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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • My 98 astro just developed a new problem with the door locks. they just all started locking while I'm driving or even with the key out not touching anything. It is pretty bad, I can't even unlock the doors with the key because it locks it back up before I can get the door open. then all of a sudden they will just quit and start working properly. any suggestions?
  • biffoonbiffoon Posts: 8
    I am sadened by my actions a mire 5 days, 3 hours and give or take a minute or two. My trusted steed (Burt, short for burgandy) of 10 years and give or take a month or two with 333,270 miles and the begining of vitale organs shuting down, I taded. Yes my people; I traded Burt in. The dealer gave me $1500 for him, was I taken, ?. I begged the spirit of Burt to transfer himself to the newest member of our family, 2004 Astro. I haven't seen any little trates of Burts yet but I feel I will. Gods speed Burt.
  • kentlkentl Posts: 1
    Hoping for some advice here... My 91 Astro cargo van is dead, and I really want to replace it. Found an affordable passenger version in good shape (95 AWD, 167K), and I really prefer the full-window version to the panel version anyway. I'm thinking of removing the seats, rear interior panels, carpet, and rear AC vents for cargo use. Am I going to run into problems I haven't considered in going this route?
  • I no reason why you couldn't use a passanger van for cargo. My 91 Astro has hauled all kinds of stuff, sometimes overloaded. I think they are rated for a 1/2 ton, but seven or eight adult passengers can weigh more than that. I'm not sure where the rear a/c vents are located, but if they're not in the way, why remove them. Also, why remove the interior panels and carpet? I usually remove the seats, and cover the carpet with heavy cardboard when hauling anything, but you could cut plywood to fit over the carpet, too. If you want to keep what's in the back out of site you can spray the inside of the rear and side windows with black paint. These vans aren't perfect, but they do run a long time, and will haul almost anything.
  • read your owners manuels. some cars have break in periods and if you dont want your brand new car in the shop just after you get it read the manuel
  • most astro have a single leaf spring in the rear and coil springs in the front. if you want too gain a few inches you can "block" the rear spings and flip over your front springs but if you just want too put bigger tires under fenders you have plenty of room. i have 15 x 10.5 inch 5 spoke rear rims with 31 inch tires and 15 x 7 inch w 29 inch tire on the front of my '88 astro
  • I had the same problem last week, and while looking for a solution came upon your posted question. Well I just finished fixing mine so here goes...

    Mine started right after a thunderstorm while I was on a handyman job. I always keep my van unlocked on calls and my keys in the cup holders so they don't stab me in the "you know whats" when I crouch down. Well when I went to load up the tools the van was all locked up! :mad: I thought I locked it up by accident. After my wife brought me the spare key and on my way home my locks were freaking out the whole way, :confuse: I decided that it was a lightning strike on the golf course near my van that had fried the door lock relay - I was wrong, but here is how I figured it out and fixed it.

    The first thing I did was to isolate the problem was to disconnect each door lock button one at a time until the random lockings stopped - mine turned out to be the rear hatch switch. I used a multi meter to determine that power was indeed getting to the switch but not through it. I am glad it wasn't the actuator. I took the switch out (the whole keyhole push button assembly) - took it apart and noticed all the contacts inside were corroded. I used some 220 sand paper and cleaned off the contacts and put the switch back together and tested it before installing it back in the hatch and it worked better than ever. Then I put the whole shebang back together and now no freaky ghost locking and unlocking. :shades:

    As a side note I should have known it was this switch because previous to being locked out, it would sometimes take me 3 or 4 pushes on that button to get the back hatch to open.

    Fix it before you get locked out and your significant other has to come save your butt! And makes you pay for dinner.

    Sorry my post is so long - but I lack the ability to be brief...
  • haulenhaulen Posts: 2
    My 94 Astro does the same thing and it is due to the rotars.
    Just had tires put on the front and they didn't tork the lugnuts right and it warped the rotars. But my brake pedal doesn't vibrate.
  • jessep3jessep3 Posts: 1
    My 1998 Astro AWD has a vibration that seems to be in the brakes however I replaced the pads, rotors, and calipers.
    It only has the vibration after repeated braking. It seems like something is heating up and causing this. If there is any one that knows about this please help. This is the wife's van and I need to keep her happy. Thank you
  • vibration upon braking, it started after 70000 miles. i don't remember if it started after i had the front tires replaced. i checked the pads and wheel bearings, everything seemed ok. i will replace the rotor upon the next brake job. but here is an idea, i have bought ne rotors they were warped. so even if you buy new rotors have them put them on the lathe and check them. or have them check the ones you have.
  • bunk1bunk1 Posts: 1
    i have a 1997 gmc safari..i have had all the same problems and fixed all that but never if you take it to AUTOZONE thay have a code finder you can hook up to your van ita all electronic and it pinpoints it perfectly except the fuel pump but when i did mine it came back Camshaft Sensor a $35 part relativly easy to fix and i havent had a problem since
  • emo3emo3 Posts: 2
    In my 1995 Astro, my headlights quit last night. Everything else works. Does the van have a headlights fuse and, if so, where is it? I looked at the fuse block under driver and couldn't find anything that said headlights.
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Look under the hood there is a fuse box between the battery and the fire wall.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I just bought a 95 astro loaded with 105,000 miles from a freind of mine. Next day I could not opean the hatch. The left side would not release. I looked it up on this forum and corrected my problem.
  • I bought my extremely low miles 1993 Chevy Astro from the Air Force. Ever since I bought it it has belched white smoke, not when I first start it, but after a short trip. I assumed that the valve seals were leaking from lack of use, so I just finished replacing all the intake and exhaust valve seals. Did not (ouch) fix the problem. The big question, is the white smoke from water or oil in the exhaust? And how is it getting in there? The van has full power, so even though I have not done a compression check, I doubt it has a head gasket leak.
  • my 2000 astro vibration was at 45-50mph, stepping on brake made it worse and pedal and steering affected, after several other attempts, dealer found front brake hose had colapsing inside liner, caused brake on one side to hang up
  • 2000 awd astro, after cruise control use, braking or turning off CC, the engine idles at 30-35mph, makes braking at off ramp or toll booth very dangerous :surprise: after turning engine off; back to normal after restart.???
  • Check out
    They have what you are looking for. 2”-12 lift for astro and savanna.
  • vstechvstech Posts: 1
    you should verify the firing order on this motor. there is a misprint in the astro van engine in the haynes manual. this is exactly what you will get if the firing order in the manual is followed.
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