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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro



  • astroawdastroawd Posts: 2
    Put a stethoscope to the differential and transfer case. Make sure you use the proper fluid GM "Action Trac' in the transfer case.
  • astroawdastroawd Posts: 2
    91 Astro AWD EXT with 163,000. Rebuilt: frt diff, transfer case w/GM updates/upgrades, trans, new drive lines, new front end steering rods, etc. Pretty much alleviated the initial rumble vibration. Now months later have a vibe that shakes vehicle @35 to 49 mph on acceleration only - trans axle CV joint? transfer case? universal joints? It is amazing that GM mechanics cannot figure these kinds of problems out at $80 to $90 per hour. Someone out there have the same vibration experience?
  • shoretyusshoretyus Posts: 4
    I have a 98 safari AWD 167 Km's
    Coil plugs wires changed in April. Two weeks ago it developed and miss ( really noticeable at low idle.

    Mechanic scanned codes and it showed intermitant missfire on cylinder #5. He replaced wire and plug and it ran ok for him.
    Our first long trip of 1 1/2 or so it started to miss again.

    It cleared up but the engine light came on.

    Mechanic checked codes and it showed nothing. Reset light.
    It short hauled all week with no problems.
    The problem came again this weekend on an hour trip one. It kind of cleared up on the way home and was fine this morning.

    A search of the archives suggested stuck poppet valve in injections system.
    Any other ideas to look for. Hard to start looking if the problem this elusive.

  • cobcob Posts: 210
    Have you checked distributor cap for cracks or rotor issue? Most misfire issues have been coil related but you already replaced that part.
  • shoretyusshoretyus Posts: 4
    new distributor to.
  • dlralphdlralph Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 GMC Safari van that the window part of the dutch doors has stopped releasing so I cannot open the back doors. I have removed the two interior side panels, but can find nothing that will let me get to the latch on the driver side which is not releasing. Any advice??? Thanks, David
  • armyanglearmyangle Posts: 2
    hi i had the same problem and i changed the drive shaft and it quit the viberation
  • armyanglearmyangle Posts: 2
    what do you mean transmition problems i have a 2003 chevy asto and had problem after problem with it and the only way i can get out of this 13thousand dollar van is if the transmition goes
  • mechonemechone Posts: 4
    I have a wrecked 96 GMC Safari passanger van and a 2000 GMC Safari Work van. My work van rear hatch does not have a release botton. I tried to take the botton off the dash of the 96 van but there are no wires on the 2000 van to connect it to... any ideals?

    The actuator is on the hatch door and seems to work fine when I hook it to the 96 van. Where is the botton on the 2000 van?
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Look inside the right door panel and pull up on the rod. I had this problem also. Did you try the lock on the right door? if your key will not go in or turn then pull up on the rod. When you get the top open, do not open the left side. The handle and the bottom piece has to be changed. Just make sure the left door is all the way forward. You should be able to use the top window and the right door only. hope this works.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Is your van a Mini Cargo Van? Is it powered. Does it have the 2 doors or is it a 3 door? A 2 door will not have it and a 3 door should. Do you have a power key control buttons. I would suggest you go and look at another 2000 van and see if they have one. also, look by the steering column or even check your manual.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    I would check the shocks on each side of the window. They could be bad. Also, check your lock on the right door to make sure your key is working both locking and unlocking. This should help you out.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Change your gas station.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Try another gas station and use the 87 octang gas. I have only used Speedway and get good gas mileage. You might wanna try Costco if you have one in your area.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Do you remove any back seats? I would check and see if there are any holes where the seat is connected in the floor. I have taken out my seats in the back and the carpet got wet. I looked inside the holder where the seat bolts down into and sure enough there was a hole. This is where the water was coming in.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    If you are looking to buy a newer one i would not bother. But take it to a shop and have them lift it up to see what is wrong and they will give you a price.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    I own a 96 Safari and i love it. The difference is the Safari has a better heavier underbody than the Astro. There has not been any Recalls on the Safari's but they did on the Astro's. Any Safari is very good.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    Check back where you got it for more details. Some dealership or private dealership would tell you more on it.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    do you hear the fan working? if not have it checked.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    It is your compressor. Have the ac checked and culd tell you need a new one.
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