops working. Are you sure that the front and rear portion of the brake are removed in addition to the two bolts and spring? If they really have been removed for sure, the window may have been wedged too tight and locked into position. Have you tried to manually lower the widow glass according to the instruction bulletin? I checked mine before closing everything back up just to make sure it moved freely. You can see how to do this on Number 11 of the Technical Bulletin. You may also want to check to make sure there is nothing that fell down between the two gears causing a wedged obstruction. If none of the above works, your problem could be that the power window regulator is bad and maybe even the motor. The Technical Bulletin Number 12 shows how to remove. You could try replacing one at a time until you find the problem. The parts can be found using Google search. Be patient. Hope this helps. Technical Bulletin PDF
  • IT WORKED! Thank you so much for the extra hint! I opened it all back up and followed Number 11A of the Tech Bulletin. The window was jammed. Because of the jam it was not easy getting the regulator bolts out of their holes. There was a lot of tension pulling it down. Once I got the regulator free from the door frame, I then had to power the window down. This gave me room to put the regulator back in place without the tension. Everything is put back together and working great! Again... thanks! :D
  • I have had the same problem but only with the rear window not rolling down. I can push the button or use the key and hear the motor but nothing happens. Can't wait to try your instructions this weekend and see if I can get it working. Thank you for your post. Other than that, I love my car and will drive it til it dies....
  • Ok, I read where several of you have said you reset the ECU. I can't find the post on how to do it. Help.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Dead link?

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  • Sorry about the bad link.
    I did some maintenance on my server and inadvertently deleted the files.

    Here is the new link:

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Thanks! (Had someone emailing looking for help on that).

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  • Thank you so much! I don't care about the window but the rear defrost and wiper bothered me - it worked. That was so easy - had to try a few times - up then down then up again but the defrost and the wiper and wiper fluid all work now. THANK YOU!!!
  • wow6wow6 Posts: 1
    Hey thank you also so much!!!! I've had this rear window problem for over a year and the dealer told me it would cost over $550.00 to fix. I was just surfing the web to find the cost of replacement parts when I came across this discussion. Read the info and when out side and BANG' my ECU was reset. Why did the dealer not do this??? I'm calling them in the morning. The window still is not moving but I will work on that next weekend. With spring rains around the corner I am happy to have the defroster and wiper working again. Keep up the GREAT WORK and THANKS AGAIN.
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